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    Titleist T100s

    Bro, I'm 100% with you, I was as loyal to Titleist as anyone, what did me in was when I had to bite my tounge and realize my teryllium Scotty was to light, getting a little older just needed a little heavier to control the stroke a touch more. Remind you I hadn't hit a Scotty since the Studio Style with GSS insert was released, that was 05 I think, so I went to buy the the special select newport, thank God I said let me hit this b4 I buy it, I hit it 3 times handed it back to the dude and said to myself wtf was that milled in some crap Chinese factory, it was horrid. Scotty sold out. Than I learned that so did Titleist, I was getting out of my 712 mbs, they where really tired, every single iron I hit from titleist felt like, well felt like nothing, there was no feel, they felt cheap and springy, junk. I was lost, playing titleist since early 90s, but I made greatest decision ever, got some Hogan Icons, the put Titleist to shame, traditional all the way thru. And my putter, im now a Loyal Loyal Loyal Bettinardi guy, Scotty could learn something from Bob Bettinardi, like how to get his hands dirty a design putters, and do a quality mill job. I think Wilson might have passed Titleist when it comes to equipment. Titleist owns the ball market, but they lose a tiny bit each year. It's really sad how far down the toilet they have gone. I swore I'd never say that, but its true.
  2. I'd actually call Tiger a classic player, most of these kids couldn't even tell you anything about the 97 Masters, if they where even born. How many pga tour players hit a 2 iron? The best is the Taylormade video when Tiger busts out the actual 1 wood, they all where like I've never ever seen one, while Tiger rips it down the middle, oh, how many players today had a metal driver shaft??
  3. A full bag fitting at one of the major manufacturers huge fitting facilities. Especially Titleist, always been a dream of mine.
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