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  1. Ohhh fudge.... Except I didn't say fudge Standard or midsize grip?
  2. Sorry for the confusion, this post originally had a set of iron shafts for sale as well and those sold first. Either way, I forgot to update the post. Everything is sold All Sold
  3. I messaged this guy back in February and he said he found what he was looking for then
  4. Mavrik Head & HZRDUS Smoke Black are Sold
  5. Callaway Heads and Shafts - Mix and Match to your preference **Big Bertha Alpha 815 10.5°** pics --> https://imgur.com/a/HzCON7S - $135 Shipped w/Shaft of your choice - Don't sleep on this club. Packed with tons of tech. Adjustable toe and heel weight along with adjustable center weight for high and low spin. **Rogue ST Max 10.5°** pics--> https://imgur.com/a/1R6YSlE - $265 Shipped w/ Shaft of your choice - minor scratch out towards the toe on the topline. Not very noticeable at address Shaft Selection **Tensei Blue 65g Stiff** - 44.25" butt to tip - Standard Golf Pride Align MCC+4 - pics --> https://imgur.com/a/RwlL4tB **Project X LZ 16 Handcrafted 64g 6.0 Stiff** - 44" butt to tip - Standard Lamkin UTx - pics --> https://imgur.com/a/pfOQiZl
  6. SOLD Wilson Staff Model CBs - 5-GW + Standard Length/Loft/Lie. Standard Grips - S300 Shafts. Never touched grass, dirt, any outside terrain of any kind. Only used them on my indoor setup. As mint and "used" can be. $575 Shipped Full Album here--> https://imgur.com/a/gcrLwGI
  7. Any specific Nike driver , pretty sure I have a 10.5 reg flex one somewhere
  8. Amazingly good. Starting to look like I'll be keeping them and getting rid of a different set
  9. SHAFTS ARE SOLD Let's move these Wilson's before I end up throwing x100s in them and gaming them myself! Full Album in case anyone missed it https://imgur.com/a/gcrLwGI
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