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  1. I hope at some point in my life I can name some, I've played at some nice clubs in the Cleveland area but none have anything special that sets them apart outside of the course details or amenities.
  2. I've used the amazon basics hitting net at my house, its a quality product. It's pretty basic but it gets the job done
  3. Let me know how the shaft performs, I'm interested in the stock blue as well
  4. Thanks for the info, they look like quality products. Interesting enough everything is on sale now and selling quick
  5. Exactly, a small mom and pop local facility, I would have given the guy the benefit of the doubt, Club Champion- now I'm thinking he's looking for a payday
  6. No disrespect to the club fitter but he sounds like a good salesman, we are all looking for extra distance, every boater is looking for an extra foot, and so on. At some the equipment can only help so much. Mess around at demo day where their is no cost no risk. Any combo you want to see how much distance you can gain
  7. I plan to test both once the weather breaks in the northeast, I'll probably take a demo for a week each to test out. I think it's a good problem to have that both drivers are doing that well performance wise
  8. Looking for some rain pants for the upcoming year that won't break the bank, I've looked in to inesis but it seems that most of their products are sold out, possible supply chain shortages? are there any other brands that may be similar in quality and price?
  9. Make sure you wait for the right time to get a good amount of traffic when you post on Golf WRX
  10. As far as I know you wouldn't be able to do fariway width on the Grint, that would be more google earth. I only used the non paid Grint version so I can't speak to any other additions with the paid
  11. I attempted the google earth method, it does give more info vs the Grint because you can figure out width and elevation changes, but it definitely takes time to get used to and isn't as easy as the Grint. But it is definitely more detailed
  12. The ability to adjust lie angle is insane, that would be a must have for an all out golf simulator. I've seen the tee feature before on social media posts at golf ranges
  13. only the part about building a container! looking for investors if the price is that high They bring up good things that the general public doesn't know about I had no idea about passenger cargo and how people not flying effected the ability to fly cargo on passenger planes, I guess that why the extra bag costs so much these days. Who the big shipping tycoons are, logistics of the large ports, and also some interesting facts about train/rail shipping. It doesn't take much to throw it all out of whack.
  14. I have a question that is befuddling me as of lately. At the time of the fitting we have no idea who would win the 2021 Most wanted Driver, The TSi2 can is second, but it seems that the TSi3 was the more popular driver during the official review and of many people who are being fitted as of lately. While the TSi2 won the testing, it doesn't seem that its been that appealing to purchases and fittings on the forum or social media? Or is it because it is easier to fit someone in the TSi3 because of the adjustability with weighting?
  15. When I was dealing with mizuno for new irons in November December, I was calling the mizuno rep asking about lead/build times. They were able to tell me what they were waiting for supply wise, probably because I bugged them quite frequently since my times turned from 2 weeks to 6 weeks lol I am a follower of the no laying up guys, I listen to the weekly trap draw podcast, last week they talked with a guy about logistics, it was a great listen. FYI it isn't always golf based, but it really gets the point across about the supply line, why the supply chain is where its at, and how little it
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