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  1. I made a costly mistake when Ping lowered the price of the G425 clubs. I assumed the Distanza shaft would work as well in a 3W,5W, 4&5 hybrid as it did in my driver. Not even close. ebay saved me (and very cheaply, I might add). A seller had/has the original Stealth 5 hybrid and 3HL and 7W in LH with the Ventus Red shaft in A flex brand new. The hybrid was $99 and the two FWs were $139 each. The G425’s will either be sold or saved until this 69yo body loses even more swing speed.
  2. Agree 100% about the Stealth 3HL. I played an M2 version for 6 years then wandered into the wilderness looking at various 3&5 wood combos, including the G425. The 16.5* Stealth is as long or longer and flies higher than the 425 3W. Pairing the 3HL up with a matching Stealth 7W and 5H has simplified my “headcover game” and my scores have been the better for it. I still play the G425 5W with the matching 4&5 hybrids in a spare bag when I’m up on Long Island, but that Ping 3W is collecting dust.
  3. Don’t sleep on the 47* AW and the 51* GW. The AW is my favorite club in my bag. It’s been money as a 100 yard club for me, and although I don’t use the GW too often ( I go 54&58 instead ) it’s a smooth 85 yard club. FYI as far as those yardages… I have the KBS60 (67g) A flex in my set. My SS with my driver is about 85mph.
  4. I hope your dad enjoys them as much as I do my E722’s. Forgiving, launch high and long. What really amazes me though is the finish on them. I’ve never seen anything like it. 80 plus rounds in and the guys at bag drops down here still ask “are these new?” They barely have a mark on them… even the faces. It’s unreal.
  5. The GBB 3W in that series is the club that finally knocked my ‘16 M2 out of my bag. The 5W didn’t work as well for me, I went with the Paradym instead (now I’m thinking about getting a matching 7W) Enjoy the new 7w I hope it works as well for you as the 3W does for me!
  6. My daughter just bought a house in Commack. Way too close to the new PGASS they opened there. Like it wasn’t bad enough I have two of them within 6 miles of me down here in Myrtle Beach.
  7. This is my favorite golf site, but for the past few months it’s the only one i go on that continually crashes and freezes. This is my 3rd attempt to post this. Am I the only one having this problem?
  8. I don’t know if you received your T350’s yet, but if you did can you tell me how they stack up against the DCBs? The 5-AW set of DCBs we talked about in the what did you buy thread is arriving sometime today… I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
  9. I felt kinda bad about returning the Halos, because I got the 5-DW from Hurricane Golf (the Sub 70 guys) brand new for $470 which was another great deal, but when I saw the DCB listing I ran over to the PGASS and compared the two… like @ole gray said, the DCB’s are no joke… beautiful looking iron also. I absolutely love my E722’s, they’ve been everything I want from an iron, so it will be a fun head to head to see which set becomes my Myrle Beach gamer, and which one goes into my backup “Long Island” bag!
  10. Last week I told everyone I wanted to fill out a backup bag after the bag drop guys packed my bag with those of a travel group and I couldn’t play for 16 days. I picked up a set of Halo hybrid irons for a good price on eBay but when I opened the box, I was kind of underwhelmed at the thought of playing them. Problem solved… today I stumbled upon a brand new set of Apex DCBs 6-AW with the Recoil Dart shafts for only $675 which is $500 cheaper than they’re going for in stores. Thankfully, I hadn’t unwrapped the Halos… they were returned this afternoon.
  11. I’d get the putter also. Two birds with one stone, and plenty of Tour players are still using the Sim, it’s a great driver.
  12. I just got through a two week long nightmare. My clubs were mistaking ly packed with those from a large travel group from the West coast visiting Myrtle Beach. It took that long to get my clubs back. in the interim, I decided to fill out a second bag, so I’d never be unable to play for that long ever again. I already had two sets of wedges (CBX and Zipcores) a 3H and a Yes! putter. I picked up a Cobra Speedzone 21* 4 hybrid on Amazon for $79 new, and got what I think was a steal on eBay from Hurricane Golf (the Sub70 folks)… a new set of Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons 5-DW for $479.00. I had a set of these for about 6 months before selling them to a friend. tbh they were good, but not great. At that price though, they’ll be just fine, and I’ll enjoy them during those periods when my swing goes awry. I took advantage of the 200% trade in offer Callaway had and traded two old (M2 & Mavrik Max FWs for a Paradym 5W. That leaves only a driver to fill out this backup bag. it dawned on me today that if I can find a deal on another G425 driver, this could end up being one of the all time most forgiving setups ever… G425 driver, Paradym 5W, Cobra 4H, Halos 5-DW, CBX 54* & 58* and putter.
  13. Yep… and don’t forget all the Yinzers from Pittsburgh.
  14. Last year I ordered my Phantom X 5.5 with a black Matador midsize. I loved everything about the putter but that Pistolini.
  15. I drool over those Callaway UW’s, but i don’t think they’re available in LH?
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