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  1. Wow, congrats! Stories like this one are so inspirational to me. Studying at university is pretty complicated for me, and I dedicate a lot of effort and time to studying. But when I want to give up, I think about other people, who face way more troubles, but don't give up. And it inspires me so much. And now, there are a lot of educational resources, which help me a lot with my studies. It can be blogs, other informational sources, or this homepage where I can get help with writing. And I believe that it's great that nowadays we have access to so many resources because it makes education more accessible to all students.
  2. Last of the Breed by Louis Lamore is actually a great book. I read it last month and really liked it. I like reading, but books about bowhunting are not my favorite, to be honest. I prefer reading detective, crime books, or classical literature. I'm a literature student, so classic is what I read the most often. And also, sometimes I write articles, and the last two were about archery and hunting. Although I have some experience, I had trouble, so I used some information I found online. On this source https://paperap.com/, I also read a few examples, which helped me to understand what I can write about. And in a result, I managed to finish it. Maybe, I need to read more books about bowhunting and have more practice to be more experienced.
  3. I like a lot of books, but I think 1984 is the one I liked the most.
  4. I started watching Snowpiercer a week ago, and can say that I'm so amazed by that series. The plot is very interesting, and I can say quite unique too. I've never seen something similar
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