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  1. In no particular order my probable 10 favorite in Texas. 1. Austin Golf Club 2. Oak Hills 3. Summit Rock 4. Boot Ranch 5. Whispering Pines 6. Wolf Point 7. Pine Dunes 8. Colonial 9. Austin Country Club 10. Houston Oaks I reserve the right to alter at a moment's notice.
  2. In no particular order 1. Sand Hills 2. Wild Horse 3. Prairie Dunes 4. Southern Hills 5. Colonial 6. Austin Golf Club 7. Aronimink 8. Merion 9. Sweetens Cove 10. Huntington Valley
  3. I've tried combo sets but have never been successful in finding the ideal transition. I do like the combo set theory but I guess it's just not for me.
  4. His stuff looks so much like pimped out Edels
  5. G400 Max driver Steelhead XR 4+ 18 Srixon UT 22 Srixon UT 5-P National Custom Works 52, 56, 60 National Custom Works Edel putter in another finish
  6. I practice sometimes in my running shoes and have a close friend whose a podiatrist who now plays all his rounds in running shoes.
  7. I'd never tried counter balance until my current putter than Zach Sewill at Bestgrips.com fit me for. It's a game changer! I'm in love with my counter balanced Edel!
  8. Old American is a fantastic course, it's very quirky so I'll be curious to see what the players think of it.
  9. I've got over 250 rounds on my Best Grips and still like new.
  10. I saw the driver the other day at Dick's, I wasn't impressed by the look.
  11. I was a longtime fan of the early iterations of True, about 2 years ago I went back to Foot Joy and have been ok with them. I do really like my Contour Fits though. I had a pair of Hyperflex that I never felt like I had a stable base. I recently picked up a pair of Skechers that I'm quickly falling in love with. SUPER COMFY and gives me a lot of support.
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