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  1. That’s funny isn’t it? I hope you saw my post right above yours. Two players of just about the same ability trying the same two clubs. Each one liking/hitting a different one better both feel and performance wise. It’s such a crazy game, lol.
  2. Hmmm So I’ve had the Rogue for two weeks now. It’s a good driver, and I’m going to keep it as a backup like I planned. I wasn’t blown away by it though, I still prefer my G400 Max. Where the PING was point and shoot from day one in the 9* setting, I had to fiddle a bit with the Rogue. I found it works well at 10*(+1) and the Draw setting. I don’t know why but I’m just not a fan of the Callaway drivers since they went to the Jailbreak technology. The face feels dead to me. I know most people like it, but I’ve tried the Epic, the Flash, and although I like the Rogue the best of the three, I’d never have paid more then the $200 I did for it. At that price, it will be in my backup/travel bag as I said earlier. All in all, its not the worst golf purchase I’ve ever made. I got what I wanted to fill out that second bag, and I finally realized that jailbreak isn’t a game changer for me. I’m learning what I like in golf clubs. PING drivers work fit me very well. I’m the guy who loves hybrids, and I like a forgiving distance iron. I like Cleveland wedges, and a mallet style putter. The 3 wood will never be my favorite club, but as long as I’m smart about when to use it, it can help me more than hurt me. Now it’s time to get this damn handicap into single digits, lol.
  3. This is something I've heard before. Yet the two drivers I've hit the best the last few years and actually the only two I've really had in the "money game" bag, were the GBB Bertha, and the G400 Max. So I guess I'm the outlier with that. I couldn't get anything out of the G30 and the G when I tested them, but striped the GBB with the Kuro Kage stock shaft. Hated the Epic, but all my buddies were killing it, so I kept it 89 days into the 90 day playability. I got lucky the 400 Max was out less then a week, I loved it, and it was $100 cheaper then the Epic.
  4. That's the club I'm afraid to try, lol. I love the 400, I just thought it would be fun to screw around with something different. I seem to get along well with the Rogue line of clubs, so I figured for $200,(actually 120 when I trade in the 5W I never use) why not give this a try? Worst case scenario, the 400 and the Rogue could be used for trade toward a 410 when the price comes down, LOL.
  5. I think I remember you saying you work in a golf shop. I was told a couple of years ago to go with a 9* and loft up, rather then a 10.5* with my driver. I know I come over the top, so maybe that had something to do with his reasoning, but if I rember correctly it helped bring the spin down to a number the fitter liked more for me. Does this make sense to you? Even though I think driver (and putter) is the best club in my bag, I often wonder why I'm playing a 9 and most players go with the 10.5...
  6. Thanks! I'm going to hold onto my PING Max also. It's been great for me.
  7. I always like to read your thoughts on clubs. We're both "seniors", and from what I can gather our games must be fairly similar. We both switched from the Steelhead irons to an even more distance friendly set, We both go from 3 to 5 (you're welcome, lol) with our hybrids. I love my G400 Max, but I've had the itch for something different. I recently tried the original Epic (meh), then last month when they came on CPO the new Epic Flash. For some reason when I took it to the range, I could barely get it airborne. I never hit a driver so poorly as I did that one. I literally returned it within 2 hours of when it was delivered. I swore after that I was sticking with my PING, at least until the '20 releases. Oh well, this morning I bought a 9* Rogue in Outlet condition (that's new, they just can't say it) for $206 on CPO. I've never hit a Rogue driver, have no idea how it'll compare to my 400 Max, but for the price, I just had to scratch that itch again. I'm trying to convince myself that since I like the Rogue 3 wood, hybrids and irons, I'll love the driver also.... stay tuned.
  8. I haven't read past the first page of this thread, but I think it's a "personal swing" issue. From what I see with the guys I play with, those who love hybrids hate FWs, and vice versa. Of course there are the exceptional players who can hit a 130 gram x flex 2 iron or anything else they want, but I'm talking your typical 10-20 hcp player. My hybrids are my most dependable clubs in my bag, but I can't hit a 3 or 5 wood to save my life. For every good FW shot I hit, I have two bad ones. I'm almost at the point where I'm just thinking of taking my lone FW out of the bag, and putting in a LW. I've tried so many 3 woods you wouldn't believe it if I told you. I'm getting tired of trying, especially since I'm getting "4 wood" distance with my 3H.
  9. I remember asking The Villages sales office for some information when I was thinking of moving to Fla. It was so long ago, the packet they mailed me included a Beta tape, lol. It's a really nice development, almost like a town onto itself, no? P;enty of golf, that's for sure!
  10. I'm not gonna lie. When I'm on a two lane road behind one going under 20mph ahead of me, I'm thinking EVIL thoughts!
  11. I always assumed I'd be in Fla also. I went on my first golf trip to Myrtle Beach 10 years ago, and loved the area. A part of me still loves Florida also, so who knows what the future holds? I see in your sig you're in Central Fla. Is that the Orlando area?
  12. I love it down here. I moved down from Long Island 8 years ago. Four golf courses (Dye,Norman, Love III, and Fazio designs) and a great practice area/driving range on site. Just hoping Dorian doesn't tear them up this week... BTW Here's hoping anyone here who lives along the Fla, Ga., SC coast stays safe through the next few days.
  13. I just saw the Aaron Lewis poster you included here from the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. I live in the development just over the adjacent swing bridge that spans the Intercoastal Waterway.
  14. Can I please get the LEFTY and BROKE 80 badges? Thanks
  15. Thanks my friend. I appreciate you including how you feel about the 400 Max in your reply. That sealed the deal for me. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on that 9^ right now! The great thing about CPO is I have 30 days to send in the trade, so that gives me time to compare the two for myself. Then they give you the 90 day playability thing on top of that.
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