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  1. I think the PGA Tour is in a tough position regarding length. I'm not fond of the PGA tour holding back players but it's also noteworthy the MLB doesn't let their players use metal bats. My fear with the growing length of several players on the PGA tour is actually similar to NASCAR in an odd way. NASCAR leveled the playing field several years ago in term of car performance and I think the series suffered as a result. Ultra-long hitters on the PGA tour that overpower a course presents a similar situation where hitting every par 5 in two and having wedges in every par 4 significantly levels the playing field and makes it difficult for any player to stand out. It's unlikely anyone will run away with a 10 stroke victory with the current situation. I personally like the idea of tightening up courses and giving players a bigger risk/reward scenario. I don't want the courses to be unfair or set up to make players play to par. Make the fairways a little tighter, rough longer, etc. You don't have to put pins one yard from the edge of the green or have greens reading 15 on the stimp meter. Putting isn't the problem. If Bryson is hitting 400 yard bombs accurately, then he deserves to run away with a tournament. Moral of the story: set up the course a little tighter and/or with longer rough and let the players go score. It will add some much needed variability into the game that give more players a chance to win.
  2. I've seen golfers go both ways on wedge shafts. I've seen many custom fit golf sets where the wedge has a heavier version of the same stiff shaft in the irons. Many S300 shafted sets will have S400 shafts in the wedges. I don't know how much spin wedge flex shafts add but I figure heavier shafts will lead to better accuracy for people that can handle it. I personally have mixed feelings on the wedge flex shafts as it can lead to the head feeling excessively heaving making full swings very difficult. I've got KBS wedge shafts in my wedges now and they feel much better of the DG wedge shafts I've played before. I think it may be $30 well spent to test either your current iron shaft or heavier stiff shaft (or both) in a wedge. I think wedges are highly subjective and based on feel. Wedges are typically the only muscle back blade in your bag and will likely require a different shaft than whatever iron you're playing. If you have a high lofted wedge you strictly use around the green maybe a lighter or wedge flex shaft is appropriate but gap wedges may need a heavier shaft for accuracy and smoothness.
  3. Kansas King

    Kansas King

  4. I am considering using a lighter grip to up the swing weight of my Bridgestone J38 Dual Pocket Cavities and am wondering if anyone has tried the Tour 25 grip from Golf Pride? I'm just curious how the grip feels in relation to the standard tour velvet grip or Lamkin crossline. Harder, softer, grippyness, etc. Thanks
  5. I purchased an SKB last year and though it was the answer until I realized that it barely fit in my trunk and would unlikely fit in any car I would rent without putting down the seats if it was even an option. So I sent it back. I've flown with my clubs four times and never had an issue with the soft sided bags and Club Glove extendable travel stick thing. As noted above weight is a large issue. My bag was relatively light and with the SKB case it was pushing 50 lbs. Some airlines are lowering their oversize weights to below 50 lbs which more or less makes the hard case obsolete unless you don't care how much you spend on travel. At the end of the day if you really want a hard shell case, I recommend getting the SKB case that has two halves that fit into each other. That will allow the case to fit into rental cars and it is also a little lighter. Otherwise just go with a well padded soft bag like the Last Bag from club glove and put in a travel stick. One benefit of the soft bags is that you have the flexibility to pack shoes and other stuff in them due to the weight savings and roominess.
  6. Kansas King

    Snell MTB-X

    Ken, I think your assessment is spot on. I have found the X to be extremely long off the driver and wonder off the putter. Snell claims the X and the Black will perform the same off the driver but I have found the X to be longer and equally straight even in the wind. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Kansas King

    Snell MTB-X

    I played the MTB Black last night in the wind and must say that it performed wonderfully in the wind. The wind was blowing about 13-15 MPH constantly with some gusts exceeding 20 and the ball didn't budge very much in the air, even on higher shots. I must say that I was striking the ball rather well so I wasn't putting a ton of side spin on my shots but I still felt confident that I wasn't going to "lose" the ball in the wind when I got behind the ball. Off the driver the ball did not balloon and I don't feel I lost too much going into the wind but it should be noted that my two drives directly into the wind were perhaps two of the best swings I've had in the last six months. The ball carried with the wind as expected on longer shots (185 - 225). However, the ball was unable to hold the green on those occasions but that would be a tall order for any ball since I'm using a longer iron/hybrid for those shots and not cranking a 7-iron 205 yards like the pros. The wedge around the green felt good with the Blacks. I would say they are a little less spinny than the MTB-Xs but not by much. One thing I did notice and it could have been due to me (most likely) but I found a few putts got away from me on greens that were very slow. I felt that I had to really focus on the pace more than with the MTB-X. Not only did a few putts get away from me but I also left one four feet short on a 15 foot putt. This doesn't mean the ball is completely to blame but I do think the Black is a little hotter off the putter face which leads to a little lower margin for error on pace. It should be noted that the contact and noise was good (normal) off the putter. Overall, my initial impression is that both balls are really consistent and distance is good with both of them. I don't believe that there are any compromises when playing this ball over a Pro-V1 or TP5 ect. I can definitively say the both balls are better than the Taylormade Project (a), Wilson Duo Urethane, and other balls in that category. I personally am leaning toward the MTB-X as I am not a high spin player and the extra spin really helps 175 and in. However, I may order some Blacks for the days it is windy as they really don't budge in the wind.
  8. Kansas King

    Snell MTB-X

    Just played the MTB X for the first time on Saturday and my biggest take-away is that it is long off the driver. I don't think it spins quite as much as last year's reds but that is okay with me because the reds were so spinny that it made wedges around the green inconsistent if you weren't striking the ball well and consistently. However, from 100 out I still spun the ball back about five feet on greens that generally aren't very responsive to spin, so the spin is still there for the scoring clubs. As Kor noted, the X is very nice off the putter. I felt really confident on the speed of my putts. I didn't have any putts that seem to come off hot or sneak by the hole a few extra unexpected feet. Overall, I think the ball is a significant improvement and will be a positive for scores over the old red. I haven't spend much time with the black yet but I like the red last year and will probably order the X this year. But as always, the equipment isn't going to lower my handicap on it's own.
  9. I understand upgrading the woods from time to time but if you are playing anything less than maximum GI irons then there is nothing to gain other than being fitted better. If you play forgings literally ANYTHING can be good. Just get them fitted with the correct shaft. The DG X100/S300/R300 are still some of the most popular shafts out there which shows steel shafts haven't made any material improvements in a while. Can someone tell me why I need to hit an iron farther? Didn't think so, because the only thing that matters with irons is consistency. I remember the Nickent commercial from the early 2000s showing an older gent hitting a par 3. His friends asked him if he used a 6 and he said "no" and showed them a 7 iron and they all were impressed. How pointless. Sorry about the diatribe but changing irons to gain distance is illogical. If you can improve consistency or ball flight then it makes sense but that is not necessarily due to any changes in technology or new clubs. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. Can confirm! Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Kind of looks like Bruce Willis using his power to will the ball into the hole. [emoji12] Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. I am this week. Luckily, it still feels strong and not painful or swollen. However, it does feel tight so I know I did something to it. Trying to keep the calf stretched as much as possible. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. About pulled the trigger on some 2014 TM Tour Preferred MBs with KBS Tours but I didn't. I think the TMs are now on the top of my list along with any callaway MB or J15 MB. Unfortunately, I may have partially ruptured my achilles so I am putting a pause on my search of MBs. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. Welcome! You can find me floating around Wichita and the state of Kansas.
  15. Thinking about getting a nasty set of blades. I enjoy smaller club heads and despise offset. I'm not looking to spend more than $200 on a used set with DG S300 shafts. I've been looking at the Titleist MB 710s and some Mizunos. The Mizuno MP32s are just gorgeous. I used to play the 2007 Callaway X-Forged Cavity Backs and now am playing the Bridgestone J38 Dual Pocket Cavities. I loved the X-Forged but they were non-conforming so I got the J38 PCs which are a little more forgiving but I don't feel that sense of confidence as to where the ball is going to go. Still great irons, just a little chunkier and not as buttery as the X-Forged. Don't try to convince me they won't work. I am only looking to use them for fun. I've always hit my irons high and feel some MBs may help bring down the flight. If anyone has any good muscle back suggestions, I am all ears.
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