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  1. Ive been putting heads up for forty years now… Ive tried putting heads down and find It near impossible now.I have no idea where it’s going. Trouble is you can have bad days with both methods. But head down for me is significantly more accurate than looking at the ball. More so on fast greens head down is much easier to get right speed.
  2. My best rounds coincide with one swing thought “smooth 30%” of course my buddies say Im still swinging full speed but it feels like 30% to me and helps me sync up and find the center of the clubface… well sometimes at least!
  3. I notice in double digit handicap, club golfers. My buddies may buy new shiny complete set but within 3 weeks their bags are a mish mash of brands… we’re all looking for the magic club to turn our game around!
  4. My foot sprayed driver suggests I hit bottom 1/3 of the club face pretty consistently ... tee it any lower and I may wiff altogether... but I agree with earlier comments - the pros would find a way to get those yards back in a weekend.
  5. Rick Sarasota Fl Iphone 11 outdoors on the club range no net
  6. Rick Sarasota Fl last net I used lasted 2 days before I ripped a drive through it and into my neighbors home. He was not as impressed with my ball speed as I was! I have a Swing Mate LM that gives me the basics
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