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  1. In case anyone is interested, I heard back from the pro at South Bend County Club. They will be allowing spectators, no charge. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. My daughter moved to LA (and broke daddy's heart), and I plan on visiting her sometime later this year. Can anyone recommend a public course or two that I should play while there? I'm a 16 handicap, so nothing that would make me want to abandon my clubs forever. Also, what are the COVID restrictions in place? Surely I won't have to wear a max while on the course, even in Cali, right? FWIW, she lives near the USC campus. Tanks as always!
  3. My golf instructor is going to be playing in the US Open qualifier at the South Bend (IN) Country Club in May, and I would love to be there to support him. Has anyone heard if there will be spectators allowed? I've contacted to club via email and voice mail, but haven't received a response. Apropos of nothing, it's kinda cool that a hack like me has played a couple of the host venues. Tanks in advance.
  4. Done. I do not think that the number of questions was at all excessive, at least assuming that they are all relevant to the goal(s) of the study. I look forward to seeing the results and conclusions of the study.
  5. Santa got me this Big Moss putting green for Christmas: Big Moss Original It is sturdy and *heavy*, and based on its surviving unscathed an attack by my 90 pound hound mix attempting to scratch his way through it, pretty bulletproof.
  6. Can anyone recommend to me a swing analyzer that doesn't require the use of an Apple device? I am not expecting anything super accurate, just something with which I can keep track of my trends. I thought that I found exactly what I wanted with this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UNFHKUK/?tag=ggl-swinganalyzer-20&tag=realprogolfti-20 since it tracks putting stroke and attack angle, both of which are high on my priority list of data to be measured. However, and I should have seen this coming, the reviews for the device as coupled with their Android app are horrible. I've emailed the
  7. If you have $4 to spend I highly recommend picking up a metal carpenter's ruler at your local hardware store. Keeping 10 putts on a row on line for the full 4 feet is harder than I would have thought, and has exposed some flaws that I am working on. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. I bought the outdoor version last fall, and used it with these: https://www.amazon.com/IZZO-Golf-Flatball-Swing-Training/dp/B0056DMHYS I hung a tarp over my garage door opening, and set up the mat in the driveway. I have to say that the combination of the flat "balls" and contact indicator mat was helpful, if a bit humbling to this 16-handicapper. It does move a bit, but is actually pretty stable. One big negative imo is lack of durability. After 25 or so swings, the surface began to peel away. You can move your ball around, but I would say it is only good for a single se
  9. Hey ForeGlass and Camcmart! If you happen to be in the Foster Park Golf Course neighborhood during the golf season, you might see me mowing greens or doing doughnuts in the rough on the zero turn! But *not* molding C4 into the shape of squirrels nor gophers. More's the pity.
  10. Spaulding's back? You'll get nothing, and LIKE IT!
  11. Trade in prices are a joke. When the local golf shop made me an "offer" on trading in my old set of irons to apply to the new set I was buying, I told them, "If I'm going to donate them, it will be to a worthy cause". Which I did; there is a local First Tee type of program, which gives underprivileged kids equipment, so hopefully, some kid gets some use out of them. This is what I recommend that anyone who receives an insulting trade-in "offer" on their used equipment do.
  12. Sorry, I didn't have my phone, and I went directly to the shop from the range. The store manager said that he'd never seen anything like it. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. I bought a set of Wilson D7 woods (D, 3, 5) last summer, and do like them a lot. However, I experienced an issue at the range last month, and wanted to let you guys know about it. If it was just a one-off as I thought, I wouldn't be so concerned. However, I have pasted a comment from a customer review on pluggedingolf.com, in which someone had a similar issue. I was hitting balls at the range last month, and heard a sound that was completely foreign to me after hitting a D7 5-wood. I looked at the club, and the face had a vertical crack from the sole to the crown, ending with a 1/4 in
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