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  1. 35 inch, it was $200 new like 3 weeks ago did I mention I have a problem? Thinking $140 plus shipping.
  2. Yeah, I buy way too much golf equipment actually going back to my Ben Hogan Bettinardi Hawk putter. Pm me if interested!
  3. I really like the snell mtb black and the vice pro. My favorite right now might actually be the taylormade tour response. Much softer, but feels great of the clubs, urethane cover so spins great.
  4. I had one that wouldn’t pair back up, I blew into the little holes (good old Nintendo cartridge trick) and worked fine. I have had allot (like allot allot) less issues since switching to an iPhone. Now my only missed/miscounted are putts, and the occasional fat chip into really soft grass. I would just blow on them, or use canned air for keyboards, and repair them or run sensor diagnostics real quick.
  5. So, I like getting/trying out all kinds of equipment, and really like this putter, but for my stroke I think a mallet is the way to go. Only used a few 9 holes rounds, always with the headcover. Has a new super stroke pistol grip on it, original headcover, and weight kit. I would like to get roughly 2/3 what I paid, do $200. Let me know if you want additional pictures.
  6. So, not really. My 5 irons trajectory is lower than that of my Wilson d7 forged, but it is a little stronger lofted. My main thing is that they currently carry between 180 and 190, and has enough spin to stick what seems like 5-10 feet from where it hits the green, maybe less. Also, I haven’t moved the ball position at all, I set up with all of the one length’s In the middle of my stance, which I did with variable length irons as well.
  7. Ok, played another 9 today....not as good as last time, just couldn't remember to keep my eye on the ball....but only shot one worse than last time, but i have been thinking about some things: 1. I don't see any major issues transitioning. Like I said initially, I thought there would be an issue with the longer irons carrying a little less, and rolling a whole lot more......not the case. 2. So, not to get @daviddvm too riled up, but i actually kinda like just having the one wedge....It feels like it is taking allot of the questions out of the equation. I have one club, one loft, that
  8. Congrats testers! Enjoy the experience!! Betting all your putting games vastly improve with the fitting and all the time on the practice green!!!
  9. Alright, went out and played a totally legit 9 holes today (yesterday’s 6 holes was legit as well, except that I didn’t use my hybrid, 3 wood, or driver). I shot 6 over from the blues, which isn’t bad. Buuuuutttt…….omg (pretty sure I am too old to be using that) my swing and ball striking felt as good as they ever have. Ughhhhh, I was so happy with my game! I am getting an idea of the distance for some of my clubs (and I borrowed a friends range finder and can see that some of the arccos distances are off. Such as it said I hit my 9 iron 140 on the 5th, but it was pin high and the laser range
  10. I better tell my wife......if another golf club arrives at the house, she might cut off my Snells
  11. Did people get picked? I see some profiles at the top in the "testers" block.
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