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  1. I just purchased a PXG 0811 gen 4 driver for $299 and it gave me 20 more yards with more consistent drives.
  2. Does that mean club champion will do fittings like TXG?
  3. I’m a white tee player but from blues I hit driver then probably two hybrids
  4. How do you know? I’m looking for a fitting and new clubs and don’t want to make the mistake of going to a questionable place
  5. Robert from Dade City, Florida currently using odyssey 2ball I would like to test the Impact 1 & 3
  6. Robert, Dade City, Florida I did walk prior to having Leukemia, after Bone Marrow Transplant have been unable to push my hand cart for awhile round so can’t walk at this time. Have a Sun Mountain Speed Cart
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