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  1. I've been playing them for 2 years. Performance, feel and durability. Not even thinking of switching back to ProV's. https://trustgolfball-usa.com/ghp/8DZPv
  2. Charlie0617

    Urethane or not?

    I've been using Trust Bixon X and Bison XL. I've lost fewer balls and the performance has been equal to or better than all the higher priced premium balls. From the tee all the way thru the green. Distance is there as well. They are DTC. Not sure if it is allowed in this forum, but here is their website info. https://trustgolfball-usa.com/ghp/8DZPv
  3. I was Titleist guy for years. Went from ProV1x to Tour Speed. Mostly based on price, I wanted to compare. Ended up moving to the Trust Bison XL. Longer than the Titleist, consistently. Around the greens they perform just as well as the ProV1x and better than Tour Speed. Not sure if it is the "shiny coat", my swing or the ball just reacting better. But I'm sold and that's what I'll be playing. And yes, they are on the conforming list. That would have been a deal breaker for me.
  4. Thanks for the input everyone. When I had this club back around "the turn of the century" one of my buddies had a new Big Bertha and they were indeed very similar. Thanks again.
  5. Hey everyone, New-ish here, and had a question that hopefully someone can assist with. Back in the late 90's/early 2000's, I had a set of woods just labeled "The National". A golf buddy gave them to me and they were great clubs that fit me well. In between moving for work a few times, they were lost. I always told everyone they were my favorite club ever but no one has ever heard of them. I googled the company for years, but never got results. Then by chance, I saw the Driver on Ebay. So, naturally, I snagged it up. I'm wondering if it is the exact club i had or were there more. I would love to find the 3 and 5 wood that matched. Has anyone heard of the brand, or know who manufactured them? The shaft says 'made in USA'. Thanks for any info
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