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  1. Great ideas here. I too use Snell balls - recently changed to MTB Black. I'm going to order a dozen of optic yellow so I can use just them on the short game practice area.
  2. I love the look of the white heads on the old TaylorMade R11 FWs. Got a 7W on EBay last summer to replace my custom fit 5i and I've never looked back. Right now it is my favorite club in my bag and that's saying something as I my wedges. I'm also a senior golfer who has played for many many years and am now accepting the facts of growing older.
  3. Yep - 31" is about right for me. Tried a 33" ladies Odyssey today at my club's pro shop which was close enough to play around with.
  4. Thanks all - I'll let you know what I find out there
  5. I've got short legs (27" inseam) and its hard finding putters that I can try if I get in a comfortable putting position. Any ideas on how to deal with this problem in trying out putters? Didn't PING used to have adjustable shafts for fitting?
  6. As a senior golfer I use it a lot - gets me to wedge range
  7. Band-It Been using for over 15 years and play often. leaves room on sides for blood to flow $21.00 on Amazon Pro Band Sports Bandit Arm Band,
  8. Forget the Optishot2 - woefully inaccurate I'm returning mine after 2 weeks
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