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  1. Jeff can teach the kids some lessons they may be lessons you don’t want them knowing yet but it will save time down the road
  2. 47 notifications about likes from this thread alone dang Chuck
  3. I agree Hayes We didn’t in Maryland but there will be a few more at this one But ours was around a fire pit by the time I got there By the end we had everyone’s names down though Wahoo is a name I haven’t heard on here in a long time anyone hear from him ever?
  4. There was definitely a lot of the same colors worn it was a pink day and a blue day
  5. Chuck you put more than a few of his friends in the water and woods in Maryland . Sorry had to
  6. Merry Christmas everyone
  7. Jamie if you use some abrasive you will definitely take the chrome look away but if you do that and make it uniform you could have a nice matte shaft. If you do that use a scotch brite pad
  8. Chuck are you going to chaperone Jeff since you got to experience him last year?
  9. tommc23


    Got a great crust on my burgers today
  10. Definitely especially since we cooked there and ate as a group that was so much easier and better than going out to eat somewhere Jeff with a post don’t see many of these Staying was definitely worth it I had a blast
  11. Well maybe Matt can light you a fire to warm you up. Hope you don’t get too close to it and catch fire if he does though. I’m sure that one of his smokers would keep you warm
  12. Last time Alan stopped in he said he just got back from deployment so I don’t know if he got sent back out to sea again
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