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  1. Leska its good you have the passion to get better & you found a coach who you like and getting results. instructors can see things in our mechanics we don't see. The danger (LOL) is when we try to self-diagnose. Don't be resistant to a change especially if a change that is producing results. Congrats to getting down to a 5.9, that's awesome! Your coach may see something in your swing with new grip, which gets you in the correct positions to make a good swing, hence the drop from 12 to 5.9. Plus you're playing more, which hopefully helps with repetition of what you learn from your coach.
  2. Not a New Model must have guy. I change my wedges out as grooves wear out, but have tried different brands of wedges over the last 5 yrs; going between Callaway, Ping & Titleist. Always go back to Titleist, though. Like the feel, look and bounce options. S Bounce in 60 degree and M bounce in 54 degree. Tried the F bounce and did not like it. Also found the black nickel doesn't wear as fast and like the Titleist Wedge Flex Shaft.
  3. Ladies quite impressive. 13 under is a tie for like 26th. 23 under leading, excellent golf!! Fun to watch!
  4. Tiger plays the Tour BXS. If it's good enough for Tiger, it's good enough for me! LOL!
  5. I'd also recommend trying the Tour B XS, if you like the Tour B X. I find the BXS to be softer feel especially around the greens and a good ball on windy days
  6. Tom Orlando FL Scotty Cameron Newport 2 New #2 wide Thank you!
  7. I use Project X LZ16 64gram graphite shaft. Originally fitted for Callaway XR driver, then I changed head to Callaway GBB Subzero and worked great. Really like the shaft, good fitting! Mid to High kick point.
  8. May change 3 wood to Tour Edge, strong 3w and definitely change carry bag from EG Eagole Stand Bag - too small.
  9. Good question to pose. Right now I'm down to 3 different brands. It's fun to find the right fit of clubs, whether it's a driver or irons or wedges. Wedges, for me is a feel and always go back to Titleist. Something about the look, feel & performance. Recently stepped outside the iron box of forged and purchased the Callaway Maverick Pro Irons, new shafts - Elevate 105 S flex (swing speed has changed) lighter than Project X 6.0. I love them! A lot of good clubs out there. Next try is TourEdge 3W.
  10. Tom Orlando, FL Back to ProV1x I think at one time we all played a Top Flite Ball, like the Top Flite Z Balata & Titanium in the 90's. 5 yrs ago I discovered the Top Flight Gamer Tour after reading reviews in golf mag. It ranked something like 2nd to Pro V1. So I picked up a dozen at Dick's Sporting, actually 2 dozen for $34 and loved them. When playing not so good conditioned courses you don't like losing $5 golf balls. To my surprise the Gamer was very good, from driving to approach shots and even around the greens, chipping felt good. My golf buddies would laugh I'd be
  11. Tom - Orlando, FL Size 12 Currently wear FJ Flex The most important thing in shoe, is comfort and stability
  12. DJ, congrats on improving your golf game and trying to find other ways to improve. Assuming you could add one wedge, I'd add a 50 degree wedge to fill the gap between PW & SW (54 degree). In addition, as you are improving your game and getting better, try other wedge set ups like - 54 & 58; 55 & 60; 52-56-60. As a couple of people mentioned above, finding the bounce that fits you. Since you take lessons consult with your instructor for wedge set up as well. He/She can give you some good advice. Finding the right wedges, right brand, right shaft is also a personal preferen
  13. Tom - Orlando, FL Zelos 8 Model - Stiff Flex Iron swing speed - 102 - 106 Project X 6.0 - "S" Flex
  14. What length in shaft did you go with?
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