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  1. I only picked up the e12s. Yet now that you mentioned e9s feel firm I might pick up a box since I use to play the old mizuno jpx balls
  2. Well so far it seems like golf galaxy/Dicks is the only ones selling checked a dozen other websites and nothing
  3. Was at a store that I won’t mention yet saw the new e12 and e9’s on the shelf and they were marked with the old price. So grabbed a few of each box only to be rejected at the register since it before release date. well they let me buy them today still don’t know if they have been really released but got me a few boxes. Let you know why I think next week. so I played around today on my simulator and compared with a few other balls. Used my Mizuno s5 60degree adjusted to 62 wedge and averaged 68mph club head speed the e12 gave me an average spin of 7800 all were in close spin rate and average distance 84 yards -4 off center. The prov1x average spin was 8600 but but shots ranged from 5600 to 10000 distance 74 yards and -8 off center. Vice tour 7400 spin 84 yards -10 off center and Mizuno rb566 7600 spin 78yards -5 off center today was on course with the e12 and it was awesome. Found more fairways today than usual more greens in regulation also many hits on the greens with my usual ball end up bouncing off today they were staying on the greens with a hop and stop to the max of 4 feet or less. Distance wise might have gained a few yards more but the could just be hitting straighter. Irons the ball feels soft.
  4. What I do since I use to live and play all year round in Japan. I use a thermal calf length compression pants under whatever pants I’m wearing and a thermal compression shirt over the shirt I have a battery power vest and then a pullover or a sweater. Ensure the vest fits snug or it’s useless but it serves me well plus since I don’t play with gloves I have a battery powered hand pouch. Now that I live in Tennessee it’s great I own most golf courses around me due to no one plays here in the cold lol.
  5. I like the maxfli carry cart stand bag and the price is beautiful. Don’t like paying a lot of extra money for a name
  6. I changed mine out when my wife tells me I’m not allowed outside with that bag anymore
  7. So I got in my Sub70 949x 4 hybrid with UST Proforce V2 shaft yesterday and took it to the garage today to see how it preformed and I don’t think the reviews that say rocket does it justice. I got it to go between my 7 hybrid and 3 hybrid. My 3 is usually between 210 and 220 and my 7 is 180 ish. Apparently the 949x has a warp drive because it was a consistent 240 and would be straight or I could fade or draw on command still playing with the weights but seem to like both slots with the heaviest weights. So I guess my 3 hybrid will be my in between club lol. I will see how it preforms on the course this weekend but what a beautiful club it is.
  8. Well you don’t need to make veterans seem like beggars and if they offer the discount then they are showing support to whom ever they support. So if you decline it good for you and be the proud person you are but don’t take others down your self centered self.
  9. And exactly what is wrong with a military discount? Are you mad because the military didn’t want you?
  10. Got a Taylormade 790 2 udi. Don’t use it due to beyond my skills lol. I would be willing to part with
  11. I use $ taper lite and it’s an awesome shaft with my Sub70 639’s. Nice high ball flight and good spin. These will be the ones I stick with from now on.
  12. 1.Taylormade 3 wood 2. Mizuno 3 hybrid 3. cobra 7 hybrid 4 Sub70 639 combo 5 Harry Taylor wedges 6 evnroll putter soon to cut out #1 and 2 for Sub70
  13. Winn dry tac have arthritis in the fingers and they are the most comfortable for me. Also I prefer to play without a glove unless it’s raining. On a simulator or range day my hands feel just as good as when I started. If I hit about 20 balls with my 2 udi which has factory grip I can feel it in my hands all day. Reason for not regripping my 2 is not sure if I will keep it, waiting on Sub70 to restock to pick up a 4 iron which will replace the 2
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