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  1. As the weathers getting nicer, Im finding myself torn between 2 great loves (besides my family). I started biking last year in order to get in shape and have fallen in love with it as much as I love golf. I have the standard golf goal of lowering my handicap, but Ive set some fairly lofty goals when it comes to biking. Ive decided to incorporate charity work in with my biking and Im hoping I can convince you all to join with me in the fight against cancer. We have a local ride here in Columbus, Ohio that in the 3 years that its been going on, has raised over $25 million dollars. 100% of the money goes to research. Ive committed myself to ride 180 miles in 2 days for this group and hope that you will commit to helping financially. If you want to give, please click on the link. The ride isnt till August 10 so you have plenty of time. My link
  2. Driver, FW, 4 wedges and either a 3 iron or a hybrid depending on which one is behaving. I am in the market for a new hybrid though as it spends more time out of my bag than in.
  3. I still cant even get used to his hats, let alone his color choices. I must be getting old
  4. I have the 7 in my driver and the FW in my FW, Ive had them for a couple years. I love the feel especially combined the SSF1 head. I switch back and forth between that and an Adams 9064LS with the RIP shaft. I dont prefer one or the other, I just use whichever is performing better on the range before I play My tricepts are about a year and a half old (non-comforming).
  5. Seems overpriced and not a fan of rubbing my putters toe across the plastic either, but Ill try it if I win it
  6. At times, every club in my bag might be a Maltby. My KE4 SSF1 driver has the Xcalibur as does the KE4 fairway wood. I have had a number of people try my driver and they have all been amazed at its feel. On the other hand, I seem to be the only one that likes my Tricept wedges with KBS black nickel wedge shafts. I also play the KE4 hybrid, but that needs to change, I havent liked that club for over a year now and my irons are the Tricept F1s and my backups are C2s.
  7. I love off roading too, but heres my vehicle of choice: I also an an Ex-professional musician and have become a serious cyclist, planning 4 century rides this summer
  8. didnt realize they had moved the brake. I was looking at the one hanging up and that might be the hangar Im looking at
  9. I want one of those staff bags, but I dont see any putters that would knock Tracey out of my bag
  10. I want that seat, but only if it fits my 2.0, and the brake lever still looks red in the picture
  11. not a fan of blondes so that only leaves me with one choice
  12. with all the issues you had with those drivers, why continue to buy Callaway?
  13. I like that. Im in the market for a new FW (and hybrid too). This is on the top of my list to try
  14. Im going to have to try these, but the only way is if I get it for free. Numbers or not, I cant justify $30.00 on stickers. My driver has no markings at all on the crown currently
  15. Im guessing participation is about to triple
  16. always wanted to try a leather grip.
  17. Ive always wanted to try a leather grip. I actually have some leather that has sentimental value that I would like to use to build one but dont have the slightest clue how to do it
  18. They seem a little overpriced for rubber grips. They are about the same price that I pay for my cords
  19. boring. Nothing is going to kick my MGS putter headcover out anyway
  20. what were you doing taking pictures in my house? I didnt let you in
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