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  1. Oops... Just realized I have the 7s model, which has some toe hang(a term that, tbh, I had never heard of till I looked this putter up, lol...) but it's less than 45°. Interestingly, I think I might have accidently chosen the perfect putter for me. While I try to come straight back and thru, I do have a slight amount of arc to my putter stroke. So, in theory, and according to the vids I've been watching, it should line up with the amount of toe hang this putter has. There was definitely something about this putter I couldn't quite put my finger on when I was messing around with the offerings they have at Golf Exchange. I have liked the look of the "Fang" style putters ever since I started playing again last year and saw the one that one of the guys, I was playing with was using. So, over the last month or so, I had been looking at several different brands trying to narrow it down when I saw the one I eventually purchased sitting there amongst the used putters the other day. This one just felt right in my hands at impact on the few putts I hit with it.
  2. Been looking at putters lately and found a deal I couldn't pass up... Traded in my 2hybrid with a Diamana R-flex shaft(put the HZRDUS 6.5 on my TSi2 hybrid and then swapped the Tensei with the Diamana that was on a 816 H1 I gave my brother) and my old G2i CraZ-e. Got $100 for the hybrid and $20 for the putter and then used that to snag one of these in near mint condition... It was tagged at $169.99 and they gave me $30 off. So, I walked out the door $39 and some change lighter for a $220+ putter... Btw, if any of you live in the Cincinnati, OH area, Check out Golf Exchange in Eastgate. Those guys really know how to take care of their repeat customers. Can't believe I got $100 in trade for that hybrid...
  3. Man... i need to search the forums more often. I would have liked to participate in this.
  4. Been trying something out the last few rounds... The TSi3 20° hybrid is an awesome club. I have been hitting this thing so long that I decided to try taking the 17° out of the bag and putting my 5i back in. There has been a hole in my gapping since I tinkered with my hybrids the last time. My 24° hybrid is a 210-215yd club and my 6i is 180-185 on a good day. I have learned that I can't take an "easy" swing with a hybrid and still make solid contact consistently, so I had been hooding the 6i and swinging a bit harder to try and cover the gap. Which works ok most of the time but doesn't really hold the greens very well unless I'm hitting from an elevated position. Plus, I tend to put some draw spin on the ball when I do it. It's been a bit of a work in progress with the 5i but I've hit some good shots with it...also some bad ones, lol... But that's how it goes when you're a midteens handicap, right?
  5. Been awhile since I posted in here and figured it was about time... It's still a love affair, lol. I have been hitting some great drives recently including one that I estimate went close to 340... but I had a ripping tail wind and a tight draw that hit a sloping fairway just right. I was also raging mad after making my 7th 3-putt of the round on the previous hole. It was the last hole and I just swung as hard as I could to relieve some anger and caught it dead center. Had a PW into a shortish par5 at 477. Skied it just a hair and found the greenside bunker. Played a beautiful low spinner out of it and just missed the eagle by an inch but a gimmie bird was a welcomed sight after my trials and tribulations on the greens that round... What a wasted opportunity though. I shot 44+44=88 at Legendary Run outside Cincy with that horrible display of putting. Ironically, a couple days later, I shot 43+45=88 on a day I couldn't hit an approach shot but was chipping like a beast, lol... As far as the TSi3 goes, I've been averaging in the 270-290 range and for the most part, have been shaping both fades and that tight draw on command... though, there aren't really a lot of places I need to hit a fade with my driver on that course. Usually, I hit that shot when there is a R->L crosswind and I'm just using it to ride the wind down the middle of the fairway. In other news... I got to mess around with a TSr3 at a local shop the other day... In all seriousness though, I can't see myself getting one of those anytime soon. Financially, it doesn't make a lot of sense and performance wise, a couple mph more isn't really going to do much for my game.
  6. Maybe I'm not quite good enough anymore to notice a difference because all three of my TT 6.5s seem to load the same and I can lay into them without fear of slicing the way my stiff shafts can sometimes.
  7. I just meant that I wanted to make all my Woods and Hybrids the 6.5 flex on the TrueTemper scale. Bad choice of words I guess. Thanks. Yea, I was a bit worried about that but since I've had good results with the driver and hybrids, I think I will be ok... and if not, then I get to tinker some more... Win/Win
  8. At some point in the near future, I am going to be standardizing the flexes of my "wood's" shafts, making them all 6.5 X. I also want to get a better gapping of the weights and am looking for some advice on what weight I should get for my 3w. My TSi2 3w has a 55g S Kuro Kage shaft on it and while I do like it, I can definitely tell the difference when I'm hitting a lot of 3w's in a round and then pull my driver or vice versa... Currently, I have 6.5 HZRDUS shafts on my Diver(60g) and 17°(90HY) hybrid. Then a Project X Evenflow 6.5 90HY on my 20° and while not a HZRDUS, I really like this shaft and seems to pair really well with the others. I'm also going to get a HZRDUS 90HY 6.5 for my 24°. So... with my Driver at 60g and all three of my hybrids eventually being 90HY models, should I get a 70g or 80g HZRDUS shaft for my 3w? If it makes any difference, keep in mind that my 3w is a High Launch 16.5 TSi2, so it's basically a 4w... Thanks
  9. I was hit a couple times when I drove the beer cart at the same course back in the early 00's. One was a ricochet off a tree that hit me square in the sternum... That one hurt for weeks. Deep bone bruise, ugh...
  10. On another wise beautiful course... The Vineyard in CIncy, OH... There is a bit of bad course design/flow near the green of hole 3 and the tee of hole 4... So, you are looking at the approach zone, and green for hole 3 and the Tee for hole 4, which is just below the carts near the bunker. There is a bowl off the fairway just left of center screen, in the shadow next to the pond. So not only can't you see the next tee from there, due to the large pines that are "supposed" guard the tee, you are also around 5-6ft below the level of the fairway. Every time I hit my approach on this hole, I am most definitely aware that if I slice this shot, it's going head hunting for someone over there.... So... My cardmates and I had just finished teeing off on hole 4 and I had just put my 9i in the bag and was about to get in the cart when all of a sudden, it felt like I got stabbed in my lower back. I literally turned around and expected to see Monica Seles' attacker standing behind me... but all I saw was a ball sitting in the grass beside the bunker. No "FORE!" No "Heads up!" No nothing... Instinct took over and I yelled back towards them, "Thx for the warning ***hole!" and got no response. Hurt like hell for about 5min then went numb. Lucky I'm not a skinny guy or it might have hit me square in the top of my pelvis. Ironically, the course marshal came around right as we were walking off the green and I explained what happened and asked him to give the twosome behind us a quick refresher on course etiquette. After we had tee'd off and were working our way down #5, the guy stepped thru the trees next to 4's tee with hat in hand. By then I had already calmed down and assured him that it was cool and just to be more aware in the future. Good times...
  11. I went ahead and had midsized GP Micro suede grips put on my 7-9-GW, 20°hy and the 24°hy came with a midsized Tour Velvet... and so far, I definitely see a difference. I'm making much better contact with those clubs, and they also seem to be flying straighter than before. Another reason I wanted to try this, is the arthritic pain I'm getting in my right ring finger. So far, I haven't really noticed anything different but I haven't changed all my clubs over... yet... Stay tuned...
  12. Found the last hybrid I was looking for and have my final bag setup... (Well for now anyway, lol...) Traded in 2 of each of my old 818s and 816s plus the 818 weight kit I bought awhile back and picked up a near mint 24° TSi2 hybrid for $70 after the trade value and taxes. Will probably turn that up a degree and my hybrids will be TS2 17°... TSi3 20°(21° in the D4 hosel position) and TSi2 24°(25° in the D4) Not a bad week. Picked up $450-475 worth of hybrids for $100ish and don't have to bother with the hassle of selling my old hybrids and a vokey on ebay or FB Marketplace EDIT: The only thing I have left to do atm, is getting a shaft for the 24° that better matches my other hybrids and maybe a new shaft for my 3w
  13. brutal brutus

    brutal brutus

  14. Hi, my name is Brutus... and I have an addiction.... and a problem... Got a new toy today. Was hitting some balls at the range after I played 9 this morning, when I realized how much of a gap there really was to my 27°. I have been window shopping for a 25° Ts2 for a couple months just as an upgrade for my H1 but after seeing what I saw this morning, I figured I'd better start looking a little harder... So, on the way home, I stopped at Golf Exchange to see what they had in the used rack... I looked at the obvious things first. The Stealth, Rogue and both of the Pings... and then I noticed this thing down in the bottom corner... Now I know what you're all thinking... "Why are you looking at a 3Hy?" Well, I just picked it up because I have been contemplating switching over to the thinner style hybrids. Then I really started looking it over... Evenflow 6.5x 90hy shaft?... Check Golf Pride Tour Velvet? Check Condition? The face is near mint and as you can see in the pic, whoever had this before, didn't use it much. Then I roll it over to look at the price... $189 LOL I mean damn, the condition 7 tsi3 hybrids are $220+ on 2nd Swing and this thing is at least a 9 if not a 9.5. So, I went out to my car and grabbed my 50° Vokey and my 21° Ts2 hybrid. The Vokey hasn't been used a lot, so it's like an 8.5 or 9.0. The Ts2 is probably more like a 7. I was expecting maybe $100 between the two on a trade... but they offered $106 for the Vokey and $65 for the hybrid... I was rather shocked. So, I just picked up a near mint TSi3 3Hy for basically sales tax... My problem now is... They only make TSi3s in 18° and 20°. Now I have to find something in the 24-25° range that will fit with my new toy. I think for now, I will keep the 17° Ts2 and maybe pick up an 18° Tsi3 down the road if the right deal comes along. Tune it down 17 and tune the other up to 21... ...and hope the TSr3 hybrids have another option in that 23-25 range...
  15. I am very happy I got the AP2 gapper. Don't get me wrong, I like my SM8s but that set wedge feels so natural in my hands. Not sure if it's the bounce or the weight of it but I am definitely making better contact with it than my 50° Vokey.
  16. Haven't received it yet but i recently found a good deal on what looks to be a nearly mint 716 AP2 GW on ebay. I like the 50° Vokey but I've been wanting to try the set gapper and couldn't pass on this deal when it popped up. Supposed to be here Friday... just in time for what should be a beautiful weekend for some whacking. In other news, i think i might have to try getting my grips changed. All my grips, except for one standard Lamkin, are standard, Tour Velvets and I've been experiencing some minor draw action on my irons and from doing some research on YT, i think i need to try moving up a grip size. I'm hitting them well and, for the most part, they start out on-line but then slowly draw off or the near the edge of the green left... Fortunately, the GW i just bought has a midsized MCC grip on it, so i might not have to spend any extra money and just try that out for awhile to see if it helps. Though I might also get my 7 or 8 iron changed to get a longer iron involved in the test. Weird thing is, I'm not really seeing the same action with my hybrids, just the irons and wedges...
  17. I can't believe i had to do it but i just received another 2dz box of Kirklands off of Amazon, lol. I've played a crapload of golf this year and between dunking them in ponds, plugging them in wet spring fairways, losing them in tall grass/woods or just leaving them after a few minutes looking with no luck, retiring 8 or so after they hit rocks/cart paths/and one that got nearly cut in half(when i hit it into a high tension power line tower from about 20yds away after i failed to punch a 6i thru its legs lol), giving two sleeves away to random people i got paired with as a walkon, etc etc etc... I have managed to go thru all but two sleeves of the 5dz i purchased over the winter... It's ridiculous how many balls i go thru... I guess i never really noticed it before. Back when i was playing a lot in the early 2000's, i didn't have to buy balls as i worked at a course and found plenty(I still have a bag in the garage with a couple dozen xl2000s, DT 90s, Nike's and assorted other balls). As far as performance goes, i couldn't be happier. They are excellent balls and I'm sure glad i only spent $70 on those instead of the $150-$250 i could have spent on "better" more expensive ones.
  18. Some of my gamer friends will like this choice because of a game coming out this week... The Quarry (video game) - Wikipedia
  19. Was just re-reading the thread and noticed this post. If you haven't been following it, we're on for June12 now?...
  20. I feel ya there. I kinda got lucky with mine. Right time, right place, right price. Found it used at a local shop but it was still in great condition. I think there was one tiny little scratch on the very bottom of the face. I'm guessing whoever owned it before me might have hit it a couple dozen times. Plus, it already had a nice Kuro Kage Black stiff shaft on it and it had my preferred grip. I think I paid $200 after taxes. Eventually, I might get a new HZRDUS extra stiff put on it just so it matches my driver and hybrids but it works great as is.
  21. I really love my TSi2 16.5* HL 3w. I don't feel like I'm losing all that much distance with it compared to the 15* that I tested(maybe 10yds?) but I do think I have better control with it... off the tee. I couldn't hit either off the deck though. Which is why I just got a 17* TS2 hybrid for fairway use.
  22. There are also different kinds of hybrids... You have the traditional ones that look like a fat iron that needs a diet... like this... Then you have the ones I use that look more like a fairway wood that already went on a diet, lol... Is it Callaway that refers to these as "super hybrids"...?
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