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  1. I did a demo day for the PXG gen 5 performance irons. Was fitted into the steel fiber 110 shafts and really enjoyed hitting them. Cosmetically they are good looking clubs in the dark black and the private reserve shafts would have been awesome to have but they performed as well my my hot metals so no reason to upgrade just for cosmetic purposes. I tried the driver but I’ve been so bad lately I don’t think you can fit me into anything with the swing changes I’m going through
  2. I really like how well they’ve highlighted tourism and golf in this series. They way they have discussed the state of golf in Sweden and Denmark is really interesting. The courses they are playing seem very accessible and would all provide for fantastic trips for destination golf to these areas
  3. Does anyone know if the ball affects the readings in the PRGR? A range ball vs a premium. I looked Up the algorithm and did a quick google search as well and it sounds like it might hit their wasn’t a consensus
  4. No green fees for members. Public during premium times pay anywhere from $60-$85 for a round.
  5. Just picked up a PRGR launch monitor on cyber Monday sale. Should be great for speed training and range work
  6. If things change after taking lessons the next few months and the head is still up for grabs I’ll reach out
  7. At my course it’s $35 per person taking a cart. I can understand why it keeps them in the black
  8. My course is semi private, member play goes until 1 then the public can purchase times. Unfortunately charges a walking/trail feet. $5-9/$10-18 during the week and the weekends it’s $18-18. It drives me absolutely absurd that we have to pay it. No restrictions on when we can walk the course though. However my friends at the local country club do not get charged to walk whatsoever and they have no restrictions
  9. I wish I could use it. I need the 10.5 likely with as low as I launch it.
  10. The gen 5 pxg driver with the ventus or graphite design shaft
  11. You can always try a demo program from some of the smaller DTC brands to test out the driving irons or I’ve seen good deals from callaway pre owned and 2nd swing lately.
  12. It’s be pretty cool if Santa got me some gift cards so I can keep taking lessons! I think it’s better than asking for a new shiny driver
  13. Get those bridges going!! I see numerous patients each week after hip replacements. Looks like you are in the right track exercise wise. You should be more than ready when spring time rolls around to get back on the golf course as long as everything goes as planned. Keep up the great reporting on your progress!
  14. I meant to say there are a number of pros who have told the media they have bought out the last of a certain iron set so they could use them for the rest of their career.
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