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  1. I've been away a lot geez happy belated
  2. He was never gone typical Alan lol
  3. Sorry for being so late to this but happy belated birthday you fine sir
  4. I'm not as short this year maybe 5 to 7 yards. I played all of 2018 with a slow rhythm swing. I have a fast tempo but I was too fast. I slowed down all of 2018 became more consistent then this year I kept my tempo the same but was able to swing harder with a better tempo and hitting the sweet spot consistently. I'm still shorter than my friends who play GI but i don't get the fliers they do.
  5. To our many vets thank ya'll for your service.
  6. Happy bday you magnificently bearded man
  7. Smoked a Drew Estate factory smoke sweet this morning
  8. I'm not religious but good luck
  9. tommc23

    Happy thread

    My dress clothes are carhartts must be a PA thing lol
  10. Trust me I understand the coach issues Franklin is not a good play caller at all.
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