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  1. No video today but I will say that my driving iron lost it’s spot in the bag after my first full round with the hybrid. My goodness did it fly true and was my best club in the bag today. Definitely liked the weight set that I had found in my range session, this is one thing that I won’t be touching right now. I like how easy this hybrid is to hit and now I want to try a 3w by sub70. The shaft is working well with how I load up and is handling everything I throw at it.
  2. Had a piss poor ball striking day with my irons today. Was hitting everything high on the face which I never do. Scrambling was so so also yet I shot a 92. If I could putt like I did today on my good striking days I’d break 90 finally.
  3. I do that sometimes and it works then also
  4. So what I do is use the metal brush to get the big stuff off. When the grill is hot you use a washcloth that has just water on it and scrub it with tongs. That pulls everything off and makes for a clean grill
  5. So I use a metal brush to get the big stuff off by then I clean it again with a soaked washcloth. I prefer to do this when I’m done cooking so I don’t have to do it before I cook but I don’t always do that. If I don’t have anything big sticking to my grates I don’t do much at all to them.
  6. I’m going to say no as the post above yours says sold. Also after a quick check he/she hasn’t visited since 2018
  7. Going to walk a round first thing tomorrow morning the course has a 200 yard par 3 that can play longer so if it plays 210 it’ll be a nice head to head of the hybrid and driving iron
  8. We have super old houses in our city some still on knob and tube. We also have morons who overload and run everything on extension cords inside the houses because there aren’t many outlets in the room. Bad outlets for us typically mean small fires and nothing tripped on the breaker because of shotty electric work. We get lots of them and I mean lots of them, this is why I am cautious about these things. I’d typically fix it myself and keep an eye on it for a while and make sure things are kosher.
  9. Definitely what I would do if not fixing it yourself
  10. That not tripping anything concerns me.
  11. Did some dog training today, everything went well until the afternoon. Then it started the freaking downpour and we all got soaked to the bone. Good training, but definitely needed a change of clothes but didn’t have one
  12. Yeah that box is screwed. The one wire looks a little sensed also. Get a trip any circuits in your panel?
  13. That stinks good thing she is ok
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