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  1. DJ, congrats on improving your golf game and trying to find other ways to improve. Assuming you could add one wedge, I'd add a 50 degree wedge to fill the gap between PW & SW (54 degree). In addition, as you are improving your game and getting better, try other wedge set ups like - 54 & 58; 55 & 60; 52-56-60. As a couple of people mentioned above, finding the bounce that fits you. Since you take lessons consult with your instructor for wedge set up as well. He/She can give you some good advice. Finding the right wedges, right brand, right shaft is also a personal preferen
  2. Tom - Orlando, FL Zelos 8 Model - Stiff Flex Iron swing speed - 102 - 106 Project X 6.0 - "S" Flex
  3. What length in shaft did you go with?
  4. Tom / Orlando, FL Right Handed First choice to test: 3w 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70gram stiff Backup choice: 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff 0 Handicap Currently play 21 Degree Bobby Jones Hybrid
  5. Back in I think 2018 Speith got hit with mono (Dec 2017 into 2018). While he's recovered, he's not played the same level of greatness. As a Yankee fan, Chuck Knobloch got hit with Mono & after returning the guy couldn't play 2nd base to save his life and he was an excellent 2nd baseman prior to getting mono. I'm no doctor and Speith's play may not be related to effects of having contracted Mono, but he's not played the same caliber of golf since his recovery & return. Hope he gets back into that great form we saw him play!
  6. Bryson could be the new face of golf, but too early to tell. At one point it looked like Speith could take the reins but Mono has nipped him in the butt. It's cool to see how Bryson is trying something new and fitting the game to his style of play. What impresses me about the guy is his short game. He can hit the crap out of the ball, but to get up and down the way he does, is as impressive. Can he hold up for 10 or 15 or 20yrs like a Tiger? Going to be interesting to see. It looks like both Justin Thomas & Colin Morikawa could emerge as the new faces. Yet Dustin Johnson quietly co
  7. Tom Orlando FL Callaway GBB EPIC Subzero 9.0 0.6 index 105-110 mph swing speed I would like to test TSi3
  8. Glad to hear TopFlite went back to the original Gamer ball. The new Gamer definitely wasn't as good and I stopped playing it. TopFlite Gamer was good option, an alternative to the ProV1, especially on sub-par course conditions, where you could easily lose a ball or two (without going in a hazard or out-of-bounds). At $17.50 a dozen/2 for $35 at Dicks, you can't go wrong
  9. Club set up is a good start especially with the intention of improving and taking the game a bit more serious. Like all the recommendations of finding an instructor too. You can get all the "advice" you want, but a good PGA Pro Instructor can really help you with your game, including possibly curing that slice. We all aren't Rory, Justin Thomas or Bryson, but we can learn the basic & fundamentals which can make the game fun. Then "tinker"! If you think you will enjoy practicing, an instructor can also give good basics, fundamentals & good swing thoughts to work on. Golf is such a g
  10. Good Set up Adam. It's good to see someone who plays the Hogan Irons and Wedges. The wedges look really good. I've gone back to Vokey's from Callaway's. Like the fact the Wedges come in the odd degrees 53, 55, 57; How is the feel and how do you like them?
  11. Good Looking set up! Maverick Irons look nice! Good to hear you were open to all clubs, not just what you had envisioned!
  12. Tom / Orlando, FL / USA! Scotty Cameron 35" Newport 2 Select (2014 model) I'd like to test the Anser 2 - 34", had a putter fitting in 2014 & was fitted for a Blade Putter vs a mallet putter. I first changed to Odyssey White Hot putter & putted well, then switched to the Scotty Cameron Newport 2, but that feel has left and I leave a lot of putts on the table. Would a different feel help?
  13. I've tried Golf Pride, Lamkin & Winn. Will no longer use Winn Grips, as Kanoito said above they are spongy & found they get slippery. Also changed the weight of irons & feel of club. Tour Velvets, whether Golf Pride or Lamkin also get slippery when wet, especially in FL heat! So I keep going back to Golf Pride Tour Wraps (Jumbo) and GP MCC+4 Med in my wedges. Tour Wraps seem to keep their tackiness, even when they get a bit worn. Weight of the GP Tour Wrap is approx 78 grams, which gives me a better feel for my irons.
  14. I'm going with Clubs. Technology has made clubs with more feel and forgiveness, is amazing. the stronger lofts have also assisted in the game. The golf shafts today are so much better than just 10 yrs ago. The golf ball certainly flies further today, but you still have to make proper contact. The guys on tour are killing it, however for them it's a combination of physical fitness, great equipment and the golf ball design, have made the pro's unbelievably good players. For us amateurs, I believe the equipment technology has helped we amateurs more.
  15. tdroma98

    AVX vs PRO V1

    After reading the posts and threads a month ago, I decided to try the AVX ball again. Predominately use ProV1x & ProV1's (played a couple of rounds with TP5x and like that ball. I had first tried the AVX ball back in October, used it once on 10-4-2019, first time on a Par 3, first swing and got a hole in one. Had not played AVX again! Why ruin a good thing! True story. But read many of the posts in this thread and for last 3 weeks have been playing AVX and like the ball. Like the ball flight and ball might go a bit further than ProV1x. Like jayjay in post above, notice the ball jumps
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