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  1. No sympathy from me, my friend. I’m dying to shoot one of those “difficult 80’s” again.
  2. My event hot streak continued today in our Tuesday Members league. The temps never got above 45*(wtf?) and 20 mph winds, but I got through it, shot 83 with 3 doubles. That was good enough for low net in our A flight. The last 3 weeks I’ve finished 1st, 1st and 2nd. I finally feel like things are getting back to where I want them to be with my game after a horrible 5-6 month stretch of golf last year. The big difference has all been from 100 yards and in, as my wedge game has mysteriously returned from wherever the heck it went to. It’s amazing how having a little confidence in my short game has freed up my swing with my other clubs, and although my putting has never been my problem, I’m now giving myself much better, shorter looks at the hole and two putting for pars instead of bogeys.
  3. Give ‘em hell Rick! Seems like there’s been a little drama going on down in the Villages lately, buddy.
  4. Check out Hreaski.com. They’re a lot more affordable, and made of better material than Loudmouth. They make nice shirts and shorts also. Two things… try to get the ones with the stretch waistband, as they run a little small, and keep an eye out for their sales. ( even at full price they’re cheaper than most out there.)
  5. Rich, “I can’t begin to imagine how much fun it must be playing with someone writing a novel during a round of golf”… said nobody ever.
  6. Rick, don’t take this the wrong way, because I’d be happy shooting even par on a putt putt course, but are these scores on Executive courses or are you ramping up for a run on the Champions Tour?
  7. What shafts do you have in the C722’s? I have KBS graphite in my E722’s and I’m getting a nice high ball flight along with really good distance.
  8. Strange day at the office, I played the Fazio Course at Barefoot (par 71) today 1 birdie. 6 doubles and still shot 85. (yes that’s right, @CarlH 6 doubles. Try and top that!) We played low net low gross and I won some shop credit taking second in the A flight net. My cap isn’t where I’d like it to be, but I’m in a good spot as far as making money goes. I’m right on the dividing line for the A and B flights. If I play decently I’m hard to beat in net if I’m in the A, and I’m hard to beat in gross if I have to move down to the B.
  9. @Kenny Bknows me better than I know myself apparently. I PM’ed @cksurfdude earlier today and told him I hit the E722’s and a few other irons today. The PGASS has them on closout for $499 with KBS graphite shafts. I told him I’d have traded in my irons on the spot if they had a set in LH but alas they didn’t. It seems I’ve become a certified club ho, because I couldn’t let that be the end of it. I had to go online, and well…. Just look at my updated signature below. The 30 day money back guarantee was too tempting, and after all, it is “next month” Kenny!
  10. Same exact thing with me and my 7W. I finally got one a few weeks ago, and I like it, but I feel less stress standing over the Hy-wood. Maybe I’m just not used to the 7W yet, but IMO the Hy-wood is just easier to hit.
  11. You made a smart move buying the Hy-wood. It’s a terrific club. I struggle with FWs, but I’m stubborn as a mule so I keep trying to find clubs that work in that spot between my driver and 4H Nothing ever beats out the Hy-wood. I could (and probably should) just go D, Hy-w, 4h but I seem to be having some success with my 3HL… hopefully that continues. The Hy-wood is my go to though because how easy it is to hit from the turf. An added benefit is the high ball flight you get. I’ve always loved hybrids, but I noticed as I got older my 18* or 19* 3H’s were going a nice distance, but I was hitting low screamers that ran out quite a bit. That was fine on a wide open hole, but it was a recipe for disaster when I needed to clear water or a waste area. The Hy-wood seems to be the answer for me. I get a much higher flight with it than I do with both the 5W and a normal 3H. As far as distance, I think it is just a little shorter than a well hit 5W, but your overall yardage with the Hy-wood should be much more consistent, and have less dispersion because of how easy it is to hit.
  12. We played a two man net best ball today, and each team consisted of an A and B player. My partner got 26 shots from the Senior tees, but ended up the star of the day. He shot 45 (net 32) on the front, and 51 on the back, but kept us in 3rd place with a 7 net par on 18. We got home in net 63 and split $80 I had two birdies, and shot 88 with two ugly triples on 9 & 18 ( I simply can’t finish a clean 9 holes without screwing up somewhere along the way, and it’s getting frustrating. Other than that, I played very well on a very windy day. My league tried something new today. We used an app called Golf Game Book. You enter your (and your teams) scores after each hole and it will adjust to net. The coolest feature though is the live scoring leaderboard. You see exactly what every other player in the field gets on a hole, and lets you know where you or your team stands at all times. It was really fun, and made things very interesting down the stretch. It’s free, and I suggest any of you who play in a league, have the person who runs yours look into giving it a try. Once he sets up the game, he’s basically done. After the last group enters their scores on their final hole he has the results for the field. No more going over everyone’s scorecards and trying to decipher their handwriting, lol.
  13. I finally got to play today for the first time in a while. I was very happy with how I played overall, No birds, but a bunch of pars. I shot 43-43-86 with a triple on the front and the back. Both were from the middle of the fairway, one on a par 5 when what I thought was a perfect PW came up 15yds short into the wind plugged in a bunker from where hilarity ensued, and a shank on a par 4🥹 that ended up in jail at the base of a bush. I tried to hit it out right handed with my 8, and ended up in just as bad a spot about 5 yards away. Took a unplayable and… ugh. All in all though I hit the ball pretty well and made a few bucks in shop credit. It was also great to see my buds for the first time in over a month. I’m not much of a drinker, but today I stayed a little later than usual afterwards, and had a couple of scotches (maybe one too many) but what the heck!
  14. They’ve raised their prices a bit this year, but they’re still pretty reasonable. I’ve never hit one of their clubs, but I’m very impressed with all the shaft options they offer.
  15. Man, I love the look of that club! If only I could delete my post from yesterday about having no interest in buying any new clubs….
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