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  1. Well I’m glad that I helped you get to the 3g posts. Congrats
  2. Congrats Rob... half of those might be announcements for testers . Couldn’t help but be a smarta$$
  3. Which makes sense that the TM contact left that out seeing as it’s not their clubs they don’t want to promote that. Thanks for all the do with checking that stuff Rob
  4. We are nearly different creatures here in the northeast lol our weather is so crazy it can go from 10 to 50 in a day then right back and we just deal with it
  5. I was smoking the pork in shorts and T-shirt when it was in the 40s the other day too lol
  6. I did the skim coat yesterday on all the seams and screws. Today was taping and doing the coat over the tape. Going to do another coat or two over the tape to make it look good depending on how it looks. Hoping to keep in under 4 coats total but if I need more I’ll do more. My dad never came didn’t want to do spackling so had 3 people on one room which we got most of it done today only a few ceiling corners and seams to do with tape.
  7. Did a skim coat of spackle on all seams and screws in one room today. Will tape and do second coat and hopefully final coat tomorrow. If it isn’t the final coat I’ll do a coat over top of the tape after that if I feel it is necessary. Going to have my dad finish the last few pieces of drywall in my closet tomorrow while I spackle. We are too similar but have different ways of doing things so we tend to butt heads so if working on different things means I get help but no arguments which is key.
  8. Went to the store today and they are doing a crazy sale on pork butts $1 a lbs had to buy two thinking about going back for a third too good of a price to pass up and if I buy 3 I won’t have to worry about buying one for a long time
  9. Kind of like a spicy vodka sauce if I remember right
  10. I had nothing from The second shot first shot I was sore in my arm only I have never had a Twinkie and I’m a fat kid
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