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  1. Always good to quote yourself ... but I just wanted to elaborate a bit on my process: I pick a spot 1-2 ft in front of the ball to line the putter up, then focus moves to a spot on my starting line but hole high. Then it's just to swing towards that "distant" target and Mr Newton should take care of the rest
  2. Hallo Peeps! Been putting heads up for the past two seasons and having great results from that. I have become much consistent especially with length control. For close to 30 years I tried to attain a "true tour pendulum stroke" - with limited success . My coach gave a drill to look at the hole and I ended implementing that drill in my game. My guess is, that it is purely a mental thing for me, as I tend to extremely / unhealthy focus on technique rather than feel. This as given me a freedom from that, and I love that. Is it for everyone? - don't know but it works for me
  3. Hi Guys, Great inspiration! I build some weights, but for some strange reason my PRGR reads some 15 mph slower when swing the weights than my driver... The swings where absolutely faster, but yeah the read was way off. Have any of you had that issue as well? TIA / Ho Lee
  4. Lots of brands for me; of course more if Titleist & Vokey or Odessey & Callaway counts as more than one each
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