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  1. Always been a Winn grip person. Been stationed all around the world, and they just work in all conditions. Here in Georgia, the humidity is ridiculous. I can’t hold onto a lamkin or golf pride, but zero issues with the Winns, and I can keep a nice light grip. Finally, my hand eats the grip, not the grip eating my hands. Just perfection.
  2. Standard length plus .5”. So standard with the cobra connect grip is 37.5”, and with standard grips they are 37.25”. So these are 37.75”. I used steel shaft extensions to add the extra .5”, so they can be removed.
  3. Hi all! I am selling my Cobra Radspeed irons, 5-gw, and 56 degree snakebite one length wedge. These are right handed, regular flex steel shafts. Lofts and lie angles are standard, and I have extended the shafts .5” and regripped the clubs with Winn Dritac midsize grips. Asking $700 including shipping. Some small black spots still on some of the club faces, these are from sharpie lines drawn on my golf balls. Please message me if interested (sorry, no trades), if you have questions, or would like extra pics.
  4. well........that.........sounds.............horrible. Hope you are doing better! Georgia, in the summer time, I would much rather be indoors with the AC than out in the upper 90s with 80% humidity
  5. Ok, well now I gotta ask how do you like your SkyTrak.....trying to talk the wife into letting me get one (I mean, c'mon, just add up how much i spend on range balls lady!!!!) Do you have any sort of review on the site? Congrats again, I think I am def adding the T200s (is it me, or weren't these the names of the first Terminators?) on my list of irons to try. Didn't care for the looks of last years.
  6. Congrats all!!! These are some gorgeous looking clubs! Enjoy the process!!
  7. I want to test ALL the things!!!!!!!!!
  8. Good luck everyone! These are some beautiful looking irons. I am 100% sure I won't be selected as I am currently doing the Honma T//World GS Driver review, but there was no way I wasn't going to put my name into the Goblet of Fire
  9. Yeah, that is what I have read online for my swing speed as well. I do like seeing the actual results on the course as well though. I am hoping to get on a higher end launch monitor in the near future, for more precise numbers than the Mevo can offer.I feel it is fairly accurate with most numbers, spin from everything I have seen/heard/read is that it is generally about 10% high. Launch angle and peak height though are much less consistent. My biggest miss is def towards the toe
  10. Today was about just relaxing and swinging the friggin club. Save all the technical/mechanical stuff for practice at the range. Contact felt much better, so long as I kept my eye on the ball. Today’s numbers below, also pics of all the roll out I was getting (very sarcastic)
  11. Just reread this…. The distance shown on the Mevo is estimated carry distance, not total distance. Seems with all my drivers I am generally 240-260 yards total distance (with a descent/good swing)
  12. Man, you weren’t joking about the m2 having a cult status. After checking what they were selling for on eBay, I couldn’t resist listing it. On another note, I figured out that a good bit of my problem with conscience has been my lower body being too active on my swing, that then causes me to over swing, then my timing and everything is way off. So hopefully will get some better numbers posted soon. I can take my time a little bit on the honma review as I am the only one who has received the club at this point. I am also going to get s as lesson as soon as my sons free time, and my free time line up
  13. Not sure what happened, why it added two images i had already put in there again at the bottom....oh well. And already the moderators are regretting selecting me for testing
  14. Ok all, seems like I was the first one to get the driver! Not sure why, but hopefully that gets me a little extra time with it before posting my final review. Speaking of that, I started working on it, and holy cow was it getting long, so lemme take this opportunity to get some stuff out of the way (otherwise, I am going to demolish the word limit). Since I am the first, here is how it came (standard box, don't want anyone to think it came without a box): I started golfing as a kid with my dad, but it didn't really take. Not because I didn't enjoy golf, but i was shy and hated getting paired up with others. I joined the Air Force as an analyst in 2000 and was stationed in norther Japan for my first duty station. This is where I got back into golf, really into it, after a friend talked me into playing again. Over the last several years, the amount of golf has decreased as it seems every next duty station had less and less people I worked with playing, to the point where over the last 2-3 years I played only maybe 3-4 times a year in best ball tournaments. I retired last year, and was hired as an Army civilian, and at that point i decided I wanted to golf again, lots of golf, and since i work about 3 minutes from the course on base, i could easily do 9 after work on most days. So that is where I am now, generally playing 2-3 nine-hole rounds a week, and maybe an extra 6 holes with my son at First Tee. I can't say my driver is the strong or weak point of my game right now, as it is kinda more the inconsistency in my swing that is killing me, to the point where my misses can be almost anything from a high fade/slice, to a low pull hook. I actually have 3 gamers right now, that until this arrived, i was testing against each other to see which would best suit my game. The Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme, 2017 Taylormade M1 460cc, and 2016 Taylormade M2. Right after being selected for this review, I actually ran into a young Lieutenant on the course who had a Honma TW737 445cc driver with the forward weight. He let me try it out (9th Tee) and I hit it 285 total, which I had only been hitting my two (I was putting the M2 and Cobra against each other that day) around 250-260 max. So that got me curious if a lower spin driver/shaft would benefit me, so this is when i purchased the M1, and some low-spin shafts for each, which i have been playing around with as well. As I stated before, I am an analyst, and I love it. I love data (such a friggin nerd) and because of that this year I purchased the Arcoss sensors and a Mevo launch monitor (wife said I couldn't get a Foresight GC4, something about it costs more than what we will likely spend on our son's first car.....pfffffft). What's better than playing golf? Playing golf and sitting on the couch with a cold beer and looking at all the data from your round! So my testing will be using both of these systems, and if I can get some from the Foresight CG2 at my local Ediw Watts, then I will include that as well. So here is some data to give a little more insight into my swing/numbers: Cobra SpeedZone 9.5 degrees, Aldila NV NXT Green Shaft, Stiff 201 7 Taylormade M1 9.5 degrees, Tensei CK Blue, Stiff (this is actually the stock shaft from the M2, I also have an Aldila NV NXT green in stiff for this as well, but during this range session I had already hit quite a few balls, and was pretty tired) Please, let me know if you have any questions or comments! I will try and get a descent slow-mo video of my swing to post as well.
  15. I think so, but wasn’t a fan of the vice pro soft, but that could be because the only color available was light blue. Wasn’t blown away by the q star tour either
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