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  1. tommc23

    Happy thread

    Sat by my fire pit tonight burning branches from trees I trimmed on my property and burned some wood from doing work on my house. Beautiful night to do so 56 and cloudy.
  2. tommc23

    Happy thread

    Dang phone made me repost it and wouldn't let me delete it sorry deejaid.
  3. I had an Acid Kuba Kuba while around my fire pit tonight.
  4. This the doctor you are talking about. Foz, most CBD has no THC in it so it will not show up on a urine test. The FDA will not be ones to approve it because it isn't something that the big pharmaceutical companies do and they spend tons of money lobbying to keep it from being approved even though it has been proven to work.
  5. It works great for my dog when he is having pain, I occasionally hunt him too hard and it helps him pretty quickly and he can't talk to me to say it helps. I just look at him stop limping out of pain.
  6. Never had the white series just the normal robusto how does it compare?
  7. tommc23

    Happy thread

    This is why I use a French press no need for the coffee maker to be on electric
  8. I think this thread alone is the cause for a large portion of my likes content lol
  9. Did some work at my house to relocate the washer and dryer to a better place in my basement. Use an older shut off to shut things down to do the plumbing and low and behold it doesn't work very well, let water through not shutting the supply off completely and when it was opened back up it dripped and had a bunch of water coming out of it. Go to shut the water off at the furnace so I can replace the busted shut off only to discover that this shut off wasn't working at all. The local hardware store made some money off of me today and saw me three or four times trying to get what I needed to have my plumbing done. A simple job turned into a big pain in the a$$ and went from a quick $75 to 125 job.
  10. You sir should keep taking them down just to mess with her at this point
  11. I'm in the Jim Thorpe area occasionally when at my parents house I live 40 minute from there.
  12. 90s yesterday 70s today. Guess I should close my pool down
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