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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding to the above questions. Given Summer and South Florida, we found that some of the golf schools were not available which limited our options. After our first cut, our choices were down to IMG in the Tampa area and Bird Golf Academy at their Boca Raton location. We ended up selecting Bird Golf Academy for the following reasons: Student to instructor ratio is 2:1. My golf buddy and I are the only two golfers with a three time major winner (see below) Boca Raton is several hours closer to Key West Our instructor's impressive resume and reputation: Director of Instruction for the East Coast, three time LPGA major winner (Mary Mills) Instruction and course access at The Club at Boca Pointe, private course (therefore likely limited play during the Summer months) Six hours of instruction each day plus 30 minute lunch with instructor; access to practice facilities and course after instruction included Detailed player profile to assess your current game and detailed sections on what you wish to accomplish in your three days Unlimited remote follow up with your instructor after your golf school As in other schools, we'll be provided a visual record of our "before" and "after" swings to help judge our improvement. Our contacts with the Bird Golf Academy were very professional, informative and they responded quickly to questions. Neither of us have had such an experience and we're looking forward to it! We are scheduled for next Monday through Wednesday (July 26-28). I'd be happy to share my experience after if people are interested.
  2. I was just fitted and received my new Evnroll ER10 Outback with their stock shaft and gravity grip. I'd have a good baseline with the new putter to judge the impact of the Fujikura shaft.
  3. I just started regripping my clubs with a portable griping station I built. So far, I've done two Super Stroke grips. I have to agree with comment with level. I used a magnet level on the face to ensure it was straight up and down when locked it down in shaft clamp. With the Super Stroke grips both had flats that also enabled use of the level to ensure it was flat and perpendicular to the face. That gets you very close and allows you to make some minor adjustments by eye. The slower acting solvent also gives you more time to make those slight changes if needed. I found the Super Stroke grips a little more difficult to put on than the normal iron or wood grips. I'm not sure if it was the tape or the fact the Super Stroke grip openings do not flex a lot, but when I used a decent amount of solvent the tape slid on the shaft and bunched up in front of the grip as I was sliding it on. Luckily the solvent wasn't fast acting so I was able to slide the grip off, reuse the grip and start again. The second time I used less solvent. I still wetted the inside of the grip and the tape on the shaft. On both Super Stroke grips I put on, using a little less solvent seemed to prevent the tape from bunching up.
  4. I can't comment or add much from the swing recommendations, etc. It seems like from a skill perspective, you are trending in the right direction. The only piece of advice I can add is going to sound corny, but you have to believe you can do it. I can't tell you how many times I was approaching the last few holes with the opportunity to break 80. The number of 82, 81 and 80's were significant. After a while, you start to think that a sub 80 round is an insurmountable task. Then one mild late November/early December day in my former home town of Rochester, NY. To be playing that time of the year up there was extraordinary, but a few course were open. I was playing well and the friend I was playing with made the made the fatal mistake of saying that "all I needed to do is boggy the last two holes to break 80!" Thanks Joe! I proceeded to par the final to holes and shot 78. I was elated that I finally achieved my goal and remember it seemed that this mental block was finally lifted. Two days later it was warm enough to play again and shot 79. Some 20 plus years later, I break 80 2-3 times a year because I still believe I can. The moral for me is that an important muscle we need to train to break certain barriers is the one between our ears. So as you get close, first don't listen to your playing partners (that will only be the kiss of death). Second, believe you can and eventually you will. And once you prove it to yourself, the flood gate to sub 80 rounds will open for you.
  5. Based on various posts and recommendations on this site, I decided it would be a good investment to get a putter fitting. I've been told I'm a decent putter (my USGA stats show 28-29 putts per round over the last two years), but I have been curious about why I gravitated to certain putters, if they were right for me and if not was there something better. So on a recent family trip, I scheduled a fitting at Club Champion in Rochester, New York. I always thought I had a basic straight back/straight through putting stroke, but the actual data couldn't been farther from the truth. I actually had strong arc with moderate rotation. One question was answered quickly at that combination suggested mallet putter which I've typically migrated to. I also found my existing Brainstorm Happy V1 mallet putter set up and my stroke yielded too much of a launch angle and created back spin. My rotation consistency was only 22% and my overall consistency was 67%. At that point, I started questioning how I ever got the ball in the cup! After trying several different putters, I felt I putted the best with an Evnroll ER10 Outback (even though the only demo was an inch shorter than I needed). My fitter tweaked it closer to my specifications and I gave it a try with the monitor. The predicted launch angle reduced creating a more neutral spin, consistency improved significantly to 88% and yielded an "Overall consistency is high" comment on the report. I decided to pull the trigger and purchased the Evnroll putter as an early birthday present to myself. It's due in early July. I'm sure many of you who had been through a putter fitting can share similar a similar story of improved numbers. My question is after your new or tweaked putter was put into play, how much of the fitting improved consistency actually translated to improved putting performance? I know there are many factors that influence overall putting performance, but did you see a sustained overall improvement with a fitted putter? Thank you in advance.
  6. I've had my Edison wedges (50, 55 and 60 degrees) for about two months now. They replaced my G30 50 degree gap wedge and Ping Glide 56 degree sand wedge (never carried a 60 degree lob wedge before). I can honestly say they have made a significant improvement in my wedge play. Given my relatively short hitting distances (broken neck, new knee, two shoulder surgeries, etc.), for me to score I need to pitch, chip and putt well. The Edison wedges were well worth the investment. As stated in their literature, you do hit the ball with a lower trajectory as compared with my Ping wedges. What I appreciated most so far is the consistent distances I get from various lies and the significant increase in the spin that I create with these wedges. I'm not know for creating much of any spin with my previous wedges. But it's not uncommon for me to hit a wedge, have it bounce once and then stop on a dime. It took a little time for me to get used to that characteristic. Now, I love being able to hit the ball knowing that it travel the desired distance and stop for me. Looking back on my statistics since getting my Edison wedges, my index has dropped about 1-1.5. The number of putts per round has also dropped 1-2 strokes because I am hitting it closer to the pin (more one putts). Overall, I couldn't be happier with the performance of my Edison wedges.
  7. Having been around 3D printing for over 20 years, I think this is an unique application of the technology. In the early days, one knock on 3D printing technologies was that they could make parts that were basically un-manufacturable in the real world. Prototypes easily made with 3D printing technology had to be redesigned for effective and efficient manufacturing. As you can imagine, it often lead to heated discussions between the design and manufacturing communities. Now that disadvantage has become an advantage. The advent of new materials and scaled up manufacturing capability yielded the perfect application for the printing technology. Complex shapes with effectively distributed weight and stiffness that could not easily be made by other means. Bravo Cobra!
  8. Thank you all for your comments. The student to instructor ratio is important and I've sent out inquiries to some places who don't list it on their program. Since I'll be going with a friend and what will likely interest him the most may differ from mine. So we'll likely look for a place with broad capabilities (full bag versus just a short game focus). One disadvantage of living in Key West (and there's not many) is that there's one other course within 50 plus miles and the closest 18 hole course is 120 miles away. Any land that would have been a practice facility has long since been converted to condos and houses. The only "practice" area at our course is a hitting in a limited distance net, a small putting green and an even smaller chipping area. I love the golf course layout, but there's no real area to work on and improve our skills. Our feeling was immersion in a skills practice environment will help highlight our areas for improvement, get some focused work on those areas and have a focused a plan that we can go to our local pro to work on.
  9. Thank you for your putter fitting experience. Your seven putts on the SAM putt lab must have been pretty consistent for the fitter to say he's got it. I have my first putter fitting in about three weeks and I'm anxious to see what the data says. I wish I had a logical or data driven methodology for picking my prior putters, but that's not the case. I've always seemed to like mallets over a blade putter. I'm not sure why, but hopefully the fitting will tell me if my bias helped or ultimately hurt my putting all these years. It will be interesting to see what they say. My current putter is a discontinued Brainstorm V1 Happy Putter mallet. With it I can change the loft, lie, weight, offset and even right or left handedness with an easy twist of a wrench. As long as they don't say I need a blade putter or that I should take up tennis, I might be able to escape without a major purchase.
  10. In doing a little digging, it appears some South Florida schools shut down or curtail classes in the Summer month. Likely some of their staff return to Northern courses and escape the heat. One that has intrigued me is the IMG Academy three day progressive camp in Bradenton, Florida (South of Tampa). It's a little farther drive from Key West, but the camp description sounds impressive. The downside is that IMG runs camps for younger people and this 65 year old might not fit in.
  11. Hi all, I'd like to see if I can tap the collective golf intelligence of this group and solicit opinions on going to a 2-3 day golf school. One of my playing partners and I were talking about signing up for a multiple day South Florida golf camp. We both live in Key West, are over 65, have 12 handicaps (even though we get there differently) and have no real access to practice facilities at the end of US1. My playing partner has always wanted to go to an adult training camp and I thought it would be worthwhile as it's been 20 plus years since my last lesson. I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts on their experience in these types of golf training schools, did they find it helpful and would they do it again. Thank you in advance!
  12. Like many of you, I have and use both. I tend to use my Garmin watch for longer distances, scoring and shot distances and the range finder for distances around 100 yards in as well as accurate lay up distances.
  13. I had a Golftec fitting in Orlando last summer when I was up there visiting Disneyworld. Unfortunately I twisted my neck on my first ride before the fitting putting the results in question. It also gave me a good reason to not make any club buying decisions at that time. I still went through with it and was able to apply a few of the findings. As an engineer, I was a little disappointed that I didn't walk out with hard copy specific data from each of the clubs I demonstrated. I'm not sure if it was that specific location or it's standard Golftec practice. The fitter did write down some high level information that I was able to get after the fact. It might be worth it to ask up front if you can get hard copy print out of your swing data.
  14. Thank you Cobra and MyGolfSpy for the opportunity. I would love to be the Southernmost tester for you both. You all can come down to Key West to play and enjoy our island hosptiality!
  15. Norm Fowler (Golf2Much) Key West, FL Brainstorm Happy V1 Putter Impact no. 3
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