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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. When I had this club back around "the turn of the century" one of my buddies had a new Big Bertha and they were indeed very similar. Thanks again.
  2. Hey everyone, New-ish here, and had a question that hopefully someone can assist with. Back in the late 90's/early 2000's, I had a set of woods just labeled "The National". A golf buddy gave them to me and they were great clubs that fit me well. In between moving for work a few times, they were lost. I always told everyone they were my favorite club ever but no one has ever heard of them. I googled the company for years, but never got results. Then by chance, I saw the Driver on Ebay. So, naturally, I snagged it up. I'm wondering if it is the exact club i had or were there more. I would
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