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  1. Beautiful clubs I picked up the 639 combo set. Had. Small hiccup their customer service is the best I have seen in ages. Took minutes to reply and minutes to fix a hiccup ( been waiting almost a year for tour edge to reply). the feel of the 639’s is awesome and mishits are not punished that bad. I am a higher handicap (19) and every fitting I have been put into game improvement irons and have never hit as good as the 639’s I thought long and hard about stepping it up too the 639’s and then I realized no one fitter has ever asked why my handicap is so high. Driver I usually put 10 to 20 extra strokes due to being too stupid to stop playing my driver. If I am not teeing off 3 then it’s 5 or I topped it 50 yards. So I finally realized my iron play is very good it was my driver killing me. so the 639’s fit my play and are beautiful clubs.
  2. Would like to change out bags but I have too many to justify that and that’s after getting rid of 4. Lol. Yet I might end up with a Sunday bag.
  3. Just got rid of a set of Ben Hogan bag with MacGregor irons and persimmons
  4. so good news my sub70 639’s came in today. Bad news the pictures ones were supposed to be muscle backs. They are sending the replacements ASAP. The 6&7 are sweet and hit wonderfully. Can’t wait to get the proper 8-pw. Yet shout out to Sub70 customer service replied within minutes and had the expedited order within minutes after that.
  5. Around 160 per wedge on fairway golf
  6. Sorry no. It had a newer Spaulding with the set
  7. Nope this is it for a few years unless I wear a hole in one
  8. Bad! Looks like a blast
  9. I was searching for another set so I could stay.
  10. Unfortunately a while back I got rid of my Mizuno Mp68’s and jpx ez 2014 models worst mistake I ever made. Fell into the trap of newer game improvement would help and only got worse. But I still have my original persimmon Honma 5 wood that I like to bring out once and awhile. Love the sound and ball flight when you hit the microscopic sweet spot.
  11. So this year I’ve decided to basically do a full bag turn over except my trusty Mizuno jpx ez 3 hybrid 2014. New equipment will be Sub 70 639 combo 6 and 7 CB 9-PW Mb. Tm 22 udi, and went with Harry Taylor 305 wedges adjusted to 49,53,57,61 along with a evnroll ev2. No idea on a driver yet since that is my nemesis. anyone else doing and most bag change over.
  12. Would love to test just kicked out my PXG 0811, and have the 639s being built right now.
  13. Great clubs but got tired of sending them back for repair so that’s why I picked up the older AeroBurner black.
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