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  1. Been going at it for 2 hours the morning with laundry and cleaning. Paid some bills and did prepped for the day. Grabbing a haircut prior to hanging out with my wife and son. Big PowerPoint presentation tomorrow at the local college for the first year students. 18 later in today with some friends at a really nice course. They’ve played a few KFT events their so I am looking forward to it
  2. Love the stuff from cobra however the callaway bag looks like it was meant for a marvel convention
  3. I go back and forth but there are surely some solid brands that have some serious traction. G/fore and adidas have some serious non spiked traction.
  4. Wesley Bryan did a good job of describing how the meeting went on the Monday Q info. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. I don’t think it’ll be a merger, I think they eliminated competition and lawyer fees without getting exposed in discovery. I assume the LIV guys will pay a fine to return, however I hope the guys who stayed are compensated. They carried the water enough the last 2 years for a tour they run just to have Jay making deals behind their back. Also jay needs to bring enough Monday to the table not just for the top tier guys but for all tiers to make sure his job is secure. As much as it seems like he drank the koolaid watching succession, I’d be overly concerned that he guaranteed this to the Saudi’s
  5. I’d like to try to use my gap wedge with it placed in the back of my stance to hit a lower trajectory shot to let it run out.
  6. I spent the last few minutes looking online. No luck. Maybe try to get a hold of your local ping rep. I would hope they have more answers
  7. I have done it from time to time. Working on perfecting more short game shots and emphasizing proximity to the pin for birdie opportunities. I like varying the difficulty to see how my game translates when I “should” be able to score better
  8. Really been trying to hone in my iron game, we fixed a few things last week with a lesson. Working on setting my hands forward to help with shallowing out the club helping with a negative attack angle vs mine previously being close to neutral. The problem is I used to set my weight/hips forward to help with weight transfer and it's caused me to have a small push fade, plus it was a lot of moving parts for me to time up at the same time. Took out the weight transfer at setup and strikes are back to solid and on line more consistently. Working with the driver today on quality strikes. Right now it's and all or non on the course, its bombed or it's terrible. A lot of it has to do with the swing, I know I stay under the plane with my driver and it's what helps me to get to an upward attack angle and also improve my club path. Tempo can be very bad with the disco stick at times.
  9. Right now I'd still love to update my irons, my woods and driver are the safest, wedges will need updated at some point. The irons I'd love to go to a 5-p or 5-gw and find a 4 iron likely a utility iron that is graphite shafted. I have GI irons now and want to get into a smaller profile but with having 2 kids coming up and likely not having as much golf time I think it may dictate how small of a profile I go with
  10. Played early yesterday morning in some cold temps. Really needed to warm up more. First time playing this course and my playing partner/Sherpa wasn’t the most helpful. Didn’t write down the pin location for the day so the first 9 we were off all day, I’m used to the red white blue system. The greens were like glass, incredibly fast and tons of movement. My driver was off until the last few holes, tempo needed some adjusting. I managed a 43 off the front but a 46 on the back. While I played better in the back I just could not sink any putts and had 6 3 putts alone. 2-3 of those cost me pars, even when I wanted to leave myself short with a tap in opportunity I was incredibly short or long. It was a positive day. I wouldn’t say I was mad with how I played because I bounced back and the putting wasn’t there yesterday. Tons of blind shots in a course are really hard for me the first time playing a course. I really like to pick lines and play off angles.
  11. Outside of taking away or limiting the number of clubs a players could use, I thought the response by Dean Snell took into account the most variables and was one of the easier solutions to implement across the board: tee height. “A half-inch shorter tee would reduce distance by 10-15 yards based on how much lower they’d have to tee it, how much spin that adds to the golf ball and how much it reduces loft at impact. They can’t hit the ball as high, and there’s added spin, so it goes shorter. I’ve been saying the same thing from the time I was doing the Professional to Pro V1. That’s when driver spin rates got much lower and drivers themselves started to get bigger heads and longer shafts.”
  12. Started with some half shots at the range today to work my wedges inside 100 yards then progressed through the bag. Finished with driver. Really having a hard time with the driver going at a target directly in front of my. If I pick anything in an angle it’s fantastic and launched. I really don’t love the baby fade I get playing it straight on however on the angle to the corners the nice baby draw I get is spot on. Worked the club speed on PRGR up to 104 at the same time. Good speed for the end of the day
  13. Moscow mule and Tito’s please! Nothing like some refreshing ginger and lime to get the evening going after a long day!
  14. Anyway we can see some videos of how it operates?
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