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  1. tommc23

    Happy birthday MattF

    Happy bday Mate!
  2. tommc23

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    Temps are all over the place here in PA. 50s then 30s then snow then 40s and 50s again
  3. tommc23

    Happy Birthday GolfSpy_MBP

    Another bday for someone with spy in their name it's a conspiracy lol... happy bday
  4. tommc23

    Does hitting 1,000 posts make me a millennial?

    Congrats on the grand
  5. Tom Pennsylvania Slazenger rain jacket, cabelas camo rain pants(when I remember them? 10 to 20 mph wind with steady drizzle, occasional down pour, in between thunderstorms
  6. tommc23

    Pet Pictures

    My girls beard froze last week
  7. tommc23

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    Back to the teens for a few days with anywhere from 2 to 8 inches in the next day or two
  8. tommc23

    MGS vs. Jamie Sadlowski long drive

    I thought it was cool to see that Harry gained 10 yard with the degree driver Jamie was using
  9. tommc23

    8999 +1

    We joined a few months apart yet you have over double the comments as me. Congrats you talkative SOB lol
  10. tommc23

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    We have a northwest wind so the 50s are going and the 30s are coming back
  11. tommc23

    MGS Store....What have You Bought?

    Yea he really twisted your arm lol
  12. tommc23

    BIG Happy Birthday @SteddyGolf!

    Happy bday you magnificent retired guy lol
  13. tommc23

    Happy thread

    Very happy to not be selected for jury duty
  14. tommc23

    Weight Loss Thread

    I've been slacking with the 100 push ups a day, but I have done other things well. I'm back down to 290 after being up at 296. Been doing an elliptical three days a week and getting some good weight training done at work between calls.