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  1. It read like an unnecessary, unsolicited cheap shot at Rick to me as well. But i didnt take it as a Taylormade “fan boy” post either. Just someone excited about a new product’s results.
  2. Im another Snell MTBx/Maxfli Tour X guy.
  3. Him hitting a 400 yard hole in one infuriates me for some reason. Speaking of almost golf commercials, Justin Rose eating ice cream is obnoxious.
  4. Most of what ive seen is debates on increased ball speed/distance. Not so much over all performance benefits. A lot of the people who claimed little or no ball speed or distance gains, did think it was more consistent and forgiving i believe. But i could be mistaken. I also dont think ive seen anyone who didnt give it props for doing it with carbon fiber. Whenever something this different is introduced to the market, theres gonna be a lot of talk about it and people are gonna have different opinions and such.
  5. What?!?! Miranda left NPG!!?!!?!!
  6. If i ever end up with a Stealth, im gonna name it Rick.
  7. Better that than to have to wait till august! Just do it! Oh and I love your “duplicate it” thought.
  8. Im also looking to join my first league. Ive been looking for a couple years now but cant seem to find one that i think is a good fit in the right location on the right day. this year is the year.
  9. Good to see that so many people have such different opinions on this little golf drama, and are all conversing like adults. (Not sarcasm)
  10. Then what is a “First” that deserves “Kudos”? Its quite possible that im misinterpreting this, my reading comprehension isn't great l, lol. But to me it reads that they’re claiming that the stealth was the first to do that.
  11. Not taking side either. Just surprised by the MGS comment that was made a little, and clearly Rick was pithhed. I believe he also said that he went and hit it at Taylormade’s facility with one of their top fitters. I think he also asked why he wasnt seeing higher ball speeds and they blamed it on cold balls. But i may have misinterpreted his podcast.
  12. The user “MyGolfSpy” claimed that EVERY TESTER “recorded personal speed records”. After poking holes in Ricks testing protocol. No disrespect, love MGS!
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