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  1. You make a great point about “being ready for the next lesson” and it’s something I’ll remember. In hindsight, I should’ve waited a bit longer before taking this one. It’s not a coach’s job to keep me feeling comfortable. It’s to make me better. That sounds so obvious, but the issue with me right now, and I’ve shared it here on this board and with him, is I’ve never struggled with a sport like I have recently with golf. Granted, I haven’t played those other sports in years, but for the first time in my life I’m seeing my body/age affect my ability to play a game. As my SS has decrea
  2. So let’s talk about playing golf after taking a lesson, shall we? I’ve been sensing my game is getting back on track lately. My back feels good, I’m happy with my equipment, and my ball striking is getting back to where I want it. I’m getting back into a nice playing routine again after weeks of back issues. Looking to build upon these things, I had a lesson yesterday with my teacher. He’s very good, I like him, and without him I don’t know if I could’ve gotten back to this point, but here’s my issue… He’s watching me warm up, I’m hitting 7 irons straight at my target, one afte
  3. I think I’m in love….. with a driver? I hit the 425 SFT again today and it’s like point and shoot for me. I’ve played the 400 Max since the day it came out, and it’s been my all time favorite driver. I’ve hit just about everything since it’s release, and nothing was able to get it out of my bag. The latest to try was the Epic Max, but no bueno. It was good, but not better. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but the SFT is. It’s a model I’d never have tried, since I don’t fight a slice. My buddy is a 5 handicap and has a 410 driver he just demolishes. I always assumed it was the pl
  4. I love that driver! My friend has one with the Tour shaft, and he kills it. I’ve been hitting one on the range. I thought it would be a hook machine for me since I’m not a slicer, but it’s not. I love my G400 Max, but when I’m tired or stiff I struggle to square the face, and can hit a push or pull cut. The SFT seems to only want to hit a baby draw or go straight. Hard to argue with those results, and as forgiving as the 400 Max is, I’d love to take the left side out of play off the tee. (I’m a lefty) Best of luck with your new driver, and keep updating with your progress with it.
  5. I didn’t see the Mavriks on that 2021 list, (probably because they came out a year earlier?) but don’t sleep on them. I just got a set last week and I feel like I’m home again after going from the rogue x to the pxg 0211’s for a brief time. ( @Ben_Howell34 pm sent.) I just got done testing all the irons you mentioned in your first post and the Mavriks were the winner. Im looking at your sig, and see you play the X-20 irons. The Mavriks will have that familiar Callaway iron look to them when looking down at them. That “look” might not mean much to you, but I find it puts me at ease.
  6. I had played the rogue X for 3 years before I bought the 0211’s (big mistake) I wanted to get another set of the X’s but couldn’t find them, so I tried a few different GI irons, and the Mavriks worked the best for me. I’m familiar with the Callaway “look” at setup, and I guess I need the forgiveness this category of irons gives me. The distance I get with them is also better than most I’ve compared them to. That’s important but I’m more into getting a nice accurate high ball flight than a few more yards.
  7. Maiden voyage today with the Mavrik irons and I’m very happy with the results. I’d only been hitting them range balls, so I was a little off with my distances, but not by much. It was also the first time I played in 7 days, and 3rd time in a month, so that was a factor also. A bad storm called a halt to league play just as the A flight made the turn, so we headed to the clubhouse and went by 9 hole scores. I eked out 4th in a TB and won $40 shooting a 42. I hit more good iron shots in 11 holes than I probably have in any 18 hole round with the 0211’s. The Mav’s feel better and ar
  8. Wait… a NEW ball retriever??? What did you do Foz, wear out the old one?
  9. Thanks Matt! If they work out half as well as our Tracy putters have, I’ll be a happy man.
  10. I’m a little jealous you got out there. If I could only play one public course on Long Island ever again, it would be Montauk Downs. It’s a gem. The weather is always a factor, because it’s… The End. (Those of you who know the Island, you got that, lol.) I wouldn’t care if I shot a 100, I couldn’t have a bad time playing it.
  11. So Amazon made my decision for me as far as choosing between the Rogue X and the Mavrik irons. Yesterday was the 3rd time since May 1 that they screwed up an order for the Rogue X 5-AW. The first time they sent me just a 7 iron. Returned waited 2 weeks for refund. Second try, May 15 I got a Rogue X 3 hybrid. Returned waited another 2 weeks for refund. Third try last Saturday… Yesterday they finally sent a set of Rogue X irons, but the wrong configuration. They sent me 5-PW, SW. I couldn’t believe it! I sent them back right away, lesson finally learned. Never buy golf
  12. Usually I go for the new model, but this is a tough one, my friend. I had such a great run with the Rogue X. I think performance will be similar, if not the same for me with both. I like the way the X’s look in the bag more than the Mavriks, and they’re cheaper. Then there’s the Project X shaft thing. I’ve never really liked them, probably because I never knew they played stiff to flex until recently. As I’m typing this, I seem to be making a case to go with the Rogue’s, don’t I?
  13. First thing is like a lot of you I ordered a MGS driver headcovers. I’m finally putting the Epic Max in the bag this week, and I hate the stock hc so I can’t wait for it to get here. Speaking of the driver, getting fitted into the 5.0 shaft was a bit of a wake up call. It really does work better for me distance wise than the Alta regular in my G400 Max (which has been my favorite driver ever). I’ve decided to go senior flex in everything except my wedges now, so buckle up, the driver HC was the tip of the iceberg purchase wise the last few days. First let’s start with the woods. I
  14. I got my first ever 7 wood today, an Epic Flash from CPO in like new condition for $150. It looks brand new, but the head sits a little strange at setup... the face seems to have a bulged shape to it? I picked up a Titleist 4 wood two months ago that is still wrapped in plastic, so I’ll have a new top of the bag combo Saturday. I’ve gone 3 wood, 3&4 hybrid for as long as I can remember, so I’m curious to see how this 4W 7W works out. I honestly have no idea how they’ll play or whether one or both will end up staying in the bag. It should be a fun experiment though. Speaking of exp
  15. I played one of my favorite courses on Long Island yesterday, Mill Pond. Unfortunately I drove home wanting to put my fist through the windshield, I couldn’t have started better. After a so so drive on 1, I hit a 4 hybrid 175 yards to 4 feet and made birdie. On #2 a great drive followed by a 5 iron that was right at the pin but rolled through to the apron on the back of the green. I made a par. The 3rd hole with the wind at my back from 215 I hit a 3 wood as good as I can right on line. I hit it too good however because I was about 15 yards behind the green. From there I put on a y
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