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  1. I was looking at these also but the TSW look so nice
  2. I just got done ordering a 54゚ built club from Maltby for 65. I'm going to try the 54 as a possible switch from 56 to help improve my gaps as my A wedge is 50 and I was using 56 and 60
  3. Check CI they always have bundles with lighters involved so check it out
  4. This bedroom had a drop ceiling and wood panels on the wall when I purchased it. I can't find any insulation behind the walls and there is no closet so I'm going to fix both things and do the whole thing over completely especially since the houses wiring needs help I'm going to tackle this room then combine two small ones into a nice big room.
  5. I've done that only for a in and out though never let it sit and I never got water inside. I would dip wipe off and repeat until clean.
  6. tommc23


    Doing chilli dogs and tater tots for the guys at work tomorrow night. Making the chili from scratch with dried peppers is a chore but I like the taste better gotta find the right heat ratio of the dried peppers
  7. Power yes but my bulky shoulders from doing both strongman and powerlifting have hindered my swing a little. I miss doing meets but messing my back up doing Ed Coan's deadlift routine has left some back pain every time I deadlift over 405 beltless, which I use to do all the time.
  8. I've gotten many kinds of lighters for free with bundles from CI and they all work. I buy cheap 4 torch for 20 that I keep in my golf bag and they work great. I've never had bad luck with any torch I prefer triple or quad though singles work great but I tend to miss the light a little.
  9. tommc23


    Tried it today at work and the guys who tried it liked it. I think she turned out good all I gotta do is cut back on the cayenne it has more spice than my rub does with pork.
  10. Made the switch to four Rose's small batch
  11. I get paid friday so I'm gonna order it then. Thinking of 54 since I have a 50, 56, and 60 but haven't decided if I want to do the 54 and 58 or stay 56 and 60 route
  12. Just vacuumed the pool and hopped in for a while.
  13. I can have it built for 75 I'm gonna have to order one.
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