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  1. Well, poop. Definitely want this now. Might have to sell, trade several other putters first…. Out get a credit card my wife doesn’t know about
  2. I am so all over the place golf ball wise. Right now my main seem to be the Q-star Tour Divides for winter and casual rounds, and the Z Star for competition rounds (Veterans Golf Association). Though I do still have like 5 dozen Wilson Triads......I also am a big fan of the Vice Tour and the Maxfli Tour balls.....
  3. That's awesome. I am sure I wouldn't mind wearing the watch, as I was wearing a fitbit all the time anyway before it died. Might have to replace it with the X5....then I will have all the SS stuffs!
  4. That is what I read about the watch. Do you have it? Do you like it?
  5. Sadly when I switched to Apple I had no improvement with the link system (gen 1). I hope you have better success. My iPhone did work much better than my android for shot tracking without the link though.
  6. Awesome! Let us know how you like it! Like I said, for shot tracking it may take a while to get used to tapping it, but even if you forget it is a very handy little gps unit. Oh wait, you got the x5, so that’s the watch. Very interested to hear that! My Fitbit died and might replace it with this!!!
  7. that is a good point. ShotScope definitely took a bit for tapping the sensor to become habit. I would still have Arccos missing shots for some reasons (typcially in the rough or sand, when the shot isn't as audible. Also, sometimes I like to hit extra shots while working on my game, so I like that ShotScope doesn't automatically track my shots. I can play 2 balls and track only my "real" one for my score.....or sometimes i get frustrated so on a tee box i might hit a garbage ball i found in teh woods into the lake to see what I am doing wrong....no need to go back in and delete that shot since shotscope won't track it unless I tap it.
  8. When i started using Arcoss I had an andriod device, and for sure it is much more stable on Apple. I, and others, never had luck with the link, the ShotScope is completely seperate from your phone, it doesn't need to connect until after your round to transfer your round to the phone/app. So no more phone in my pocket, which is nice.
  9. So, a few months back I switched to the ShotScope system (H4). I really like it and am going to stick with it over Arccos. First, if you get just he gps unit w/tracker, it is the same cost as just the annual subscription for Arccos, but of course it is a one time purchase, not a subscription based thing. Here are my takeaways: Sensors: Definitely prefer the ShotScope. They are black and blend more with most grips (not green/black), they are much lower profile (I often found myself grabbing my arccos sensors when I had them on, had to remember to grip lower on the actual grip), and they don't die. I really like the last part, as I have had to go and buy replacement sensors from arccos when the clubs I use most at the range died quicker than the others, and then wouldn't record shots on the course. Tracking: Still prefer the ShotScope. At least now, when it doesn't record a shot, it is because I was dumb and forgot to tap it to the gps unit, not because it didn't do what it was supposed to. Even with my phone in my pocket (I had the Gen1 link and gave up on it quickly, complete garbage, missed at least half the shots and spent waaaaaaay too much time during the round adding them back in), it still occasionally misses shots (more time editing during the round) and was horrible at putts (always told me I 3 putted, no matter how many putts i took. Unless I actually 3 putted, then it said i only took 1 putt, again more time editing/fixing during the round). ShotScope also vibrates when you tap it, so you know that it has recorded, and you can also take a quick peek at the screen to verify. GPS: This is pretty even. With arccos it uses the app, so it is on your device and obviously that is a much larger screen than the shotscope. But the shot scope gives you exactly what you need when taking the shot, without all the other stuff. With Arcoss to view you have to take your phone out of your pocket (unless you have link and have your phone readily available in/on your cart). Shotscope, the little gps handheld is tiny and is held to a clip by magnet, so just pull it off your belt, look, then place it back. The only issue i have had with shotscope is that it can sometimes take a while to acquire the GPS signal....i have remedied this by simply turning it on as soon as I get to the course, but if you forget it can be a tad frustrating. App/Editing: I think this one is kinda a draw as well. Arcoss is nice in that you have it going on your phone and can edit in round (but this can be bad as it can slow you down, or be more of a distraction instead of focusing on your next shot). The ability to edit in Arcoss is also easier than in ShotScopes App, which can at times be a little frustrating to deal with, until you are more acquainted with it. Also, you can not edit during the round, you have to wait until after. This is kinda good and kinda bad as you don't waste time during the round fiddling with it, but you do have to remember what club you used, how far out you were, and roughly where you were for the shot you are editing. Both give you TONs of stats about your rounds, average club distance, etc. Also, Arccos will act as a caddy for you, based on your stats, common misses, etc. and recommend a club for each shot. Shotscope does not do this. In the end, both provide very similar data, but with not having to rebuy sensors when they die, no subscription fees (arcoss was $90, then it was $120, now it is $155....how long till it's over $200??? This is what actually got me looking for other options) and missed shots that are my fault (as opposed to the technology missing the shot), ShotScope is definitely my choice. The H4 is a one time cost of around $150, that's it, no additional subscriptions, no having to rebuy sensors, etc.
  10. This is why I like those "Chase the Ace" videos on YouTube....watching a pro hit 100 shots trying to get a hole in one (they say the odds are 1 in 1500).....fun watching them get frustrated
  11. I am 100% in the same boat!! Have been inches away, but never made one. Funny (or sad) that my closest were when I started playing. Almost had one in Misawa Japan.....nailed a 5 wood on a uphill par 3. The guys I was playing wither were like "that was waaay too much club", and they were right. That thing was soaring over the green......then about 20 yards past the green it nailed a tree in the air, came back, rolled all the way to the cup, just inches away. Completely ridiculous. I have witnessed 2 hole-in-ones when stationed in Germany, both on the same hole, 15, both during rounds of our intramural golf league......so at least I have got to have some free beers?
  12. Just canceled my arccos and got a refund (it renewed this week), and ordered the shot scope pro lx+!! Also get 15% off with code PLUGGEDIN, from their review of said product!!
  13. For shot scope users, anyone using the PRO LX+ setup, or just the watch? Trying to decide which to switch to from Arccos. Thanks
  14. i have to do the same with arccos.....some times it just automatically says I three putted, others it shows no putts.....pretty much have to add them/adjust them manually after each hole.
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