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  1. Filled the pool up today because it’s going to be 90 the next two days and it’s nearly June so why not. Knew I needed a new pump and filter, bought the house with the pool and don’t know how old they are. Both are leaking from areas so I’m going to try it again tomorrow and see if I can get it to stop leaking. If not the new filter and pump are getting ordered tomorrow night. Minor setback at best knew I needed them was just pushing it off. On the good new side, my neighbor is fixing the dilapidated garage he just purchased. He knew it needed work but not as much as he is doing. Walls were rotted, roof rotted, roof collapsing in on itself. He told me he wanted to tear it down and put up a pole building but the town has stupid codes that he needs a retention pond for any building like that???? What????
  2. Goonies is great! I actually saw a guy who looked just like sloth in person nice guy hard not to laugh when you think hey you guys and are trying to take care of their family member congrats
  3. Happy bday gents especially our fearless club ho mod
  4. tommc23

    Willow Hollow

    A local public course which is cheap and it’s easy to walk to ride. I enjoy this course especially early in the season because it’s in great shape. The problem is as the year goes on some people stop fixing their pitch marks and the course becomes a little sloppy from the old un-fixed marks. This is nothing against the staff because they do their best to keep the course in nice condition. It’s not an overly long course but has some tricky holes and some decent elevation changes. There are also some very fun holes to play. It’s got quite a few par 3s that are similar distance but the elevation changes make you use different clubs. Worst part of the course is the bunkers but to be fair a lot of courses around this area have poor bunkers with a lot of tiny rocks. Staff is great and it’s a nice walk or ride without a ton of distance between most greens and tee boxes.
  5. Yea definitely interested can’t leave a cliff hanger like that
  6. You would think they would understand that risk when they went to look at a waterfront property
  7. That’s good for Alan that will keep him from burning so much
  8. tommc23


    You Tampa fans should be happy! Toronto on the other hand is freaking out after another loss. Florida also moved along I’d like to see a Florida match up and see who does better
  9. I need to start wearing these my family has a bad history of skin cancer
  10. Thawed some goose out and made pastrami today. Fired up my charcoal grill with some lump and wood chips to make it into a smoker. One is a before and one is an after
  11. Maybe it’ll start a bidding war for you and then they will keep raising the price
  12. Why did you get 6.0? Don’t you normally play a softer shaft than that? I am interested I’ll let you know.
  13. Some olive oil spray, crush red pepper, and when done I put a little bit of cheese on it for a creaminess.
  14. Did a bison steak for dinner left it on the rarer side because I’ve heard it is best rare. It was very delicious with a side of local asparagus which was cooked in my air fryer
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