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  1. Funny--after i got the Epic Max Heavenwood, I looked at the Cobra 3W (my only Cobra club) which I was OK with, and thought to myself--"I wonder what I can do with an Epic Max 3W..." so I investigated and found improved performance there too. I don't use it much on the FW with how well the HW flies, but very nice ooff of the tee. I guess I am an Epic Max fan.
  2. I mentioned on this topic earlier that I moved from a 19 hybrid to a Callaway Epic HeavenWood (not sure if that was ever intended to be a "for like" change), but after playing a few rounds with this in the bag--what a great move. I was never comfortable with a hybrid and was forcing it. When I made good contact with a hybrid I pulled it. I am susceptible to the pull even with the HeavenWood, but it pretty much happens when I overswing. I seem to have found a groove with this club where I have controlled the distance effectively from 175 to 230. As a result, I rarely grab the 3W unless I'm in the tee box. What a great club and if a 7 wood is anything like this HeavenWood I understand the love.
  3. Well I made the move.... Went to the PGA Superstore and can't say I tried everything, but I tried a lot. While I thought for sure that I was going to walk out of there with a mallet (and most likely an ER11), it turns out that a short slant ER5v was the right fit. I liked the Odyssey #7 and the Mizuno M-Craft product was nice, but the look, feel and performance of the ER5v could not be beat. It is not inexpensive, but I went in knowing i was going to spend some coin and when you're going to make the move--make the right choice and I think I did (at least for me).
  4. I now understand.... wow the heavenwood is just a treat. I can't compare to a 7W because I never had one in my hands, but the heavenwood is just a pleasure to swing--smooth and workable. I was able to do a lot with it --high and long and effortless. I know this was at the range and it may not be so easy "when it counts", but I can see a lot of places and cases where this can be "the answer" off the tee on some holes or a long shot from the fairway.
  5. Thanks---I just picked up a HeavenWood which I saw available locally. It may be a better fit for me vs a 7W considering what I would like to accomplish with it. I will give it a try soon. thanks again
  6. I am going invest in a good putter late this year. I have been gaming a no name mallet. I like what I see and read from Evnroll and the ER11v has caught my eye. Don't know anyone with one so curious about thoughts?
  7. ok, ok, ok..... no w i need to find a bargain or used 7W--I have fallen out of love with the 3H and the 4 iron is inconsistent from the fairway. after reading this.... well i guess I know what I need to do and the question is who gives up their spot....
  8. I am a novice but really improving many aspects of my game. I know how important putting is, but have really worked on the other aspects of my game more. Although I have much to do in terms of improving my consistency, I am relatively satisfied with my equipment in relationship to where I am---with the exception of the putter which I need to upgrade at some point. I have been playing an inexpensive no-name mallet style with an insert-nothing fancy or notable. I have made some putts and have improved just with repetition. I can't say that go left or right with my stroke--more than anything I don't read the green well and struggle a bit with speed/distance control. Not sure how much of that is me (probably mostly me) as I will play a round where everything is short or I am way too firm.... I haven't really used a blade type as they seem to be for a more accomplished player, but would consider mallets, wide blades, and/or fang style. I won't fool myself into thinking that a new putter cures that. I am looking to upgrade however and will likely work on this aspect over the winter indoors on a practice mat while watching some football and such. That all being said, any advice or suggestions --other than the standard go get fitted-- which may be beneficial? Much appreciated
  9. I never really thought about it but.... Callaway Driver, Cobra 3W and Hybrid, Sub 70 Irons, Cleveland Wedges... Putter position is "open" and needs firmed up... Future considerations (maybe): Titleist Driver and 3W, Mizuno Irons, Vokey Wedges.... I haven't met that special putter yet
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