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  1. I’m looking forward to reading about your new bag setup with the driver, irons and wedges. I noticed in the pics you put up yesterday you went to a PING putter also. Was it the Tyne by any chance? I only saw a mallet headcovers.... Best of luck with all of them, hit them long and straight...
  2. Did you have the even flow shaft in the 7 wood? I can’t hit that shaft well no matter what club it’s in. I can say the same for just about any Project X shaft. I picked up a Epic Flash on CPO for a great price when my G400max shaft broke at the hosel. Ping was closed at the time, and until they reopened and sent me a new one, I struggled badly with the Flash. I took the recommendation of a local fitter down here and put a Bassara shaft in the Flash. Still doesn’t play as well as the Ping does but at least it’s a serviceable backup now. For what it’s worth, he told me Project x shafts tend to play stiff to flex. For example, he said their “regular” 5.5 plays like a strong regular, and the 5.0 plays more like a regular.
  3. I’m betting Acushnet stock price went down at least a point in after hours trading once you posted those pictures
  4. Yeah that’s the one I have. Im an am player also. The glare isn’t an “all the time” thing, In fact you might go quite a few rounds before it happens, but when it does, hoo boy! You’ll know what I’m talking about. That said, I also told you how much I love the putter. I stumbled on something that works great for me, I hope it does the same for you. One more thing. I have the same chipping issues you do. I’m guessing in Ga. you play off the same tight chipping areas I do in SC. This putter works as good as a chipper from off the green. I’ve used it from almost twenty yards away with really good results. Let me know how it works for you...btw I’ve said it a bunch of times, but it’s amazing how you and I gravitate toward the same clubs all the time, lol
  5. Two random thoughts for you to ponder... just remember I’m about as far from a PGA professional as anyone can be. 1. I’m a firm believer that a persons personality has a lot to do with the tempo of their golf swing. For example, I do everything fast. Walk, talk, etc. my swing has a pretty quick tempo. Whenever I’m between clubs, I’d rather swing harder with the more lofted club than slow down my swing or choke down on a stronger lofted one. My brain doesn’t allow me todo anything other than decel in most cases when I try to change. Try to swing more to your “personality” if that makes sense. 2. A great drill for you might be just laying a cardboard box one of your clubs came in just outside where your ball would be. Just try to make half swings at first, and not hitting the box on your downswing. Then go to a full swing when you feel comfortable, and finally do it with a ball in place on the ground parallel to the box. Good luck, and keep plugging. As much as you love the game, I just know there’s a single digit player inside you.... EDIT as I continue to read on in the thread, I see much better players than myself offering advice. Move my little missive here to the back of the line, and again, keep plugging. You got this.
  6. Yours is the current model, I think it came out the beginning of this year. Mine came out in 2019, I believe. I ordered mine when they dropped the price from $249 to $199 just weeks before yours came out. Funny thing is, Callaway mistakingly sent me the new version which you have. They offered to let me keep it, as it was their mistake. Not having rolled either outdoors, I liked the silver bar on the old one and preferred what I felt was a “softer” insert, it also just suited my eye better than the all matte (or so I thought, lol). If I’d known about the glare issue, I’d have gone with yours.
  7. This has been the hardest year for me to gauge my game since I began playing about 20 years ago. First an elbow injury that put me on the shelf for 6-7 weeks, and the entire the entire covid situation limited both my play and practice. The biggest factor however was just not being able to concentrate or even enjoy the few rounds I did get to play because my mom had gotten really sick just after the holidays. I live 700 miles away from my family, and I was back and forth for weeks at a time trying to do what I could to help her, and be of assistance to my two sisters. God finally took her 2 weeks ago, and yesterday was the first day I felt up to posting again. I’m stuck up here on Long Island until Sunday because of the quarantine travel ban thing between SC and NY without my clubs, because I had no desire to bring them or play. Each day I feel a little better, and am just starting to feel an urge to really start playing again when I get back home. I’ll probably dive in head first, playing even more than I normally would, just in an attempt to keep my mind occupied. Why am I telling all of you this? In a way it’s to thank you. This place is wonderful, and I appreciate the friendly way everyone here interacts with others. So many other sites are very different. I told you I hadn’t posted in a while, but I can’t tell you how many nights the last few weeks I’ve read this thread and the what are you buying one. They helped take my mind off things and even gave me a few smiles during a very hard time. Thanks for that.
  8. My neighbor manages a local PGASS. He told me two weeks ago when I wanted to order a set of g410 irons for my nephew that PING had just informed them they now have an 8-10 week backlog on custom orders. I’m not sure about stock orders, but that can’t be much different, as I’d assume that’s been depleted.
  9. Good luck with it it’s a great putter, and looks really sharp!!! I have the prior year version, and I love it. I think they changed the insert in yours, but the best thing about your version in my opinion is it is entirely matte black. It doesn’t have the Silver bar across the top mine does. Ive played many putters with a similar silver finish, but the glare off mine is unreal. It’s actually blinding when the sun hits it directly. As annoying as that is, I’ve never putted better. So much so it unseated my Yes! Tracy, but I’m curious about trying your version or the Evenroll 2(?) and once I get curious, it always gets costly...
  10. So the other night I was sitting around thinking how long has it been since I was this happy with every club in my bag, and if there was any club I’d owned in the past 5 years or so I might feel more comfortable with than my current one. My wedges have been the worst part of my game since moving to SC. The shaved, tight lies around the green down here have really gotten into my head. I’ve been improving though with the md4’s I’ve played the last year, but I’ve always missed my CBX wedges. I gave them up for no better reason than they looked out of place next to my Apex cf16 irons, and I went with the mds, which seemed to blend better visually. Long story short, I’m playing Rogue X now, and the CBX seemed like they would be a perfect match. Viola! A 52* & 58* are on the way. Not a bad deal either brand new for $82 each. Once a tinkerer alway a tinkerer I guess.
  11. Thanks. I don’t know if I would call it poor, I think disappointing might be a better word? In the end it all worked out. I was looking to complete a second bag to leave up on Long Island. I was able to get a new set of Rogue X irons (the same specs as I play now) for less than what the 699s would’ve cost me. Even though I really wanted the sub 70s, I’m probably better off having the same set up north that I play at home. Better to keep things simple, I guess.
  12. Here’s my final take for now... This is a very cool forum, filled with very nice people. There is no “caste system” here, where the better players talk down to those not as skilled. Just the kind of people you’d hope to be paired with as a single showing up to a course you never played before. Because there are people like that here, and because Jason and others from his team have posted here, and established a relationship, I think everyone is a. Rooting for Sub 70 to succeed b. willing to give them a try and every benefit of the doubt That said, even the biggest of the OEMs have top notch customer service, and wonderful products obviously. I’ve dealt with people from PING, Callaway and Taylormade over the years, and each and every person I dealt with couldn’t have been nicer. I think it would be a given to expect that same level of CS from a new boutique company. I won’t fault them for minor mishaps in the ordering process, but it’s also a given that they should rectify their mistakes so I won’t praise them for that either. The appeal of a company like this is twofold. The consumer goes in expecting a quality product at a lower price. As long as they get that, it’s a win for both parties, especially when you have people like those of us who tell their stories to other golfers about a fledgling DTC company. That said, it’s equally important that we are honest in relating the “not so good” experiences”, and that a company like Sub 70 sees them and addresses them. I’m an example of someone who but for a little effort on their part would be bagging a set of 699 irons today. I live in a golf community with 4 golf courses, and play all over the Myrtle Beach area. Most people haven’t heard of Sub 70, and I would’ve been happy to tell their story to anyone who saw and asked about the 699’s.
  13. I just saw this... I always shake my head when this happens to another lefty. You would think dexterity would be the first thing to be checked when filling an order, but whatever.... yeah, lefties seem to be an afterthought to a lot of these companies ( looking at you Mizuno), I was really excited when Sub 70 came out with the LH699. My experience with their demo program which I talked about in this thread, was let’s say puzzling. It would be nice to see Jason or one of his CS people start checking into this thread again occasionally and addressing some of our concerns.
  14. Grand Stranded

    JPX 921's

    Congratulations on the new sticks, I think you’re going to love them! I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I’m curious about what led to your new purchase. We seem to have similar games, and I play the Rogue X irons. I know you try a lot of different clubs (as do I), so I’m going to assume you tried the Rogue X when they came out? My question is, what did you see and like about the Maverick that you didn’t about the Rogue X? I must have demoed the Maverick about 10 different times, lol, and I get the same numbers with the X... Again, like you, I had the T300s, but quickly went back to the X, as they were longer, at least as forgiving, and had a “softer” feel in my opinion.
  15. Grand Stranded

    JPX 921's

    I’m beyond disappointed with this release, and it’s the one I’ve been waiting/asking about all year. Mizuno has shown once again they have no desire to even try appeal to the LH golfer compared to any other OEM, so I’m finally ready to stop even considering them as an option, even though the HMs would be perfect for me. Why? When reading Tony’s article my eyes were drawn to the hybrid. It made the HM set perfect for me, blend two or three in with the irons, and at the same $125 per price point? All I had to do was wait for the preorder date, right? Eh, no. Mizuno does NOT offer the set matching hybrids in lefty. Thanks for nothing Mizuno. Then we get to my 31 year old nephew, who has been dying to purchase a new set of irons. I’ve told him to wait for the 921 forged to come out... they’d be the perfect club for him. Guess what? NOT available in lefty this release. Once again, thanks for nothing Mizuno. The final stroke of brilliance by them? Aside from the cast Hot Metals, the only forged iron they now make for lefties is the SEL, which as someone has so sagely pointed out, “applies to 10% of a 10% market. Once again, brilliant move, and thanks for nothing Mizuno. This is 2020, not 1980, and if you aren’t even going to try to give Southpaws basic options like a set matching hybrid, or a forged mid cap option, I don’t see a need to even consider any other club in your line up. Rant over...
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