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  1. I bought the smart soles in August so I’ve spent time trying different approaches to using the pressure data. Basically I’ve gone full circle on how to use them and then back again. Here is the order I’m using currently: 1) Address for each 2) Putting 3) Chipping & Pitching 4) Wedge Shots 5) Irons 6) Driver. Boditrak does webinars to PGA teaching professionals on how use the technology. That’s been the most informative because teaching pros see every variation of golf swing and body type. One of the main full swing methods they teach for students to use is toes curled or lift
  2. I bought a pair August. So I have had this for a while and use then frequently, even putting with Ex Putt. After watching allot of Athletic Motion Golf, videos what they use a shetic shift board. So I made a couple DIY shift boards a couple of years ago and now alternate between ¾ swings on the shift board and then replicate it with smart soles in practice mode. L to L drill type stuff. DIY shift board platform 12 by 24 and a 12 inch by ½ thick 1.5 wide piece screwed into the bottom middle of the platform. $5 bucks .est With the shift board you want to really hear it hittin
  3. One reason I’ve varied speed setting was the difficulty going from fast greens to slower greens, its very easy for me to go from slow greens to faster greens. I found if having to choose I would be vary the speed of sessions by two 7 to 9 or 8 to 10 then 10 footers followed random up to 50 feet – 40 putts. If you see 9 foot short or long on 30 plus putts then you might go with 30 or 40 foot fixed and dial it that range. I think it reads out to 100 feet not sure why that’s not tracked as a setting it could its unreliable outside say 60 feet, or matt issues hitting putts that hard.
  4. I’ve had the ExPutt for almost a year I purchased last December. So I went through a full winter and golf season using the ExPutt. Prior to that for 4-5 years I used a Puttist before it broke it, which measured distance via impact in distances of 1-50 feet, with 3 speeds and a couple of program variations. The ExPutt in my view will absolutely get you to teach yourself putting and we then teach ourselves how and what to improve at putting. I’ve never posted to any my golf spy forums before but I did leave a comment on the ExPutt in the 2019 Editor Choice Awards about ExPutt. I no lon
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