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  1. Would enjoy the opportunity to test Wilson D7 Forged Irons. 2nd fitted iron set: Wilson Fatshaft Irons. Tom / Orlando, FL Handicap: 1 Currently Play: Titleist AP 2 - 714 Model with Project X 6.9 shafts: 4 - PW Thank you!
  2. Handicap and Location - 0.6 handicap / Orlando, FL Current Irons and 8-iron distance - Current Irons: Titleist AP2 - 714 Model with 6.0 Project X Shaft / 8 iron distance = 148yds What do you know about Sub70? - Not very much known. Have seen previous posts here at MyGolfSpy and checked out your website. Thank you!
  3. My Bushnell rangefinder finally died after 6yrs. Just didn't want to pay $200 to $300. Went on Amazon and found BobLov 650YDS golf range - no slope - but does vibrate. $89. Very impressed, works great. Have used now for over 6 months, charge lasts long.
  4. Haven't tried "custom shoes", however I did go to an Ecco Store (not retail box store like Golf Galaxy or PGA Store) and got fitted for Ecco's. Manager at Ecco Store was extremely helpful. I looked for comfort, stability in shoe and ease on back. Figured if Ecco's are good enough for Freddy Couples lower back, then it was worth a try. My podiatrist also advised against soft mesh shoes, but something firm. Went with Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 spikeless and I put my own inserts in shoes
  5. Pasta, Great Post!! Thanks for posting the Swing Speed Chart. It helped me just realize I've lost almost 10mph swing speed, coming back from shoulder injury! Wow, it's not the clubs lol
  6. 3 Pairs - 2 Pairs of Ecco's spikeless and 1 Pair Footjoy Flex Has anyone had issues with Nike Golf Shoes? Stopped buying cause they only last maybe 6 mos. Heels blow out. Frustrating. Especially since I'm into my 3rd yr with Ecco's and play 4 times a week.
  7. Tom - Orlando, FL Test the 440 Swing Speed: 105 -109
  8. First Name / State of Residence: Tom / Florida Handicap: 0 Current Hybrid in Play: Bobby Jones 21 Degree, stiff shaft What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid: versatility of club from various conditions, including being able to use around the green.
  9. My Bag: Callaway Epic Subzero 9 degree driver Callaway Razr X 3 wood Callaway RazrX 5 Wood Bobby Jones 21 degree rescue Titleist AP2 irons 4, 6-PW Titleist SM5 M grind, 54 degree bent to 51 degrees Titleist Wedgeshaft Titleist SM5 54 M Grind with KBS HiRev shaft and Titleist SM5 60 degree S Grind Titleist Wedge Shaft Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select Putter Titleist Pro v1x & Pro v1
  10. Golf Pride Jumbo Tour Wraps on Irons MCC +4 on wedges, like cciciora13 comment above, like the extra wrap at the bottom of the grip. . Tried the Winn Dri-Tac WRAP Jumbo's, however after the first rain, took grips off and went back to Golf pride Tour Wraps. Winn Grips became slippery when wet!
  11. Started using the Kirkland Signature Cabretta gloves a yr ago and love them. four gloves for $19.99 (US), found them as good as Titleist PermaSofts.
  12. Will do, haven't checked the loft in a while! Found by 54 degree wedge with Titleist Wedge Flex almost same distance as Gap.
  13. I play 714 AP2 with 6.0 Project X shaft - 4 through Gap Wedge. Finding I've lost distance with Gap Wedge and thinking to change out to Titleist Wedge Flex. Any thoughts about changing Gap Wedge shaft to Titleist Wedge Flex shaft (S200)
  14. Least favorite club in bag 8 iron.. Favorite club 7 iron. Go figure. I think it's mental!
  15. I use Titleist SM5 wedges - 54 & 60 degree. Playing around with the various grinds & bounce. Having a less feel around greens with 60 degree S grind/ 7 bounce vs 60/4 degree bounce. does anyone find the same issue with losing feel around the green with the higher bounce? Would a cavity back wedge at higher bounce have different effect?
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