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  1. Same here. Elbow pain is what made me switch, and I gained height and distance also. I actually play a little more often then you, but practice a lot less, LOL.
  2. I'm surprised to read this about Billy Mayfair. Not that I know him at all, but here's a story that might make you feel a little differently about him. Back when Bethpage Black held its first US Open, I was standing behind the first green the morning of the Wednesday practice round. If you've ever played the Black, you know you walk off the green and down into a tunnel which takes you to the other side of Round Swamp Rd. Well Mayfair and his playing partners sign a few items after they finished putting, and proceed toward the tunnel. Billy's caddy is handing him a bottle of water and we hear a young kid call out "can you sign my hat?" Now all Mayfair has to do is take one more step and he's gone from view. Instead, he stopped, put down the water bottle, and walked back 20 yards to sign the kid's hat. He didn't have to do that, but he did, and I always remembered and followed his career because of that incident. BTW All the players seemed very nice, especially Faldo, Cink, and Sergio, who was super nice, which made me a fan of his also. (that was the Open where the NY fans rode him mercilessly for milking the grip of his club.)
  3. Yes, I agree, plus Autumn is my favorite time of the year to play. By that time of year I'm hopefully pretty tuned in, and the cooler weather is a welcome relief from the SC summer. I love playing in weather where you can still wear shorts, but need a light pullover in the morning or late afternoon. When I lived up north all year, I couldn't wait for those early spring days though. After being cooped up all winter, I was just happy to get back out playing. Now, living down south most of the year it seems like we have 3 seasons. A long hot summer, brief fall like conditions, then transition to what feels like a few months of "early spring" weather. I miss late September, October golf up north.
  4. Down here in Myrtle Beach, It's all year round as far as posting goes, even though we get our share of frost delays and cold weather days. I'll be heading up to Long Island this Sunday and will stay up there until after Christmas. I'm hoping to get a few rounds in at Bethpage and some courses out east, but they'll be in the inactive posting period I assume. Lots of temporary greens, and alternate tee box areas.
  5. I had just about given up on places like this after dabbling in 3 others. One was run by a person who seemed all about pushing a book and was always looking to argue with anyone who didn't echo his opinions. Always had to have the last word with everyone. After a while the only reason I posted was to ruffle his (and his minions) feathers, and I'm usually not that guy. Another place turned me off with their fan boy approach to a certain OEM. Most of the regulars seemed to be part of a click who all worshiped at the altar of a staff member who loved to talk about his prodigious distance and how far he hit every club he tested. I enjoyed the place for a while, but when I started questioning the reviews of their "house brand OEM" and the pricing of new clubs, I touched a nerve, and soon realized I wasn't a fit there. The site I liked the least is probably the biggest and best known. Plenty of information, but after a while I tired of some of the egos. I rarely posted, because the people who did so the most didn't seem very friendly. It was like they judged others by how low their hcap was or how far they hit a ball. They were either arguing or bragging about their 125 mph swing speeds and 280 yard 3 woods hit inside ten feet of a tucked pin. I love it here, and found it while looking for a review. When I read the thread about that particular club, I was struck by the respectful and friendly way everyone interacted. Remember the Cleveland Launcher HB thread @ole gray & @MattF? It's the way I like to be with people, so I was intrigued. I lurked for a month or so, then dove in. I haven't regretted it, and haven't logged into another golf site since. I think you fellas will be stuck with me for a long time. Everyone seems to get along, the vibe is relaxed, and the better players don't look down on the mid and higher caps. The staff seems very nice, there is a great mix of posters, and like someone mentioned, the old guard was very welcoming. When I'm here I feel like I've been placed as a single into a great foursome. Easy conversations about golf and whatever else is on your mind with very nice people. Thanks for having me!!!
  6. We play a dogfight every week also, 40 guys. Unfortunately, everyone isn't honest, lol. You learn who isn't and watch rhem. Believe me word gets around within a group. You're right to protect the field, and call him on the ball. If he got upset at being called on that, too bad. (plus you guys should announce the ball and marking before you play. If you change brand or model at some point, announce that too. eg "I'm playing a Pro V with a red dot" and "I am now playing a Chrome Soft with two blue dots." As far as the close to the pin, when we play and a ball is inside the distance on the sheet, we leave a coin alongside our ball, then putt. In order to win a CTP you can't three putt, so we don't measure and write it down until everyone has putted out. Maybe that's what annoyed them?
  7. @cnosil I just edited the end of my post to answer your question about wedges and shafts. I appreciate you taking the time to ask and offer advice.
  8. Thanks. Yes, I realize I can't buy a game, but I do have a ton of shop credit I accumulated in club sponsored events this year. As my game was improving, I did very well in the net division before I leveled out. The problem is, I have to use it or lose it by the end of this year. So if I buy a set of irons, I will also keep the Rogue X, but glook to get something in a different "category(?)". I just took my first lesson two weeks ago. My "home made" swing has taken me as far as it can. As I've begun to take this game seriously, I've watched the better players at my club. They work on their short games constantly, and plot their way around a course much better then I do. I've mentioned in another thread here that a few have told me I already have the game to be in single digits, my two biggest weaknesses are my wedge game, and my course management. One guy told me he could get me there just by riding in the cart and clubbing me. The others agreed. I watch them, ask questions and try to learn. They are always willing to help, because they know I haven't been playing too long, and have worked pretty hard to get to the point I am now. As far as gapping, I compared the two sets A wedge to a 54* Cleveland, and it was just what I wanted. I'd then have to see if a 58* or 60* would take the last spot. The shafts were trial and error, I had no set preference.
  9. You and I might just meet up in that "bunny hole" lol. I'm seriously considering getting a second set. In fact I just started a thread asking advice on the Mizuno HMs as opposed to the Apex 19's.
  10. @Rtracymog I'm a lefty, so my options are limited when it comes to both demoing and models of clubs. I sort of get lost with the "pro" designation companies put on clubs. Wouldn't those be more like the Apex pros? I'm assuming they are a lot more demanding then the HM's or Apex, so it's a category I've never tried.
  11. I've hit both, but only on an indoor sim at a PGA store. Hard to tell much of a difference off mats. I'm 65 years old, playing off a 13. Playing just below sea level, my 7 iron is my 145 club, but I'm playing very strongly lofted irons. My problem with the Rogue X's I'm playing are the strong lofts mess up the bottom of my bag (56* is my most lofted wedge) and the dispersion isn't the best. They go far, but lack the accuracy my CF 16's did. Those were the last steel shafted irons I played, and when I switched to graphite, I figured I'd change to a more SGI iron also. To be honest, I don't think I needed that, and the smaller head appealed more to my eye. I don't want to give up too much distance, but my short game isn't the best, and missing a green by more then a few yards usually results in a two putt bogey, so accuracy is more important to me. My question is which of the these two would be best for me going forward? My goal is single digits, and I'm thinking the Rogue X's aren't the club to get me to that goal, plus I want a quality "better player" set that will last a few years. The non forged 919 with Recoil 460 ESX and the Apex CF 19's with Catalyst 60 reg (5.0) are the two I've narrowed it down to. With pro shop credit (has to be used by Dec 31) that can be used toward Callaway products, both will end up costing about the same, so price isn't a factor. Which way would you guys go? Is there another iron that you think might be better for someone like me then these two? I'm open to any and all suggestions....
  12. That's a lot of yardage to give up. I find it hard to believe you couldn't find a better performing iron that is as consistent.
  13. I bought a “like new” 2018 San Diego for $180 on CPO Monday. It should arrive on Friday. I’ve tried it numerous times before, and really liked it. I wasn’t paying full freight though. I like Callaway’s products, but 6 months after release they’re on CPO in new condition. The Flash line, the Apex 19s and the new stroke labs have been available for two months and are 30% off with Black Friday deals. That stroke lab weighting talk is way too techy for me. Putters have to look good to my eye and feel soft off the face. As long as they do, I trust my stroke.
  14. B-b-b-but I need a fairway wood, lol....
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