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  1. Hi everyone, We had a webinar this Saturday with our co-founder and CTO Markus Westerberg doing a short demo of the app and device, and then diving deeper into some of the numbers and functions surrounding the length of backswing feature and learn why Bryson hits longer than Markus, even though they have similar max hand speed.
  2. Hi everyone! Great discussions about our product, and we are here to help. First some boring stuff. We would like to send a warning about ordering our product off any other site or outlet than our own official website. We do not have any resellers, but have had a couple devices stolen, and we see these appearing on eBay. These devices will not work, as we have remotely turned of the access to the software for these devices (for those few individuals that have been unlucky to make a purchase so far, we are in dialogue and will ensure they will not be without a functioning device). By ordering from our website you will have the full manufacturers warranty, product support, customer service and all the goodies that come with being part of the deWiz community such as exclusive webinars and insights - which does not apply if purchasing from a non-authorized reseller. Also, as a thanks for you guys being a true community of early adopters we would like to celebrate with offering a $100 discount. Please visit this link and the discount will automatically be added in the checkout when making a purchase: https://dewizgolf.com/discount/MGS100 Now to the fun stuff We believe there are a couple of things that is really revolutionary with our product. First of all the accurate and instant real-time data of your swing. This is important because of many things, one of the main being that it enables the Learning Stimuli(TM) to give instant feedback as the unwanted motoric movement is happening. This is based in neurophysiology and the science of modification of motor behavior (we have worked with leading neuroscientists on this) - by receiving the stimuli instantly as the unwanted motor behavior is happening you will teach your brain and muscles a lot faster. To see your faulty movement on video will not give the same effect as instantly getting feedback on your wrist when the movement is happening. (here is the onboarding video with Alex Bennett just giving a short intro to this. This is a genuine first impression of deWiz as Alex had not before tried the product or met with us. In this video he is using the learning stimuli to try to learn how to achieve a 39" backswing) We always recommend that you take some time to really learn your numbers when starting. The data you find today is your tempo, start to impact and pause, transition, length of backswing, max hand speed, distance to impact, max backswing width and backswing plane. Start swinging and find out what your numbers are. Once you know your numbers, you can start changing things. For me personally, my main issues has always been slicing and tempo. So I have been working a lot on transition and tempo with deWiz. It was obvious where my slice problem came from, my over-the-top swing. Seeing my actual numbers, setting the numbers I wanted to achieve and being able to get a slight buzz on my wrist every time if was in the unwanted zone really helped me correct that part of my swing. If I am not wearing the device I still get a pavlovian "ghost" buzz on my wrist when I come in over-the-top. My tempo was 2:1 when first using deWiz, which probably explains why I could be all over the place with my shots at times. I am at a steady 2.4:1 now and my shots are a lot more consistent than before. I don't know if I will ever reach 3:1, and it doesn't matter as that might not even be my ideal tempo. I am starting to think 2.4:1 is my ideal tempo, and I feel a lot more confident now being able to experiment and see actual data. By the way, Annika has around a 2.5:1 tempo. As the product is new, we launched it this summer, we are constantly working on improvement, new features and insights based on the data being collected. We have videos on our youtube channel explaining what the current features are and how you can improve your swing by knowing your numbers. We also recommend following our instagram or youtube channel as we are going to post more content and tutorials on how to get the most out of your deWiz and insights we find from all the millions of swings registered. There is no cookie cutter perfect swing. You have your swing and the elements of that swing you want to improve, that's why it's so important that you learn YOUR numbers. With this short introduction we just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know that we are here and happy to help if you have any questions.
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