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  1. Smoked an acid Kuba Kuba last night and today I smoked a Drew Estate Factory smoke Connecticut today
  2. That 4i not scaring you like it did some of the testers?
  3. My mind went right to the gutter lol
  4. tommc23

    Happy thread

    I'm happy my dog did an amazing 70 yard blind retrieve in training today.
  5. I voted based on looks and something I want to try
  6. HIPAA is a b**ch so I cannot expand lol
  7. I'm a paramedic in a city fire department that should explain everything
  8. Today I practiced yelling at a radio for not stopping the nonsense. I am definitely breaking out the putting green today to get something golf related done to keep myself awake.
  9. Well last night I was a glorified taxi driver
  10. I have a book on the basics and some strategy I can scan all the pages and get it to you. This is the boat I am in. Work sucked last night that is all
  11. Thanks for the words guys gonna keep looking would have been nice to be that close to work before my bday in August and it would allow me to work more OT to afford it easier.
  12. Didn't get it I offered what they asked and someone went way above that. Time to keep looking but that 10 minute ride to work would have been nice to look forward to.
  13. If I get the house I put an offer on I will be building myself a kitchen table and a coffee table.
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