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  1. But Indiana stayed on Eastern Standard Time. I might be OK with that but hard no to 9AM sunrises.
  2. I voted "no", but more importantly, I learned from this thread that Maxfli can be considered a Dick's "house brand". Dick's will never see a dime from me because of the corporate attitude towards another product that I own that begins with the letter "g".
  3. ************6 Months Later************* I have been in on and off contact with Ernest Sports since the spring, and today I finally have the Beta version of the Android App! I won't be able to start testing (indoor only, unfortunately) until later this week, but whatever results that I send to Ernest Sports about the app and the ESB1 itself, I will also include here. Just bringing up the app on my phone gives me some hope; it looks much more polished and ready for prime time. I hope that is so.
  4. Definitely prefer the clean look myself. No alignment marks, and I try to hide the brand name, etc.
  5. Sometimes I'll angle the tee markers when I change them on Sunday mornings. But only the green and reds. I play the whites, and that stuff messes me up!
  6. I came across the Indiana Pete Dye Trail Challenge in a brochure at my course of employment, Foster Park, in Fort Wayne Indiana. If you're interested, you can read about the challenge and the seven courses which it encompasses here. I'm just going to put in my two cents worth in a small review for each course as I play them. First, though, my specifications, so that you can factor them in when you read my reviews. I am 64 years old, and just into my 2nd season of playing golf after a 15+ year layoff due to health and work travel issues. Still have the first, but being retired, the second issue has mercifully gone away. I've been taking lessons, and have replaced my old set of clubs with Titleist T300 irons, Wilson D7 fairway woods, Ping wedges and Ping 425 Max driver. With all that, my index is still a 13.6, so I tend to mix some gloriously bad shots with some gloriously good ones. We played The Fort in Indianapolis last month. A gorgeous course set in a State forest, it has everything that I like in a course: tree-lined fairways, water, forced carries, without what I despise in a golf course: houses lining the fairways. So far, it is my favorite of the 3 Dye layouts I have played. Like any Dye layout, course management and shot placement are keys--I look forward to playing it again with these things in mind! Even though the Indy area had endured 2 weeks of very wet weather, the course was in pristine shape, if a bit wet. A huge negative for a guy my age, the superintendent had mandated carts on paths only, and to be honest, I was pretty well worn out after 7 holes, lugging four or more clubs to my ball and back, which I invariably hit as far away from the path as possible. As I've come to learn what is a common trait for Mr. Dye, there was more than one hole at which we stood at the tee and asked each other, "Now what?", Mr. Dye having hid both the fairway and green from view. And yes, there were some deep bunkers with railroad ties shoring up the sides. One of these was greenside (sorry, forget the hole#), which had no sand, but some fluffy weed that I had never seen before. It was so deep that I could barely see the top of the flagstick, but I bravely opened up my stance and the face of my 58 degree wedge, took a mighty swing, and saw the ball pop up about 3 inches into the air, and settle right back where it started from: my club had passed right under the ball. Long story short, after a couple of tries, I punched it out backwards, took my quad bogie, and shouted a few cuss words at Mr. Dye. The greens were slower than normal, I suspect, but had enough stealth break to keep the challenge high. Overall, the scenery and the joy of playing such a gorgeous course made for a great day. Final score: Pete Dye 93, Me: 0 Last weekend, we played two more Dye layouts: The Kampen course at Purdue University, and Tippecanoe Country Club in Monticello. First Kampen. I have to start by saying that the weather on both days was brutal. 90+ degrees air temperature, with heat indices over 100. Kampen is a links-style course, with virtually no shade. To be fair, this type of course is not my cup of tea in the best of times, but we teed off at 11 AM, and trudged off of the 18th green at 4:10. 5-10 minutes wait on every tee, and not a ranger in sight all day. Again, clouding this review, the heat and the waiting in the scorching sun for five hours and ten minutes no doubt cloud my perception of this course, but it wasn't all bad. In fact, I shot a 43 on the front nine, but took 16 more strokes to complete the back. I am almost embarrassed to admit that by the time we reached the 15th tee, I just wanted the round to end. As far as the course, yeah, it is links style. The good thing is that, if (when) I would hit a wayward shot, more often than not I was able to find it in the tall, tall stuff and punch it out, rather than losing the ball and a stroke to woods or water. Greens were like lightning, but the rolls were always true. Fairways were also firm, so my occasional worm burner at least got 30 yards of roll-out. Difficult course under trying conditions, and even from the gold tees, probably a bit too much course for my skill level. I'm glad to be able to add the stamp for this course into my Trail passport, but I doubt if I will be back. Final Score: Pete Dye: 99, Me: 0 The next day's weather was identical. Tippecanoe does have tree-lined fairways, so there was shade to be had. This was a fun course, also in great shape. Some of the holes run along the Tippecanoe River, and on a hot Sunday, tons of boats, speed boats and swimmers cheered us on. I have to say that, halfway through the round, I was ready to trade places with any one of them. Lots of thinking is required to play this course, including a skill that I have been working on this year: knowing when to leave the driver in the bag. My favorite hole was the 10th, a very short Par 4, with a very elevated green, a *narrow*, fairway which slopes severely from right to left. Oh, and a huge tree that bisects the fairway at 200 yards out. Much like the previous day, I played the front nine well for me, carding a 42. But also like the previous day, this round was a death march, taking us 4 hours and 55 minutes to play, with no ranger anywhere. Also, I completely ran out of gas on the back nine, again carding a 48. I do recommend this course, though, and look forward to playing it again. Oh, and I did win 2 greenies for $12 in our group's little wager. Final score: Pete Dye: 90, Me; 0.
  7. ^^^^^THIS!^^^^^ I have been working with the 7-day protocol exclusively (for the past 14 days ). Someone said earlier that the improvement in chipping and pitching alone would be worth the price of admission, and I agree 100%! Earlier this year, I had two short game lessons, and made what I thought was excellent progress, but when I was alone, without my instructor, it was as if I forgot everything that we worked on; the short game was costing me at least 5-6 shots per round. Chunks, thins, sh-sh-sh-shanks. You name it. Focused on protocols 1-5, which I was able to practice without hitting balls. Went to the short game practice area of the local course, and, after swallowing my pride, strapped on the PM and hit some chips and pitches. It was glorious! Solid contact every time, so that I was able to work on gapping clubs for different length pitch shots. One thing that was pretty funny was the feeling of hitting the same shots after taking off the PM. The clubhead felt as if it was floating, and the entire club weighed nothing. It took a few shots sans the PM to get back to hitting good, solid shots again. For now, I am going to focus only on club back to parallel, until I am reasonably confident that I will not fall back into the lifelong habit of taking the club back waaay inside. Finally, I contacted the guy I bought the used PM from, who informed me that he never did register it. I did, and am able to access all of the videos. Thanks to everyone for their excellent advice!
  8. Edit: Found a used one on Ebay for $125. Sorry for the whining. Maybe I should start another thread, but can anyone recommend another training aid that matches the claims that the Planemate makes? In my case, making a full turn on the backswing and stop picking up the club like I'm chopping wood. Thanks.
  9. Just going through this thread now. After lessons early this Spring, my swing and subsequent ball striking were better than they were 30+ years ago. I hurt my back a couple of months ago, and after physical therapy and chiropractor visits, most of the pain and stiffness are gone. Unfortunately, the bad habits in my back swing that I picked up while subconsciously protecting my back are proving difficult to unlearn. Had a session with the Robo Pro, and the feeling of the backswing felt completely different than what I am doing now. I started looking for a training aid to replicate that feeling, and came across this thread. The product sounded like just what I need. Unfortunately, from a pre-order price of $80 two years ago, the cost is now $198 - $228 US dollars! To me, this screams of price-gouging, but being a big fan of capitalism, I say get whatever price the market will bear. Just not from me.
  10. I heard a rumor from two separate sources that, in addition to some grips, a lot of Ping irons are now in Davy Jones' locker, as part of this fiasco: www.foxnews.com/us/1900-shipping-containers-hawaii My fitter said that Titleist quoted him 4-6 weeks for my T300s.
  11. It turns out that the "glitch" is actually the B1 not accepting 4 nor 3 hybrid as input. I changed the club in my "bag" to 2 hybrid, but set the loft to match my 4. All worked well then.
  12. Another short update. I was able to get to an outdoor range today, so I was able to test out the data as well as the new app for Android devices. Having the app removes the necessity of having to go back and look at the monitor itself for the information, which is a good thing, since the display is very difficult to read in the bright sunshine. I had my phone near to my hitting area, and the spoken voice calling out the yardages was clearly audible, and I got no reaction from the people hitting right next to me, so I must have had the volume on my phone just right. I hit all of my clubs in the bag, which are Driver, 3-wood, 5 wood, 4-hybrid and 6-GW + 52 and 56 degree wedges. All yardages (I had the device set to record carry distances, but you can choose total distance if you want) seemed reasonable. Looking at the session results and averages, all numbers looked to be what I expect them to be, based on past Trackman and real life sessions, including the higher lofted wedges. I also had a range finder with me, and did verify a few shots. There was one glitch that I noticed. I didn't pay attention to this while at the range, but looking at the summary, I can see that not all club change requests made using the app registered. For example, the club change from 6 iron to 4 hybrid didn't "take", and all of these shots were included in the 6 iron data. It is obvious which ones belong to which club, so I do know that the swings were recorded. I will check with Ernest Sports about this. Oh, and good news: I hit a couple of horrendously fat shots, which carried all of 15 yards, none of which were recorded!
  13. I sent in a few questions to Ernest Sports, and I wanted to share their reply with y'all: Does the Android version of the app have all of the features that the manual shows for iOS? Specifically, Session Simulation View, PGA Averages, and all of the skills challenges? Not at the moment. It is the very basic functions at this time. We will continue to improve on it and eventually have it mirror the iOS version. I don’t have a timeline for this, but it should move pretty quickly. Would changing the MDE setting allow for accurate measurement of higher-lofted wedges? How about pitches, half shots, etc.? The MDE changes the sensitivity of the microphone. This will help if some of the shorter (<20 yds) shots are not registering, although I have not had anyone that needed to use that function. I would imagine if you were hitting very short chips out of fluffy grass, it would be necessary. I know this doesn’t help you at the moment, but the new app (ES RANGE) also has some games/skills challenges. You mentioned the <100 yards shots in your post request. The skills challenge will eventually have 2 options: 1) random and 2) wedge. In the wedge setting, it will challenge shots between 20 and 120 yards. The implication seems to me that they are confident with the accuracy of the B1 with short irons. And I look forward to the release of the wedge skills challenge!
  14. Thanks for the notification about the app availability for Android! I've been waiting to hear from Ernest Sports, but you beat them to it! I'm looking forward to trying the app, including with shorter shots. I forgot to add the link to the product manual: https://www.ernestsports.com/ESB1Manual.pdf
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