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  1. I keep forgetting about the prequels for both lord of the rings and game of thrones. I know game of thrones is right around the corner. Gonna need to look into the lord of the rings prequel.
  2. They are very forgiving and lightweight which translates well for a lot of people
  3. I haven’t picked up a golf club to swing in about 2.5 weeks. It’s been rough. Really getting the itch to play some simulator golf now that the weather isn’t allowing for any outdoor golf. Recently changed my work schedule that should allow for me to have at least 3-4 golf days per week. At least 2 days being devoted to the driving range with 1 day in the weekend being for a round with the weekend crew and possibly another day being for a league night/practice/ or a evening round with my wife. Having a child hasn’t been easy, but managing my time has made it doable towards the end of the year to still play golf. I would say I actually played a lot better at the end of the year because I wasn’t working through anything with my swing. A bad shot was just a bad shot. Finishing the year with my index just above 8 was a great surprise to me. The next thing I want to work on next year is getting below a 5 which will be a huge challenge. My putting and wedges will have to get a bit better but I think it’s a attainable goal
  4. Just started watching the newest season of curb your enthusiasm with Larry David. It’s nice to see a show that touches on some of the satire in todays world
  5. It’s something different. I’ll be honest I’ve never found anything similar on the course which is why I thought it’d be a good gift too
  6. You may want something along the lines of a game improvement iron to give you a bit more forgiveness, wider face and sweet spot, etc.
  7. I had been doing well until today. I have wanted a new putter upgrading from my old Taylor made spider tour. Luckily Taylor made had a sale for the spider ex, on sale and free shipping! I closed the browser a few times but I figured it makes more sense to buy one now with the discounts than later. Plus it allows me to continue to fill out my wife’s golf bag, when we go out together I’ll use an old 2 ball gang and she uses the old spider because she likes how lightweight it is. Let’s just say that how I am justifying the purchase!
  8. that’s a swing that should be able to play and score well on the course!
  9. The hosel size looks to be the issue with re-shafting driving irons with graphite. I was looking a few weeks back on golf works and saw that graphite tour was about the only shaft I could go with unless I wanted to start sanding down hybrid shafts to match the hosel size
  10. Really cool how you are tracking your progress. Typically when most golfers take a step back I would think the opposite occurs and their not as good of a putter as they think. Plus the sensor is a great way to work toward consistency. You can eliminate the variables like face angle and temp and the last part is green reading which cannot really be objectified outside of made or missed putts
  11. It’s never easy to put together combos on paper. Going through the fitting process showed me why it was important, looking at height, spin, and descent angles
  12. So basically you went with a shaft you were fitted for but swapped the iron heads? Which sub 70 iron did you go with?
  13. The boosters love the Marcus freeman hiring. Kelly was too expensive to buy out but his mantra was growing old. He was never a true notre dame guy. All the swearing on the sidelines and using academics as an excuse grew old kudos to Michigan for finally winning The game after 10 years…
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