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  1. Sometimes a putter misbehaves and must go on restriction. I've got a whole family of putters serving timeouts in my garage. Not pricey Cameron's but a bit of a collection. I have to face facts: if there was a putter of the month club, I'd probably join.
  2. I play the new Radspeed Ones. The wedge don't spin as much as conventional length irons but I hit them twice as high so it's a wash for me. Pitching wedge flies like a lob wedge but carries like a PW. Takes a little time to get used to but I'm happy with them. Like most things like this, they're not for everyone. I think they help me because my weakness is getting too hunched over my short irons. Play to a 3 and I'm more accurate than I've ever been.
  3. I would love to test one of these babies. I play 250 rounds a year and walk over 220 of them. I can give this thing a serious test.
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