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  1. tommc23


    Did a dry brine on a whole chicken today. Sorry only got a picture of half because it was too good to wait on
  2. We had another one apply today it is just like the odyssey putter thread randomly brightens my day
  3. Got the one wall up today so I can close things off and be able to walk down the hallway to the bathroom again. Also put plywood down to cover the hole I fell through and subfloor immediately over it. Tools died on me at a bad time guess I should learn to charge them and not expect the batteries to last 4 straight days of work. Really didn't need to put up vapor barrier as it's the interior wall but I figured it's going up against the bathroom so I might as well put it up to keep any moisture out especially since I didn't do the bathroom yet. I have a nice 2 foot void between the wall and the bathroom set up for expanding the bathroom when I get there. I have a month to get this house mostly done because when I have puppies on the ground here I will have NO spare time.
  4. A little sore just slipped off the edge of the flooring just before I grabbed the circular saw I'm glad I didn't have it in my hand running. Yea the cabinet and counter in my kitchen would have ruined me
  5. PSA don't rush because that's when bad things happen. Having no lights in the room meant me trying to finish another piece before it got dark which led to an incident. Foot slipped off the edge and I started to go down to the first floor, quick reaction times helped but I messed up my kitchen ceiling earlier than desired. Positive is most of the hole in my floor is fixed
  6. Got the wall up and insulated just because it's going to be in the 30s tonight again. Any barrier to keep cold zone a cold zone and the warm zone a warm zone. Taking a break then fixing that hole in my floor before it gets dark. Got a closet and the other easier wall to do tomorrow hopefully.
  7. Yea it's still annoying to do no matter what
  8. Drywall I'm okay at I absolutely hate spackling but I can do that as well. I'm leaving the electrical to my dad but I'm doing pretty much everything else.
  9. Can't justify golfing much when it's getting cold and I have work that can be done so gotta post something lol.
  10. I'm 6'1" 300 with a similar swing speed in my Ecco spikeless I would occasionally get my back leg slipping. I don't know if it's from all the years of hockey that I slip because it's instincts when shooting but that's my problem with spikeless unless others have way better traction than the Ecco.
  11. So I took a few more steps in the direction of rebuilding today. Laid some sub floor, got my plumbing, and put in a base plate so I can build the wall between the new room and the hallway. The wall gets built tomorrow and then I fix the big hole in the other section of the room after that. Progress is progress after 8 hours of working and moving things it's time for a beer.
  12. I'm a big guy and have lots of torque in my swing even when swinging softly I have not had good luck with spikeless I seem to slip too much and I feel that in the back and it kills my distance.
  13. Hey guys looking for suggestions of shoes that all y'all walkers wear that are spiked. In need was doing okay in my DNA until last round when I was feeling it in my toes from the hills and they started to fall apart. Eccos are out as my spikeless killed my feet a few weeks ago.
  14. Hahaha I've done it and had no problem with it if I could just play pandora off of it I would make the permanent switch. Twitter is the devil if you ask me.
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