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  1. I was able to find the two TS2 hybrids I tried to buy last week. I also took a flyer on a TS2 16.5* 4 wood. To be honest, I never knew anyone made LEFTHAND 4 woods since the Ping G25 line. Apparently Titleist does. Its weird, I went for years without one of their clubs in my bag, and now I’ll have 6! By the same token, this time last year I had 13 Callaway clubs and a Ping driver.This year I won’t have any, assuming the 4 wood beats out my beloved Rogue 15* (which is a long shot). If the Cobra RAD XB beats my G400Max (I’m confident it will) I won’t even recognize my own bag at the b
  2. I have them new and still wrapped in the YES! Velour pouch.... pm me
  3. If anyone is looking, I have a mint LEFTHAND Tracy 33.5 with a SuperStroke grip. Got it as a backup to the one I gamed for years. I have a couple of used Yes! headcovers I can throw in. PM if interested....
  4. Well this post hasn’t aged well. 1. Placed order yesterday morning 2.Received email new Titleist hybrids available for preorder today at 9am 3. Received email at 4pm today from PGASS that custom orders are no longer available on TS2 hybrids and my order has been canceled. So much for turning in my CHO card... just when I thought I was out, they dragged me back in!!!
  5. My old ones were a generation or two prior to the 818’s. BTW I just got an email from Titleist saying the new ‘21 version is available for preorder starting today.... Aaaagggghhhhh do I really need this type of stress???
  6. Okay, so I finally did what I should’ve done a year ago when I started my odyssey to replace my old Titleist hybrids. It has been a long and winding road, but today I ordered two Titleist TS2 hybrids, 19* and 21* with regular flex Kuro Kage Black shafts. Right now my bag is set up exactly the way I want it. Every club with the possible exception of my driver will be in my bag a long time, and even though I’m going to give the Epic Max, G425 Max and the PXG G4 drivers a try, they will have to be really good to displace my G400Max, and I don’t see that happening. The only “experi
  7. They have been doing the Hero pricing for everyone since a little after the Covid outbreak started. The new 0211 irons are really really good. I like mine so much I ordered the SW and LW and I convinced @cksurfdude to upgrade from his old version. I want to get a driver from them also, their pricing is so great right now, but a little birdie told me to hold off for 3 weeks when they will be releasing 3 new Gen 4 drivers, which is the update to their premium line. The driver your buddy got is great, the new one will have to be special to beat it.. I hit it with an Aldila NV Ora
  8. I don’t know why, but it’s a big thing in the Myrtle Beach area, maybe because of the crowded bag drops? I have no clue... but you see so many personalized bags. Some with just a name, others with both a club logo and the player’s name. Back on Long Island, (and I think most areas) if you show up with your name on your bag, you had better have a ton of game. Low single digits minimum or you’ll never hear the end of it. Down here? Anyone from a beginner to scratch will have it done. So to answer your question, unless you plan on turning pro anytime soon, I’d say no. If you want to get
  9. So I’ve been having terrible luck with Cally Preowned lately. The 3 Epic Flash hybrids I ordered just arrived, the 4 and 5 looked like they were never hit, but each one had a different grip, one was mid sized, the other was their cheap universal version. The 3 was not even close to like new, average would be pushing it. I guess I could send the #3 back and reorder another one,and then regrip the others, but I’m just not in the mood, so back they go....
  10. I’m a lefty, like @Rickp so rather than search for his post I’ll reply here.... i have a SM7 58* M grind. Rick, it’s a great club from bunkers, but trust me it’s not magical from tight lies or compacted sand. It’s better than a high bounce wedge, but for players at our level, technique is usually more the issue than a few degrees of bounce. Keep in mind we’ve been playing a lot of wet courses this winter, and the combination of soggy, tightly mown turf and muddy, compacted sand will play havoc with anyone’s short game. ive been having success using more of a putting style stroke
  11. All the rain we’re getting down here is putting a dent in my wallet... I took a flyer on 40% off sale for Epic Flash Star hybrids (17* 20* 23*) today in like new condition on CPO today with UST Attas 50g regular flex shafts. No reason why I did this, but with the playability, I couldn’t think of a reason not to either. I have no idea how this will go, that shaft seems very light (as is the club itself) but I saw they are selling for $320 each on TGW, and I got these for $135. I’m thinking I’ll hit the 20* at the range, then decide whether or not to keep them....
  12. How much did I like the 2021 0211 irons the first time I played them on Wednesday? I did something tonight I haven’t done since I bought my first set of irons... I just ordered the set matching SW and LW. Im not sure how the MMT70s will work in them, they’ll be lighter than the DG in my Vokeys, but at my age I’m thinking that might be a good thing? Either way it will be a fun experiment. if they don’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. The total cost including tax and that damn $60 shipping fee was $160 after I used a $115 credit PXG gave me when they lowered the pricing
  13. Only read the first page, but nobody has mentioned the OEMs there. The biggest pushback on bifurcation will come from them. “Tour” equipment is a big part of their sales pitch to consumers. Titleist doesn’t want joe average to think his ball isn’t the same Pro V Justin Thomas plays, same thing with Callaway, Ping and Taylormade with their drivers.
  14. My daughter told me it was a mess up there. I was going to complain about possibly cart path only tomorrow.... figured I wouldn’t get much sympathy though
  15. This post, especially the last sentence is sad. It seems to me you’re putting too much effort into being hateful. I’ve read your posts, you are better than this As for Reed? The guy is well on his way to a HOF career, seems to have a great marriage, and probably has plenty of friends outside of golf. Lots of great athletes over the years cared less what their teammates or opponents thought of them. Michael Jordan comes to mind, as does Tiger Woods. As for all the harping on Reed “skirting” the rules yesterday, Rory says hello. Let’s not even get into what Tiger got away with it for y
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