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  1. tommc23

    Adventures in Golf

    Anyone see the muira episode? Getting a club built there would be amazing!
  2. tommc23

    Sometimes cold weather is a blessing

    The course was lucky to even be open with the cold we have on the east coast. I bet they had some people on the course needing new drawers after that.
  3. tommc23

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    This is the earliest that my one local lake had been frozen in a long time. This cold weather is helping and hurting my hunting now I need to hunt from a boat on a bigger lake.
  4. tommc23

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    that sounds like a swamp waiting to happen
  5. tommc23

    Wintertime Golf Withdrawal

    The humidity level plays a pretty big role in snow making.
  6. Geez Gswag you broke the system lol
  7. Did you game these yet or was the range session it? If you did first impressions??
  8. I'm glad that this was about the picture I posted or I would have had to look back to see what this was about lol.
  9. tommc23

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    It's about time stud does something hahahaha... I like it stud well done by all involved.
  10. tommc23

    What are you listening to?

    Ryan Bingham at the moment
  11. tommc23

    2018 Army Navy Game

    Should be a good game. We have a few guys on both sides of this I hope the thread gets good lol
  12. tommc23

    What's your view on tape on the face of demo clubs?

    I have hit irons with tape on them sometimes with really bad results and sometimes with decent
  13. You guys seem to be killing it keep it up.
  14. tommc23

    Remembering Pearl Harbor

    Which is a dang shame Did they even so the ceremony today I was busy at and didn't get to watch TV?