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  1. I got fitted for the 0211 irons (5-SW) and then fort the Proto Driver, 5 wood, and 22 deg hybrid. Finished it off with the one and done putter. All on hero pricing. I love the clubs. The proto woods and hybrids are just awesome. I’ve never hit those clubs so we’ll.
  2. I’m not basing my opinion on anything in the launch monitors space, just on trends in general. my Hulu subscription just added more channels and didn’t raise the price. The cost of a Microsoft Office subscription has gone down at least once maybe twice since I started it, and it is constantly being enhanced. Apple has lowered the price for additional cloud storage space several times. look at mobile phone plans: when they first came out, pricing was by the minute use. Soon it was unlimited minutes and data was by usage. Now you have unlimited data. Speeds and quality have gone way up. That just seems to be the nature of pricing pressure. Someone will come out with something better and/or less expensive and this company will have to respond in order to keep their subscriber base.
  3. I would think the price of the subscription will come down over time. Maybe not, but I bet the $400/$800 levels will be less than that 3 to 4 years down the road. Either that or if the price stays flat then the amount of stuff you get at each level goes up. just my thoughts…
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