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  1. @THEZIPR23 is a very good golfer, so the reason why they did that for him might differ from a mid or high cap player. His swing is so good any club only needs a tweak probably. Players on my level? A different story, sadly. I was told at the Callaway Performance Center we used to have on site in my golf community that I needed to play a 9 or 9.5 driver then loft up. The reason was raising the loft would close the face, which would help me square it up with my over the top swing. A 9 or 10.5 loft preset club would not help, although my "pull fade" had plenty of distance. Lofting down from say 12 to 10.5 would open the face and make things worse because of my out to in path. Fixing that path was/is the hardest thing for me. I still revert back to my "bad" swing quite often. TBH I think I might have been better served just swinging my swing. All the time and struggle to fix an ingrained move is really hard, and caused many frustrating moments.
  2. If I knew how to post it, I would, but check out her tweet to Gary yesterday. "You got this Gary..." ^^^edit Also meant to quote @Rickp to see her tweet
  3. New hybrids, irons and putter in the bag this week. I took them from the box to the course and shot a 90, 81 and 83 on the Barefoot Fazio, Love and Norman courses in Myrtle Beach. I'm really happy with the way my game is trending now. These clubs, and a new putter that a rep told me would be perfect for me have given me hope I'm coming out of a recent funk. Golf is a frustrating game for me. A lot of players at my level are streaky, but I'm exceedingly so. Hopefully the "new club magic" lasts for a while...
  4. This is such a good post. I realize due to the subject matter most of you discussing this are all really good players, but here's an older mid capper's point of view. I'm going to turn 65 in 9 days, and the last couple of years have seen a complete change in my iron/bag set up. I've gone from 3-PW S300 steel to a 3, then a4 hybrid. From MB's to Apex's, and then to a graphite Steelhead XR setup with a 5 hybrid, so it's been quite a ride, lol. I just bought a set of Rogue X irons, (which I laughed at when they were released) but after watching a 9 cap win the net version of our Club Championship, and another player come in 3rd place Gross with them in the bag, I changed my thinking. I decided I wanted the most forgiving, wide soled iron I felt comfortable with. I love everything about my new setup. The 3 new hybrids in my bag are great, the mid irons are a club longer, and the short irons are only slightly longer then my previous set, which has actually helped in spacing out my gapping. These clubs go long, high and straight, which is what I want. My hcp is dropping thanks to my improved iron play and wedge set up. I couldn't be happier. To each their own.... play what works for you. Getting older, playing soft courses at or below sea level, I'll take all the help I can get.
  5. Just browsing through this thread and I noticed in your WITB you were able to pick up the Steelhead XR #5 hybrid I recommended you try over in the Cleveland HB thread. How is it working out for you? Hope all is well...
  6. I had one of those "head scratchers" yesterday. Par on 1. Screwed up the 2nd hole, triple. All pars the rest of the front 9 except for the par 3 8th. I topped an 8 iron into a waste area between the tee and green. Hit my reload within 5 feet, but gagged on the putt, took a 5. Still, I was very happy with 5 over on the front. Then the wheels came off. The back 9 starts with par 5, 3, 5, and a really tough par 4. I went 9, 7, 8, 7 on them. I just completely lost my swing, which is becoming a problem at some point during almost every round I've played lately. Then just the way it left, it came back. I finished the last 5 holes 2 over, which made me feel a little better. The mid round collapse took me completely out of the running in the low net/gross competition I was playing in though. Now that it's over and done I'll chalk it up to being in the middle of a swing change, but that doesn't make it less frustrating when its happening in real time.
  7. A really good Fairway wood that might help you (and you can find them new on EBAY for about $50), is the Callaway V series. I thought they were a little too much spin for me, but if that's what you're looking for, maybe give them a try? One caveat. The Bassara shaft might feel too light for you, but at that price, what do you have to lose? You can probably get $40 back in trade from CPO if you don't like them...
  8. My buddy gave me a sleeve to try this past Saturday. I usually play the Supersoft, but recently picked up 6 dozen Snell Get Sum for a great price, so I didn't want to like these, LOL. I'm not that guy, you know, the one who can just tell immediately how a ball feels, spins, etc. I just know I'm not a long hitter, so I look for a softer ball. If I can get a prior generation Wilson Duo for $9'99 per, I'm buying bulk. The thought of spending $4+ per ball always seemed crazy to me. I get a good laugh listening to guys I beat by 10 or more strokes tell me they "can only play" a Pro V or TP5, especially when they barely have 90 mph SS. Ok so now on to the ERC. I'm coming out of a mild funk with my game, and Saturday was the second consecutive really good round I've had since making a swing adjustment. I'm sure my improved swing had a lot to do with it, but this ball felt great (I usually struggle telling the difference between most), the distance was excellent, and I was able to work the ball a bit. As far as spin, it seemed better then what I usually game, although again, I played well, and my short game was better then usual. Not sure how much the ball helped, but I'm thinking it did. I liked the alignment lines. I'll usually align from the logo on a ball (I carry a Sharpie, but I'm too lazy to draw a line) but the lines were very easy to work off. I had an average putting day. It was a "travel day" for my group, and the greens weren't good, but I liked the roll I was getting.. My verdict? I really liked the ball, it worked very well for me. and if my buddy gives me more, I'll play them happily. Will I buy them? Probably not. I'm a bargain shopper when it comes to golf balls. Very rarely have I spent more then $20 per dozen. Usually I pay much less for the ones I play. *QUICK EDIT* I just noticed the OP played the Pro v and TP5. My remark about the people I play with using them had nothing to do with him playing those. I apologize if it came off like I was being a jerk and talking about him. That wasn't my intention at all. I hope it didn't come off that way @DaJoeyNJ….
  9. I posted right below you without reading your post. I thought my story was a sad one, but yours is downright scary. Why does Mizuno have to make their irons so damn beautiful?
  10. Great idea for a thread @tony@CIC! I didn't have to think long for my answer. It was the first set of irons I ever bought brand new, Mizuno MX-20's. Not only were they the most beautiful set I've ever owned, they were perfect for me, and really got me hooked on this dumb game I enjoy so much. By the end of that year, I was scoring in the low to mid 90's, sometimes mid eighties. I remember that winter offseason buying a Titleist driver, 3&5 woods, two Mizuno wedges, a Ping becu Anser putter and the most beautiful Mizuno stand bag! I felt like a pro with that setup! The sad part of this story is that one morning about a year later, I stopped at a 7-11 for coffee on my way to the local course (Bethpage Park). I left the SUV running, came out about 5 minutes later with the coffee and a paper. When I pulled into the Bethpage parking lot, I went into the Pro shop to check in. When I got back to the car and opened the back, it was empty. I wanted to cry, I was so mad. I knew I put the clubs in the back when I left the house, but I went back home hoping maybe I had left them there. No such luck, they had been stolen from either the 7-11 lot or the Bethpage parking area.
  11. I think I may have stumbled onto a solution for my never ending search for a 3 wood, and believe me it was dumb luck. Here's the story.... I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many 3 woods I've bought (easily 50, some I've even bought twice . The ones I had the most success with were the V Series and '15 GBB by Callaway. The V series was the easiest to elevate, but didn't have much distance. The GBB was the longest I had hit. The first one I had came with the stock Kuro Kage shaft, and it was good, accurate, but just a little less pop then I wanted. I then got the the same club with the Bassara shaft that was in the V series in it, and it was great. But because I'm never happy, I traded it for the M2 that all my buddies said blew away the Epic 3 wood in their testing, and sure enough, they killed it. I got plenty of distance (for me anyway) but was so erratic with it I rarely pulled it from the bag. I was resigned to playing my #3 hybrid as my "long" club from the deck, but it max's out at about 190 for me. Then on a whim I bought a Outlet condition Epic 3 wood from CPO 3 weeks ago for $119. The rub was it came with a Diamana 40 shaft. I was worried it would be too light at 48 gms, but to my surprise it is perfect! I'm playing it at 15* in the D setting, and I'm getting a nice baby draw (which I would kill for in my other clubs) and I'm getting about 210 yds off the deck with it, which is long for me, and perfect for my gapping; The best part is how easy it is to hit. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to try the Epic FWs, but I hated the driver, and replaced it with my Ping 400 Max the day it went on sale.
  12. You and @ole gray have been great. I appreciate both of you. My mind has been racing all day thinking about that DW. I have the CBX wedges coming Friday, LOL in 54* and 58*. I'm going to give the DW one or two more solid range sessions, but I don't want to try to force distance out of a wedge by over swinging it. If I have to bend it 2* strong, I'd rather do that then drop another $129. If I can get comfortable with the rest of the set I could see myself going to the 48* CBX though. My neighbor has one, and I was hitting it tonight. Great wedge, and it was giving me the exact yardage I look for in my GW (around 90-95 yds).
  13. Yeah, they are long, that's for sure. I love my setup with them also. I go from 6-AW w reg graphite in the irons. The matching 3,4,5 hybrids are absolute monsters for me. I hit them so well that I thought a set like the HB's would be money for me. *Do yourself a favor and try to find the Steelhead 5 hybrid we talked about this morning. I know you'll like it.* Anyway back to the HB's. I live in a 4 golf course community, and because I'm obsessed I went out around 7pm and played a bunch of shots from 90-120 yards. That DW is driving me crazy. I'm thinking if it doesn't wake up real quick maybe getting it bent to 48* and see if that helps with the gapping. The PW must have read my mind because it started behaving tonight.
  14. OK, so a little bit of panic is setting in. I just got back from my first range session with the HB's and it wasn't exactly inspiring. As has been the case lately, my swing wasn't great. I hit a few chunky shots, and some thin ones also. The forgiveness is definitely off the charts with these irons though, as every ball went straight, and elevated with ease. That's the good news. Here's the bad. The good strikes I had all looked the same. They had a nice high straight ball flight, but were a club short of my Steelhead's. The 4 and 5 were easy to hit, but I don't think they go as far as my SH hybrids, which was a concern going in. The PW and DW were the worst culprits. Where I would normally hit my AW 90-95 with a comfortable swing, the DW was barely in the 80-85 range. That is the same distance my 54* MD3 goes. The range balls might have something to do with it, and as I said, I haven't been playing well lately, my swing is really off kilter. The clubs felt great, actually a lot softer then the Steelheads, and I can see they are way more forgiving. The distance loss is something I couldn't live with though, and I hope it's a temporary thing, just my swinging a new club that I'm not used to. Two of my friends play these and claim they hit the HB's as long or longer then their old set. I had planned on putting these in the bag for league play tomorrow, but now I'm not sure. I have to decide if I'd be better off dealing with my Steelhead issues, or jumping into the fire with the HB's.
  15. I'd love to get a 4 wood, but the last one I remember anyone made in LH was the PING G25. The adjustable 3 woods they make now the shaft is too long, and increasing loft makes them more upright anyway I think. Lowering the loft on a 5 wood flattens the lie? With the SH 4 hybrid, I was talking about the length of the shaft. Not how long it plays LOL. The SH's are great irons, I played some great golf with them, but there's something in my swing (or head, LOL) that is screwing me up with them the last few weeks. Do yourself a favor and try to find a SH 5 hybrid. Without a doubt the easiest club in the set. I don't know how well you hit your 5 iron, but I love hybrids. That's what attracted me to the HB's.
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