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  1. Dick's (and Golf Galaxy) is strictly a corporate retailer just like Target or Walmart. Everything - products, inventory, and pricing - is controlled at the corporate level. Technically the local store isn't allowed to override the going corporate price and you certainly can't negotiate a price even on the big ticket items like fitness equipment (the store manager can approve a small discount to resolve customer service issues). There is also no commission, so it doesn't matter if they don't have it in stock. That person is just there to work the floor and earn their hourly wage. There's no incentive to upsell or convert you into a loyal customer. No matter how much they like to broadcast their support of local youth athletics, the connection from corporate to customer is 100% soulless. All that said, the Maxfli Tour is still my ball.
  2. If you're playing AVX to reduce driver spin, I also suggest considering Vice Pro Plus, which are cheaper than AVX. Low spin off the tee and high spin on the green is frequently marketed but really the white whale of performance. Kind of hard to have both of those.
  3. I average about 112 with tons of natural spin. I had the best driver spin control with AVX and Vice Pro Plus.
  4. He did the Hex Soft, which was briefly sold at Costco several years ago (between Superhot and Hex Tour Soft). Hex Soft is a 2-piece. Unsure on how it compares to Supersoft. The OP is asking about Hex Tour, which seems to be an updated version of the Hex Tour Soft since its also a 3-piece with similar claims and packaging (HTS in a blue box, HT in black). I played Hex Tour Soft for a summer and loved how it felt but my swing speed is high and the balls had a tendency to balloon. I've never seen these on Costco shelves but saw them online and saw comments that they were on shelves at Costco in the UK. But if someone wants a lower-spinning ball at or around the Kirkland Signature price, they're worth a look.
  5. This happened with Honma a couple times as well. I almost want to call BS because it KEEPS happening with multiple high-end brands. They're listed on Costco.com, the brand posts some message about distributor malfeasance, and they disappear. But then it happens again. I've seen Bettinardi on Costco.com a half dozen times. I have to think they're just unloading stock and agree to deny everything. Once is one thing, but not several times.
  6. Okay this makes sense. I have a higher swing speed and higher spin. I occasionally will demolish a Kirkland right down the pipe but too often it balloons and any half-decent wind turns it into a 250 yard hook or slice that's 100 yards off the fairway. Just wish there was a more appropriate ball I could buy on demand (in store) for that price. Even with inflation they're $27 and change in PA for 2 dozen.
  7. My only question is - they said its for a niche segment of golfers - who would want max driver spin?
  8. I believe Target is phasing out the Pro Plus, which is why most stores have the black and gold. I've seen the Drive but the only time I've seen Pro is the Pro Drip. No other models. Maybe there's a new version of Pro Plus coming out? My big concern for Target is that the better quality balls update every couple years and I'm not sure Target will update their inventory.
  9. From a distance it appears to be a 3 piece with an Ionomer cover instead of urethane. Judging from the quality and performance of other Maxfli balls under DSG ownership, should be worth trying if you don't want to pay the extra $5 for Maxfli Tour.
  10. FightingScot82

    CUT Golf

    They perform alright, but the brand name is fitting. Least durable cover on the market. You'll end up spending $40 anyway because you'll go through them so quickly. It's a shame because I actually like them.
  11. Thanks. Do you also have the sensors on your clubs? I'm currently using 18 Birdies on my phone (free version) and I'd prefer to keep my phone in my bag. Also bonus points on anything that adjusts for slope - I'm in Pennsylvania and its not exactly flat on our courses.
  12. I'm looking at getting a Samsung Watch 4 and am interested in what apps anyone loves for this watch. I was previously considering a GPS watch designed for golf, so I'm looking to replicate as many of the features of a golf-specific watch as much as possible. Any suggestions from Android watch users?
  13. I hesitated on purchasing the Big Max through Costco because I couldn't find one to inspect in person and I was reluctant to have an entire bag of the shiny, rigid waterproof material. I ended up going with the Sun Mountain C130S to get the storage I wanted plus a stand for when its not on a cart.
  14. My swing varies from 105-110. My ideal ball is probably the Titleist AVX but I'm not paying $50/dozen. I hit the Tour X and the Pro Plus very similar. No discernable difference in flight or distance for me.
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