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  1. I’m always looking to practice as real as possible . My hits off a mat look great 90% of the time. But put the ball on grass and I have to concentrate. I understand the need for courses and ranges to use mats so that the grass has a chance to recover from divots. good to know that some ranges do have areas that are not level. I struggle with shots I do not practice often, ball 2 to 6 inches below my feet.
  2. Do driving ranges need hitting areas that are not level? Hill side shots, ball below or above your feet. I understand that the fairway is the target and most areas are some what level. What does everyone think?
  3. Korn Ferry tour has MMA event Monday during qualifying. Does this mean Bruce Koepka and Bryson Dechambeau can go at it?
  4. I use a Taylormade TP5x for lower spin. Works great and I am hitting more fairways off the tee. looking to try the PROV1 left dash the no putts given pod cast has a high opinion of them.
  5. I play a Taylormade TP5x ball and they are great on lowering my spin. no putts given has talked about the Prov1 left dash . wanted to know if they are close to the same ball or does the Prov1 left dash have a edge on taylormade?
  6. Chris can we get a Japanese head cover? The last episode with Drew aka the SLEEZE was great. Good job
  7. I’m in !! How do I start ?
  8. Does the Bryson DeChambeau and the Brooks Koepka drama make for great TV in Golf ? Can we get them both mic’d up if they pair up together?
  9. Kansas King or CNOSIL. Is a launch monitor a must for the golf coach?
  10. What do you look for in a golf coach? 1.qualifications ? Aka PGA connection. 2.years in the Business ? 3.word of mouth and reviews?
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