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  1. I used to take my glove of around the green, but I feel like I get a little too hesitant with speed when I do that. Especially when I'm pulling hard inside for a chip with some cut spin and bite, I like to have a little more confidence in grip that only comes from the glove. So now I only take it off when I putt.
  2. I agree with you. That's exactly what I said. There are a number of factors here. Shaft is one. A combination of things could be contributing to this. You took one statement out of context and tried to discredit me. I don't appreciate that. I appreciate your expertise here, but I also don't appreciate the marketing spin.
  3. So you're saying shaft does affect spin... By affecting swing... You just contradicted yourself.
  4. There are a lot of other factors that can change the spin rate. I have exactly the same swing speed and the SIM Max. Spin is about 2100-2400. The shaft alone can make a huge difference re: spin. I assume you were fit for both head and shaft? If so, might be as simple as changing the ball you play. What ball are you playing?
  5. Hi all, Happy to be here. Looking forward to some awesome discussion. How long have you been playing golf? I've been paying since I was probably 12, but with some irregularity until I was out of college. Within the last two years been the most regular at 50+ round a year. What’s your handicap or normal score? 11.4 index What do you love about golf? Love the outdoors and the difficulty of the game. I'm an achiever so my search for a better round never ends. Also love the time I get to spend with the guys on the course, having fun and kicking back man sod
  6. Glad TM set you up. I think most of the new gear fails after some use, especially at high club head speeds, just like you said. I've made three warranty claims with TM and with two of those they sent me the next year model up. Two years is plenty of warranty and TM's customer service is hard to beat. It's a major factor in my purchase decisions.
  7. Graig Clayton, CA I walk 100% of my rounds ~20k steps and 21 stories of elevation. I push a Rovik RVS1, a little unstable on some of the terrain. I'm in!
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