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  1. Happy Easter to everyone. Enjoy your day and time doing whatever you and your family have planned. by the way this picture made me laugh
  2. I got on their mailing list and got a discount just for signing up
  3. Yea it's pretty impressive that they blew it that bad. The jackets didn't blow it and the pens got shut down!!! As a die hard pens hater that made my year!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If I didn't have hunting dogs they are what I would have. People don't understand it's people that cause the issues not the dog
  5. tommc23

    Happy thread

    Got both my dogs of the truck and they did well with training which makes me very happy
  6. Looks like a decent bird weight in at 18ish?
  7. Worse no but in my experience males can be a pain in the a$$ whether they are intact or not. I've seen males that are intact be great around other dogs whether a female in heat is around or not, and I've seen fixed males be dicks when females are in heat. The thing that people should look at is breeding, if you are going to breed or may keep them intact if you are not breeding then get the dog fixed. There is research stating that a Male will not act much different whether intact or not and also that there is no medical benefits.
  8. tommc23

    Happy thread

    OG that's one heck of an accomplishment my friend.
  9. Imagine if he got this back surgery he had sooner I think he would have already broken it.
  10. I agree I've had some good cigars recently start to fall apart when smoking them after getting cut with a guillotine.
  11. The V cut is probably my new favorite way to cut cigars because there is no worries about the cigar falling apart when at work and getting beat up.
  12. Hedman getting traded is not a good move. He is definitely hurt and when healthy he is by far your best defenseman.
  13. Marking will not change much with or without being neutered. Males are a pain in the a$$ if they are around females in heat whether intact or not. They will be better intact than not intact.
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