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  1. Passed out just east of Iowa heading the rest of the way today. Stupid pop up broke while I was driving. Good thing it’s old and this will be it’s last trip so whatever happens happens.
  2. Happy bday gentlemen
  3. Sorry for the laughing emoji thing but this is 100% what some of my friends would do
  4. One state down many more to go. PA is a long state to drive through Ohio and Illinois will go much quicker. I look forward to being in Nebraska with my camper set up though.
  5. I fell asleep woke up to see Penn State sucks again
  6. Yes, from what I was told when I did mine these posts are where to do your weekly talking the final is done on another page
  7. I vote whiskey, well because I love to drink whiskey
  8. At least you know how they are and I agree this is the best option
  9. Grabbed my parents pop up to use on my hunting trip. First time it’s been set up in well over a year nearly two because of COVID then my sisters cancer. Letting it air out then cleaning it a little before I pack it over the next few days.
  10. Made wings before my overtime shift tonight
  11. Oh I did trust me cooking on shift is so much easier than before shift and that’s only possible when you only do two calls compared to 8-10
  12. Cooking cheesesteaks for the guys while working the engine today.
  13. The one cool thing about my job is getting paid to watch hockey games from ice side
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