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  1. Hi, I have been using the S62 Garmin watch for a year and I am very happy with it in so many ways. I also have the Garmin CT10 sensors on all my clubs that are connected to the watch so it is totally integrated and uploaded to my Garmin Golf app that records every shot. Before the S62 Garmin watch, I tried using SwingU which was very good but slowed me down because I was always looking at my cell phone. The Garmin watch speeds up my round dramatically because it tracks my strokes, even putts, and accurately keeps score (you can easily edit it if you take an extra hit and you can always go back to a previous hole and add or subtract a penalty or whatever). I also use the watch as my everyday watch plus it is great for recording workouts like swimming laps (even indoors) and biking trips with all kinds of stats. I never had a Garmin before but I have been thrilled. I makes me a better golfer with the accurate yardages. Only rarely did I have a problem connecting to a satellite. As for charging, it charges very quickly and I can golf at least two 18 hole rounds and still not have to recharge it but every 3 or 4 days. Also, because it is linked to my cell phone, it gives me alerts of any calls, emails or text messages which is super convenient. Even Twitter messages display on it but it is not obtrusive atl all! (no, I don't have any connection with Garmin whatsoever but I appreciate good products and services and wish to convey my experience.

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  2. Hi, thanks to all for responding to my initiation of this topic. I learned from it as this is the purpose. Most cart riders are very gracious in my experience But what was not addressed by most of the responses was the importance of the exercise that walking golf offers and the fact that letting cart riders play through slows the pace. Also, drinking alcohol or using MJ during a round certainly risks serious injury to innocent golfers, riding or walking!

  3. Hi, I am a golfer who walks with push carts and even a battery operated cart for my bag and one of the main reasons I golf is because of the exercise I get doing it! I will someday use a riding cart when I am unable to walk but until then I will walk. I respect anyone who golfs with a riding cart because of hip or knee problems for instance and I applaud their doing it. However, I don't appreciate having to compete with the cart riders who zoom all over the course and the way the management of the golf courses try to ram so many golfers through to make more money and encourage riding carts to the detriment of the enjoyment of golfing by walkers. Also, these cart riders violate the rules of the courses by bringing in coolers full of beer and whiskey and often are smoking cigars that you can smell 100 yards away. Really, this is a huge problem and I don't see anyone talking about it. In fact, I have been "canceled" by one of the other threads on MyGolfSpy for even bringing up this topic. But I speak with some authority because I travel quite a bit and their are even regional differences on this and the further south you go the bigger the problem (eg., I get criticized for wanting to walk at some courses). Really! The trend is not our friend! What do you think?

  4. I am very particular about shoes in general and especially golf shoes. I golf everyday, practicing for 2-3 hours or 9-18 holes, 3 times a week, walking always. I have tried Nike, FJ and Adidas. The Adidas CodeChaos is best by far although FJ was a respectable option!

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  5. This electric push cart concept is really something so I will expand on my previous post that mentioned that I had one from another company in England. It is a Stewart X9 Follow which I initially had a huge problem to work properly but eventually they came through and I am pretty happy with it now. But there are problems, mainly the cheap plastic cover which easily cracks. Also the screws that are vital to holding the top cover rattled loose and I luckily found an acceptable replacement at a specialty hardware store in Portland OR. Regarding the plastic cover, you have to be really careful (Don't put anything on top of it after it is folded down because the collapsed handle presses on the cover and it caused two cracks that fortunately I can guard against to prevent further damage). But you need to know that they offer a stronger, more durable cover (costs about $1000 more) but I opted not to get it because of three reasons: 1) the special cover is not made by Steward (they outsource it to another company in Europe), 2) they said it would take 3 extra months to get, and 3) I ordered it last November, 2020 during Covid-19 and I was wary about everything, of course!. But overall, I love the device and I literally use it everyday, rain or shine, even if I am only working out on the range (why carry all my clubs between the range, putting areas, chipping/pitching areas and practice bunkers). I did pay $2800 for the Stewart X9 Follow and I do believe it is basically a good product and I have gotten my money's worth, having used it now everyday for five months. I had wanted to be a tester for the Motocaddy but was not chosen.

    But here is the bigger issue: my experience with a foreign company was very lacking and my experience is not unique if you look online! Specifically, It is a very complicated story so I won't waste space with too much detail. Essentially, I bought the Stewart X9 Follow electric push cart (made in England) online from Motogolf out of Las Vegas. The handset did not work right (the Remote mode worked but not the Follow mode which I paid extra for) and they referred me to Golf Sellers Direct (GSD) out of Naperville Illinois. After much hassle over the phone to try to fix the handset they wanted me to send it to Naperville IL. Since that would leave me with no way to operate the device, I asked them to send a replacement handset. After much hassle they agreed to send a replacement; it did not work at all!!! I called and got Josh Sellers the owner on the phone and he was barely sympathetic at all with all the hassle I was being put through and that upset me and I told him so but I never used any abusive or crude language. But he told Motogolf I used the "F-bomb" which I never did!! The staff at Motogolf were lukewarm helpful but did intercede for me in getting the problem eventually rectified but at huge inconvenience to me! But worst of all, neither Motogolf or especiallly GDS has apologized or even explained to me what the problem was even after I specifically requested an explanation. There is much, much more to the story but I will conclude by saying that Stewart has an office in South Carolina with a website but multiple attempts to get some help from them (by phone and email) went unanswered. I emailed the Stewart company in England and never got any response. Also, I paid for some attachments that were never provided. Essentially, the company GSD has an exclusive franchise and you are stuck with them for any problems! Motogolf only takes the order; they take no responsibility for the customer satisfaction which is a misrepresentation at the very least! The main problem is Josh Sellers at GSD and the misplaced confidence that Stewart places with GSD!

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  6. So glad Bubbly Pop posted his experience with Motocaddy and the quick response he seems to be getting from their California office. Please keep us advised on what turns out to be the problem with the device because that is very important along with the service from Motcaddy. I say this because I bought a competing electric push cart from the UK and had a very difficult experience before finally getting a product that worked up to the level advertised!

  7. Carry, pull cart, push cart, electric push cart!! That's the progression! I am quite athletic (swim, bike, weight lift, etc.) and in great shape) and the electric, remote controlled push cart is what I have used almost daily for last 5 months here in Oregon! It is amazing what it does for your posture and performance! I even use it around the practice areas and range! It carries a lot of weight so I am always ready with extra balls, alignment sticks, ball retrieval,  radar ball/swing/distance  sensor, and distance device, etc.! I won't mention the brand because I don't want to appear to be promoting a particular name, but I do love it!

  8. Hi, this is an addendum to my post above under Michael J Lee with more info! I am based in Portland Oregon but have traveled to eastern Oregon and northern California to golf this last year! I used a 2 wheel pull cart and switched to the 3 wheeled  ClicGear4 when it came out last year! I then ordered the Stewart X9 Follow which I started using 3 months ago! I have lots of experience with electric push carts in soggy conditions we have here in Oregon! All of our courses allow them! And two courses I know of sell other electric push carts or the motor to adapt one to electric! I kept my 2 wheel for backup and gave my ClicGear4 as a Xmas gift to a golf buddy!

  9. Hi, I have golfed almost every day for a year (rounds, range or chip/pitch practice). I acquired the Stewart X9 Follow three months ago and love it! I would be a good tester candidate since I would use it often and have a lot of experience with the Stewart X9 Follow to compare with! Electric push carts are the healthiest option because they save your posture and let you concentrate on your game! Good luck to the lucky winners! Looking forward to the results if I am chosen or not!


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