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  1. Cool, you turned the wedge in! Nice! However, this may be another sign to go with Ping Glide 60 Degree! Just need all the affirmation I can get! LOL
  2. Have you changed out your SM5 wedges yet? I'm like you, hard to let go of the wedges. I had a 54 degree, but still have the 60 degree SM5 Wedges. Finally broke down last month and replaced my 54 degree SM5 with a brand new SM8 54/12 D and it has made a difference. Newer grooves for one! Haven't replaced the SM5 60 yet, black head model. Looking at PXG or Ping 60 degree. Interested in the Ping Glide, they really seem to fit the eye.
  3. I think you will be surprised and not pull putts, as you may think. For me the heavier weight in the toe quieted my right hand and don't feel like I'm rotating to my left, creating that hook, consequently pulling putts. Especially the short putts. Good luck experimenting and hope it works!
  4. I have a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 which came with 2 - 10 gram weights. Been testing 15gram & 20gram weights as well. Then tested putting different weights in heel & toe side of putter. Finally settled on - 15gram weight on the toe and 10gram weight on the heel. Really like the feel. 15gram on toe feels like it keeps me from closing face at impact. Tend to have a strong right hand. not a fan of lead tape. But for now found a good feel. Fun to experiment.
  5. Bob, other shoe companies make same claim of being 100% waterproof but learned how some shoes just don't hold up, such as Nike & Sketchers and quickly don't hold up. I will not purchase either brand any longer. I play at least 240 rounds yr & walk 90% of time. Now struggling to find a shoe that 1) is comfortable and 2) lasts. I do alternate between shoes, so not to wear out too fast. Having said that, had a pair of Sketchers which lasted just 3 months before falling apart. Customer service as longer to resolve! What is the waterproof warranty for Squairz & how is customer service if indeed the shoe fails? Don't mean to put you on the spot. Read through the threads & like the comments concerning the comfort of the shoe. The heaviness of the shoe with walking, is it an issue? Straka was fine with it.
  6. First thought, What the heck was that? Finish your damn swing and stop hanging back!
  7. This is a great question & I almost overlooked! This past year I've been tinkering with trying different brands of grips. In the past my go to grip was Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G, Jumbo and MCC+4 Mid for wedges, when I played Callaway & Titleists Blades with heavier shaft (125gram 6.0 rifle) and always Tour Wraps on all woods (Driver, 3w & 5w). After purchasing Maverick Pro Irons with 105 gram shaft last year, found the Tour Wrap grips to be too heavy & could not feel the head. So switched Superstroke Oversized - 50gram grips for Irons and has a good feel. One issue with Superstroke grips is durability. They don't last as long as Golf Pride Tour Wraps and wear out to quick. Wedges - MCC +4 on Sand Wedge & 60. However, tinkering & just changed to a Lamkin Sonar + Mid - on 60 degree. For Driver, Just installed a JumboMax Ultralite Medium grip and really like it. Again the weight of the Ultralite grip is 50grams thinking of trying the small Ultralite on Irons - small is also 50 grams, but at $15 a grip, may have to stick with Superstroke at $7 LOL. There are not too many grips in Jumbo size, at the 50-55gram weight.
  8. Eagle Creek is one of my favorite courses! Always in good shape and restaurant is good too. Falcons Fire nice, a bit overpriced One other Orlando Area sleeper course is: Champions Gate "Country Club". Not Champions Gate International or National Courses. The Country Club course is newer and fantastic! If you make it to Orlando & play Eagle Creek, try Royal St. Cloud as well. Royal St. Cloud, in St. Cloud FL, is about 20 mins south of Eagle Creek, they have 3 nines and in really good shape, links style course. Looks like you decided on Palm Springs, good choice & dryer in February! Enjoy!!
  9. I purchased the Apex - 4 /21 degree with Recoil 75H shaft and Love it! Replaced a Bobby Jones 4 rescue, same 21 degree loft and its made a difference. Been trying different settings: standard - neutral & standard Draw and like both settings. Can go up +2 or down -1. I'm sticking with Standard Neutral setting. Initially the look of the club standing over it, looked funny to the eye, but quickly adapted and glad i did. I'd recommend the Apex UW.
  10. Like the consistency of Ball 2 and also like its Bridgestone BX! Thanks for sharing this test!
  11. to add my 2 cents, it really sounds more like a shaft issue. It's possible the S300 is not the correct shaft for your swing. You hit hard enough, numbers you posted were good. If you're going to tinker, try a different shaft with different kick points in an iron. If you're hitting too high right now, look at testing a mid to high or high kick point shaft vs a low kick point shaft. Stiff or Xstiff. I'm tinkering right now trying out a heavier shaft 123gram stiff vs 105 gram stiff, in an 8 iron. getting a feel. I put lighter grips on all irons reducing grip weight from 78 grams (Golfpride tour wrap to 52 gram Superstroke). Best fitting I ever had was from an LPGA Pro and she was good in diagnosing & matching ball flight with proper flex shaft and swing, unfortunately she moved when I bought new set of irons. Good luck!
  12. Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes!! I appreciate it!
  13. Before you go through a reshaft of your wedges, if you have a PGA Store, Dick's or Golf Galaxy in your area try and demo wedge with "A" Shaft, check the feel. I bought a sand wedge with KBS shaft, cause I wanted to switch to KBS from Titleist Wedge Flex. I regretted it! Went to a Titleist fitting for wedges and back to using Wedge Flex Dynamic Gold. The performance of KBS shaft is not for me.
  14. As with many previous comments, I've narrowed my shoes to New Balance (fresh Foam PaceSL - water resistant) and Sketchers Go Golf (waterproof). Both very comfortable as well. Will never buy Nike's! You can almost predict the shoe lasting 6 months or less, and heel/sole starts separating. Even the waterproof Nike's are not durable. Love Ecco's but don't hold up under wet conditions such as playing in mornings with morning dew. Just got done walking 18 holes wearing Sketchers Go Golf pair and feet dry after round. Tomorrow I'll wear New Balance.
  15. Great question! For putts under 30ft my routine is not to take a practice swing, if on the green. Over 30ft, my routine is to stand behind ball, give it a quick plumb for the line & spot to putt to, take 3 practice strokes (facing hole/spot), then set the putter, one look at spot and go. Seems to work well. Lately though, not making as many shorter putts (8 - 15ft), so might change my routine and use same method as used for longer putts, for all putts.
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