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  1. Yeah, that is what I have read online for my swing speed as well. I do like seeing the actual results on the course as well though. I am hoping to get on a higher end launch monitor in the near future, for more precise numbers than the Mevo can offer.I feel it is fairly accurate with most numbers, spin from everything I have seen/heard/read is that it is generally about 10% high. Launch angle and peak height though are much less consistent. My biggest miss is def towards the toe
  2. Today was about just relaxing and swinging the friggin club. Save all the technical/mechanical stuff for practice at the range. Contact felt much better, so long as I kept my eye on the ball. Today’s numbers below, also pics of all the roll out I was getting (very sarcastic)
  3. Just reread this…. The distance shown on the Mevo is estimated carry distance, not total distance. Seems with all my drivers I am generally 240-260 yards total distance (with a descent/good swing)
  4. Man, you weren’t joking about the m2 having a cult status. After checking what they were selling for on eBay, I couldn’t resist listing it. On another note, I figured out that a good bit of my problem with conscience has been my lower body being too active on my swing, that then causes me to over swing, then my timing and everything is way off. So hopefully will get some better numbers posted soon. I can take my time a little bit on the honma review as I am the only one who has received the club at this point. I am also going to get s as lesson as soon as my sons free time, and my free time line up
  5. Not sure what happened, why it added two images i had already put in there again at the bottom....oh well. And already the moderators are regretting selecting me for testing
  6. Ok all, seems like I was the first one to get the driver! Not sure why, but hopefully that gets me a little extra time with it before posting my final review. Speaking of that, I started working on it, and holy cow was it getting long, so lemme take this opportunity to get some stuff out of the way (otherwise, I am going to demolish the word limit). Since I am the first, here is how it came (standard box, don't want anyone to think it came without a box): I started golfing as a kid with my dad, but it didn't really take. Not because I didn't enjoy golf, but i was shy and hated getting paired up with others. I joined the Air Force as an analyst in 2000 and was stationed in norther Japan for my first duty station. This is where I got back into golf, really into it, after a friend talked me into playing again. Over the last several years, the amount of golf has decreased as it seems every next duty station had less and less people I worked with playing, to the point where over the last 2-3 years I played only maybe 3-4 times a year in best ball tournaments. I retired last year, and was hired as an Army civilian, and at that point i decided I wanted to golf again, lots of golf, and since i work about 3 minutes from the course on base, i could easily do 9 after work on most days. So that is where I am now, generally playing 2-3 nine-hole rounds a week, and maybe an extra 6 holes with my son at First Tee. I can't say my driver is the strong or weak point of my game right now, as it is kinda more the inconsistency in my swing that is killing me, to the point where my misses can be almost anything from a high fade/slice, to a low pull hook. I actually have 3 gamers right now, that until this arrived, i was testing against each other to see which would best suit my game. The Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme, 2017 Taylormade M1 460cc, and 2016 Taylormade M2. Right after being selected for this review, I actually ran into a young Lieutenant on the course who had a Honma TW737 445cc driver with the forward weight. He let me try it out (9th Tee) and I hit it 285 total, which I had only been hitting my two (I was putting the M2 and Cobra against each other that day) around 250-260 max. So that got me curious if a lower spin driver/shaft would benefit me, so this is when i purchased the M1, and some low-spin shafts for each, which i have been playing around with as well. As I stated before, I am an analyst, and I love it. I love data (such a friggin nerd) and because of that this year I purchased the Arcoss sensors and a Mevo launch monitor (wife said I couldn't get a Foresight GC4, something about it costs more than what we will likely spend on our son's first car.....pfffffft). What's better than playing golf? Playing golf and sitting on the couch with a cold beer and looking at all the data from your round! So my testing will be using both of these systems, and if I can get some from the Foresight CG2 at my local Ediw Watts, then I will include that as well. So here is some data to give a little more insight into my swing/numbers: Cobra SpeedZone 9.5 degrees, Aldila NV NXT Green Shaft, Stiff 201 7 Taylormade M1 9.5 degrees, Tensei CK Blue, Stiff (this is actually the stock shaft from the M2, I also have an Aldila NV NXT green in stiff for this as well, but during this range session I had already hit quite a few balls, and was pretty tired) Please, let me know if you have any questions or comments! I will try and get a descent slow-mo video of my swing to post as well.
  7. I think so, but wasn’t a fan of the vice pro soft, but that could be because the only color available was light blue. Wasn’t blown away by the q star tour either
  8. The mtb-x and black. It’s weird, it has to be some sort of mental thing. I really like the vice pro and tm tour response. Gonna give the maxfli tour and tour x a try as well.
  9. Sadly I will have to pause this test/experiment and focus on testing the honma. I think another question starting in my mind is why do I not get along with snell golf balls?
  10. yeah, it wasn't a great day striking, but wasn't too horrible either. like i said, they felt really good, but were getting progressively worse towards the end as i got tired. My two main misses are towards the toe, or low. This seems to happen when i get just a bit too far from the ball....if i pull away from it even slightly or my weight falls back, i hit toward the toe, if i come up a little then low on the club face. Still working on this. Another annoying part was that the only thing consistent about the ball type was that it was completely inconsistent. I went to a course closer to my house due to having to wait for the storm to pass, and their range balls are a mix of actual range balls, and whatever else they find out there or on the course. So some range balls, some 2/3 piece distance balls, 2/3 piece softer balls, and 3/4/5 piece urethane balls.
  11. Was able to get out to the range today after the thunderstorm, man post storm humidity is fun in Georgia So I went ahead and put the Tensei CK Blue 60 Stiff flex shaft in the M1 to give that a try. Additionally, I noticed that with the front weight in the center position (marked by a neon green dot), it isn't actually center of the clubface, more like 1 position closer to the heel, so i moved it to the center of the club face. Holy crud, what a change. No more dead feeling, now it feels great. I probably should have put the aldila nv green shaft back in it to see if it was mainly the weight, or the shaft.....but wheeeeew, hitting about 40-50 drives in that humidity wears you out. Missing from this is the Honma for official mygolfspy testing, i didn't include it cause that would be a spoiler Here is the M1 with Tensei CK Blue 60 S-flex, 9.5 degree: Cobra with Aldila NV Green S-Flex, 9.5 degree M2 with aldila nv green S-flex, 10.5 (this is where I started getting tired, and there were more shots than what is shown, for some reason the mevo doesn't like this club) M2 with Tensei Blue CK 60 S-flex, 10.5 (at this point, i am basically worthless, time for Yuengling).....and just realized i didn't screenshot this one like i did the others......perhaps too much Yuengling????
  12. Thanks again. Yeah, that day I was playing a regular flex shaft in my cobra (aldila rouge elite green), and the Tensei Blue stiff in my M2. I hit his Honma pretty much down the exact same line as my other two, they just ended up catching the trees on the left, his missed them and was middle fairway (slight dogleg left)......couldn't believe it. of course, could have just been a lucky shot i guess. In some defense of yesterday, it was pretty wet and we had thunderstorms the previous night, so I am sure the ball wasn't rolling as far. I do know i like the feel of the M2, gamed it for a few years, actually just switched this year.....would be funny (or sad) if I end up going back to it. Oh well. I will do as you said, 5 shots, then alternate clubs, and document any loft adjustments I make as well. I know from research that the mevo is pretty consistent in spin, but is generally about 10% higher than something like trackman or foresight, so should be able to get a good idea of spin rates. Launch is another story, seems all over the place from the reviews I have seen, so that might have to be more perception.
  13. Thanks. I am going to go by the range tonight while my son is at tennis and get some more data from my mevo. I also have the Aldila nv green in my cobra speedzone extreme, and really like the feel in that. The standard loft for that is 10.5, and at that with the aldila, i still felt that the ball flight was too high (though i could be mistaken about that, reading it seems that allot of armatures feel they are hitting it too high, but really aren't hitting it high enough). So far i actually prefer the feel of the Aldila, i think the feel that is messing me up in the M1 is just the club itself. I am going to try the M1 with the Tensei shaft at the range, and the M2 with the Aldila tonight and see what numbers i am getting and post those. If the M1 still feels dead to me, I will just put the hzrdus black in it and sell it on ebay, then focus on the M2 and Cobra, both with the aldila green for now. See which one works best, and stick with that (at least until the Honma for mygolfspy reviews arrives). Like I said, what started me on this journey was hitting some young Lieutenants Honma TW737 445 with the vizard type z stiff shaft in 9.5 degree that one day, was hitting my clubs max 260 all day (speedzone extreme and M2) and in one swing hit that 285, and that is what started me on this journey. I am an analyst and a tinkerer, which gets kinda expensive with my 2 favorite hobbies (golf and shooting)......It is tons of fun though. Again, thanks for the info, keep it coming
  14. Thanks for the info. I also have the Tensei shaft that came with the m2 that I am going to try again as well. When playing with it I felt the ball was ballooning, which is why I moved to try low spin shafts. Strangely I don’t see any real difference in distance using the low spin shafts, though the launch for the m1 is noticeably lower. With the reg flex Tensei that came with the cobra, my spin was upper 2000s to right around 3000.
  15. Strangely I have used it in both clubs and have had no issues with it. The m2 with the black feels much better than the m1 with the aldila nv green. Hopefully that means the m2 will feel and perform even better with the aldila in it.
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