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  1. I just checked these out on their website, Rick. Naturally, they're not available in Lefty.
  2. Wow, that's beautiful. A friend of mine was just telling me how nice their new putters look. Plus it matches your new bag!!!
  3. I have a bit of an over the top move (especially with my irons), which causes a lot of my shots to miss right (which is a pull, I'm a lefty) for some reason, it's not there with my driver as much and almost never with hybrids. With them my flight is straight, with maybe a slight draw. I can get "hooky" at times. It's (the OTT) something I'm trying to work on, but when I'm out on the course that old tendency still comes into play quite often. Especially when I overswing. Since taking a of couple of lessons, my pre shot thought process has changed. I'm much more tentative. Whereas I used to just stand behind the ball, take a loose swing imagining how hard of a body turn I wanted to make, then get over the ball and go, I'm now going through a "checklist" of not taking it inside, keeping the head square, maybe a touch closed, trail elbow in, right wrist set at the top, blah, blah. They're all things which will make my swing better, but I haven't reached the point where they are ingrained.
  4. You did a better job then Wilson did, lol. That looks really sharp. Hey, I didn’t want to bore you last night talking about when I was fitted for these, but wtf... The guy who fitted me played briefly on the European Tour about 15-20 years ago. He’s obviously a hell of a player. He has these same irons in his bag to this day. He’s a member at my club, and a great guy. He thought they were perfect for me. I know he was disappointed I went with the CF16s, but I just couldn’t resist the deal I got with them.
  5. Can I ask you one more thing? If I remember correctly, they told me the heel of the club was hitting the board first, causing my contact to be out on the toe. They said flattening the lie would bring me toward the center. I wish they had a demo head with a flatter lie angle to compare, but being a lefty... Anyway, does that sound right to you? I was only fit with a 7 iron, and the guy at the bigger store said most of the people they fit for the T300s needed to be at least 1* flatter then their norm. When I got home I compared their specs to the last two sets I played, and the T300s were more upright then both, so that eased my concerns a bit. I guess I’ll find out after hitting them, but that voice in the back of my head made me pay a few bucks more, and buy from the store with the 90 day playability instead of the local guy I wanted to give the business to.
  6. Hmmm Thanks guys. It’s looking like it might be time to say goodbye to the Rogue Xs.
  7. I recently ordered a set of Titleist T300 irons. I was fit at 2* flat with them. I had always played "black dot" or whatever the standard was on my irons. The only set I remember needing to be adjusted was a set of Mizuno's years ago. I have no problem with the results, I went to two different fitters, and they both came up with the same lie angle. I chalk it up to some changes in my swing since I took a few lessons before the Holidays. Or not, LOL I've been playing the Rogue X irons. It turns out they need to be flattened also, although 1* less. One place told me they could do it without a problem, and I think it would've only cost $28 for 7 irons. The second place told me they wouldn't do it. They said because they were cast irons, I'd be wasting my money, the clubs would "bounce back" to their original specs. He said I could ship them back to Callaway, they would be able to adjust them in a way that it would last. The Titleist clubs should arrive next week. I put the Rogue X in as a trade that I would get toward the purchase price when they arrive at the store. The trade in was so low though, I'd rather keep them as a second set up on Long Island. Here's my question. Can the Rogue X's be bent to my specs and stay that way, or was the person who told me they'd bounce back to their original specs correct?
  8. That's pretty funny, because after I posted, I thought to myself it was probably a case of someone shipping him the wrong bag. I'm glad you cleared that up. I've come to like the guy. He's really good as an analyst, and though it pains me to admit, he was a pretty good ball player. It's still kind of weird a guy like him would keep stuff like that lying around though. I mean jeez Alex, have someone clean out that garage for you... call up the First Tee, LOL
  9. Okay, maybe this is the Mets fan in me coming out, but what kind of moron decides he’s going to show up at Riviera with a bag like that? Cmon man, you’re worth about half a billion. If you’re going to go there to play, at least act like you give damn. Thanks, I’m done yelling at clouds now!
  10. As far as the wedges you like, the Titleist website has a pretty good tool, it’s called the Vokey wedge selector.. if you know your swing traits, (steep, shallow), the course conditions and type of sand you play from, it’s very good at helping with the lofts and grinds you need. One other thing, even if there isn’t a good fitter nearby, try to find a golf store with a lie board, I can’t imagine one that doesn’t. I never worried about the lie angles on my wedges. I’m average height, and always assumed off the rack would work. It turns out that I need my irons and wedges a * or two flat, depending on the original specs. Hopefully it makes a difference with not only my club to ground interaction, but also finding the center of the club face.
  11. I’m the last guy to give advice to someone about their golf game, but if I had the power you do I’d do the following... 1 Go get a really good wedge and putter fitting. You wouldn’t need to buy anything super expensive. Just make sure the putter fit your stroke and the wedges had the proper bounce, grind etc. 2 I’d go get a series of short game lessons. 3 Then I’d spend the vast majority of my practice time honing in my game from PW down. You’ve been blessed with a part of the game the vast majority of us can only dream about having. With your length a low single digit handicap is there inside you, just waiting to come out. I’d love to see that happen for you.
  12. THIS is the type of problem I wish I had when it comes to my game.... AHHH that eternal dilemma, "Can I squeeze out an extra 10 yards to get me to 295?"
  13. BTW @azstu324 The finish on those clubs is incredibly good. I don't know why Wilson and other OEM's don't use it more often. It's similar but not exactly like the "tumbled" look of PING irons up to the G30's. I told you I love the F5's, and whenever I see a set in someone's bag it's amazing how well they've held up. The CF'16s had a nice finish, but even for a forged club they dinged up quickly. Some of the cast irons Callaway and PING have made recently, such as the Steelheads, Rogues, and the G look horrible after just a few rounds. Just a horribly cheap chrome finish, yet at a premium price.
  14. That is a great set of irons. I was fit for a set about 4 years ago when they came out. Very forgiving for that subset of clubs, I liked everything about them but the distance. This was back when the Apex CF16's were coming out, and the Wilson's were a 1/2 to a full club shorter. If I was one of those big hitters who don't "need every yard", I might have gone with the F5's, they were that good. Unfortunately, I'm not and I had access at the time to big discounts on Callaway equipment, so I went with the CF16's. You got an unbelievable deal. Enjoy your new sticks, they're worth 10x what you paid!!!
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