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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Tom. That's wise advice. I didn't know if I was being ridiculous in even worrying about it, so it's good to hear that you think it may be an issue. I guess this should be a concern for everyone with a backyard green if you're in cicada territory. I think I finished the compacting today. I was able to roll the turf out and hit a bunch of putts. I made lots of adjustments and compacted it a bunch of times, and it's rolling quite true. One big takeway: with all that gravel under the surface, it's amazing and pretty maddening how much chaos one misplaced pebbl
  2. What a great idea to put a few holes in your son's play area. Sorry about the storm damage. I hope you're fully repaired other then the play area.
  3. OK, tell me if I'm crazy. I got the turf and the fringe border. I have 2 inches of gravel base down but not compacted. I'm getting ready to start compacting and I find that there are three cicada holes and emerging cicadas coming up through the uncompacted gravel. I'm in Virginia and the cicada plague is about to begin. Now I'm nervous about putting down the turf that I just spent $%&#! on because what if I wake up in two weeks and fine that 20 cicadas have chewed through my brand new putting green. I'm hoping they won't be able to get through the compacted gravel, but it's making me
  4. Awesome! Thanks for that info. Looks like 32s with some serious lead tape on them.
  5. Well then I'll never stop using them!
  6. I recently bought a set of 32s 3-PW. I put KBS Tour shafts in them. They are fairly beaten up with bag chatter but the faces are good, which is the main thing I'm concerned about. I absolutely love them. I've even enjoyed hitting the long irons. My only reservation is one time recently when I was at the range and I must've been getting too steep with my contact because the club felt like it was digging. Obviously that was user error, but I have seen that as a criticism of them. Otherwise, I'm extremely happy with them.
  7. I had a set of JPX EZ Forged. They were the brown ones. I thought they looked much better than the others. They played pretty well too, although I don't really remember the details of how they played.
  8. 120 gram steel shafts in my irons and a much lighter Recoil in my Srixon utility. I love the Srixon.
  9. I've gone to a combo set of shafts with the long irons R flex and the rest S flex. Same shaft, just slightly lighter in the long irons. Not sure I see or feel much difference.
  10. Looking for at least 7-PW. Would prefer 6-PW but interested in whatever you have. Could be heads only. Thanks.
  11. I really like this leaderboard. Will be pulling for Hideki but would be fine with any of the guys at -7 winning it too. I've loved his ball striking since I first saw him at the Masters and am a Srixon fanboy, so it would be sweet. It may be Leishman's turn to get hot, though. He can definitely get in a zone and stay there. I have definitely seen Hideki talking with non-Japanese on the course, even if just short clips so I think it's pretty clear that he understands most of what he hears in conversational English and can communicate at least in phrases. I guess he just isn't confid
  12. Wow, you did an amazing job. Looks awesome. I hope you became automatic on approach shots from 100 yds! Should I compact it again after sprinkling the sand on the compacted gravel? Thanks.
  13. Doing this now. Have most of the gravel base in and will finish the rest today. I have the surface on order and when it arrives I will lay it out and rent a plate compactor. I'm going to compact and then dig out the holes and compact again. One of my main concerns is that there be no lumps or bumps, so I'm going to be serious about getting it smoothed out. For drainage, I'm going to have a slight crown in the middle of the green and will dig down below the holes and put small stones in there for better drainage. Mine will be 10 x 20 with a chipping fringe around that. Thanks for the tips
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