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  1. Good luck, my wife is exactly the same
  2. Would you contemplate switching to a larger grip with the swing speed protocols to combat the arthritic changes since the swing volume is so high
  3. Interesting reports of improvement. Unless the suspected areas of limitation have improved mobility vs causing the other regions that typically compensate to become overworked/stressed. I think it would be something that would be interesting to pay attention to over the long term. Large example I would be thinking of is Tiger Woods after his low back fusion and the continued stress with his high swing speeds
  4. Wanted to pose a question to testers using the super speed training system, is anyone experiencing an increasing in low back pain or any other joint related pathology since beginning the training protocols? I am a physical therapist and am interested in learning more about protocols and how I can apply it to my patients in the future
  5. Purchased my mother in law a clic gear 3.5+ and she loves it. Very easy to push. I myself prefer to carry. I purchased the ping hoofer bag 2020. The reviews on MGS did not lead me the wrong way. Although expensive I would say it is money well spent. The way it sits in your bag is ergonomic. Everything is planned for easy reaching and applicability
  6. I fou d the same problem this year. Earlier in the year I was very consistent and productive with my TM spider tour, although greens were much slower in the spring. I find myself currently struggling with close distance putts within 5 feet but excelling with distances above 5 feet. Switching back to my Scotty Cameron Newport 2 and also my 2 ball odyssey has paid off in the short term. Needless to say I’m in the same boat
  7. Thanks for the info. I’ll be walking most likely unless I have a last second change of mind. See everyone at the course!
  8. Quality points that everyone has brought up about the variance and tolerance for club makers. Definitely have the appreciation for the smaller companies like wishon of Sub70, unfortunately I purchased some callaway irons on BST vs purchasing Sub70 like I intended which would have given me at least the consistency across my equipment. Live and learn, will take it all into context on my next set. Hopefully at the local facility they can do a bag check for a fair price.
  9. I appreciate all the advice from everyone. definitely has opened up my mind and given me Some direction. Hit the range tonight Using my launch monitor, I was consistently with 3 wood at 220 carry. 3 iron at 18.5deg which I have toyed with but never hit comfortably at 208. 4 hybrid 190, 5 iron 182, and 6 iron at 175. I wouldn’t say I was nuking everything but taking more aggressive swing approaches. not sure if it’s something I could reproduce consistently because of some lost accuracy but it was nice to see. over the next few weeks I’ll be looking to get my lofts checked. While tracking data to get some hardcore numbers. I am liking the idea of transitioning to woods or hybrids to make up the distance lost for my swing speed crazy to hear from multiple people that quality control may not be the most accurate for iron lofts
  10. Definitely looking into it. Should have a better idea tomorrow night after a range session outdoors. Going to see how my swing speed compares to distance and how the carry numbers are compared to my recent averages on the course. I will say the 220 on my 3 wood is off the turf. out of curiosity what did you use previously, and what 5,7,9 woods are you using currently?
  11. I have actually used a 5 hybrid currently and in the past. But have not seen the difference I was hoping for. The hybrid is about 5 yards longer currently. I am considering starting a modified program for over speed training, in addition to taking a more aggressive approach to swinging with my longer irons. It may be beneficial if I would have included that I take a more conservative swing approach at about 75% for my swing speed. What is the overall opinion on a 5 wood vs 3 hybrid? I have been contemplating because I currently do not have a club I can hit at 200 yards. My gap problem is very notable between my 3 wood at 220, my 5 iron and 5 hybrid at 185. Really looking for a club to sit in between with 3 wood and 5 iron. I also play titleist TS3 driver at 8.5, and 3 wood at 15.5. Driver swing speed is 105 average.
  12. After recently listening the the latest podcast about distances I can hit each iron, I have started to question the gapping between my 5,6, and 7 iron. I play callaway rogue pro irons white dynamic gold s300 shafts 105g, d2 swing weight 5-GW. My swing speed is around 80-85mph consistently.18-20 handicap losing a fair amount of strokes with my short game and long irons. The problem i am currently having is my 5 iron peaks at 170 yards, my 6 iron at 170 yards and my 7 iron at 160 yards. I have been contemplating whether to go to a lighter shaft with my 5 and 6 iron in addition to have the lofts checked.i don’t think the answer would be to change iron flex, but I could see the reason why with my swing speed. Open to any thoughts or opinions?
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