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  1. This is great information! I was looking for a new putter and that Callaway is looking mighty tempting right now... I should wait for the most wanted mallet putters just in case.
  2. I just started golfing so it might not be much, but I also have the Rogue X irons and I thought I could give you some information. I swing around 80 ~ 85mph and using regular steel shafts. These irons tend to go about a full club higher, I noticed because my contact swings sent the ball much further than what I expected. And i realized the lofts are really different in these compared to my dads, I figured it out when I looked up the product specs and PW loft is at 41°. As a beginner I have no issues with the Rogue X, they really help me get the ball in the air and gives me the extra distance I
  3. Can I ask for a veteran badge? Retired army veteran.
  4. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've learned how to swing a 7 iron back in highschool 15 years ago and never tried or played golf till Jan 2021 so... about 5 weeks i suppose? I would love to know my handicap as well! Seeing as I've still have not been on the field yet, I suspect anywhere from +30 and infinity! What do you love about golf? Surprisingly I hated learning back in highschool but when I went to topgolf with my friends in January I just fell in love. It may have to do with I have not done any sports or anytype of physical acti
  5. Hello! I am a new budding golfer looking for a place of learning and discussion. I sort of learned how to swing irons back in highschool back 15 years ago... but decided it was time to really learn and play golf with my friends. I look forward to all the information and tips and hopefully learn how to properly play golf and maybe even go below 100 on the field.
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