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  1. Yea. I’m the type of person that has a hard time moving on from bad shots to another club or leaving the range. It made it more fun and I had a better perception of how the session went itself. It’s hard enough to hit 1-2 good shots in a row so why am I trying to hit 15 good 7 irons lol grant it’s if you need to work in something certain more reps are better but you can still script out holes for the range session dr-6iron-58 or 4 iron-gw etc.
  2. I like to think I can hit myself out of a funk. I need to get all the bad swings out. So I go to the range for an hour and let it all out. I video tape myself to see about consistency and inconsistencies. Take a look and see what needs to be modified or corrected. I’ve also found that simulating holes by going to the range is better for me at least. I’ll never be able to hit 10 great 7 irons in a row. But once warmed up I can throw together a good simulated hole session
  3. It’s all about what you want. If you want to play a blade you certainly can it may not be as beneficial to a poor ball striker. If you want to have fun play what gives you the best outcomes. I currently play what gives me the opportunity to play well
  4. Quality gear can be any price. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. The only place price and quality apply is the Japanese market where if it’s not expensive they don’t think it’s good golf equipment. I do think like all equipment their will be positives and negatives. I never thought I would get to the point of being a golf ball snob but I’ve seen the positives for the higher quality balls vs the lower. I’d rather donate the lower quality balls I find. No one how these wedges will hold up in the long run. It is important though for the game of golf to be affordable, it needs to be inclusive and not exclusive. Having a lower price point can also keep other suppliers in check if Kirkland is able to make a big enough dent selling the wedge box.
  5. The was a great video that TXG did also. Some of those spin numbers were . I’d like to try them just to see what they are truly like. It may be nice to have as a backup set espescially with practice. I’d have to really look at the specs compared to my vokeys
  6. I was actually recommended by true golf fit to go with the st-z I believe for low spin. If their drivers can sneak up to the quality of the irons I would have no problem purchasing
  7. Can’t wait to be able to share the course with my kids one day. One on the way in October and let the countdown begin until they are old enough!
  8. I’m usually good for reviving a few peoples game in the course. I like to think I bring out the best in everyone .
  9. You could always add another wedge but you would need to subtract an iron or wood. Be careful with bending because it can increase the leading edge angle
  10. Let’s see some pictures of the gear!
  11. I work as a physical therapist in an outpatient ortho clinic. Heavily recommended power step insoles. Great track record
  12. Yea standard L/L/L and have it adjusted if need be. I can’t believe the fitter won’t release his data. Seems like a low move to me
  13. The ping tour shaft was a close second for me to the rogue white. They go the extra mile to make ping shafts that work specifically for the heads they design. Quality shafts in my opinion
  14. You can always use the BST forum. Lots of clubs moving on GolfWRX. If he has a better understanding of his specs it would make it easier to weed out what he was fitted for
  15. I like to think of it as my hulking 5’6” frame catching up to the big guys sometimes it is frustrating though. It makes me question the arccos distances even though I can tell they are pretty spot on. It has made me think about other variables such as fairway harness and contribution from wind and heat. I’m going to do more investigation to add more objective measures to the thread when I get on the launch monitor next
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