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  1. Ever since 9/11, I've marked my golf balls with two blue dots and two red dots. The blue dots represent NYC's Twin Towers and the two red dots represent the Pentagon and the Stonycreek Township, PA crash site. It's my way to make sure I never forget the lives lost that day. It works a little better with my normal white ball (red, white and blue theme).
  2. Right now I only do grips on a low cost griping station I made. However, I've enjoyed the Mobile Clubmaker on YouTube. He has useful videos every week on various aspects of club making and repair. Here's one on the five tools one needs to start building clubs that you may find interesting: There are a ton of others in his library that I think may help you in beginning your club making journey.
  3. I've been playing the Edison wedges for this season and for me, it's the best investment I've made. With my age, broken neck, new knee and other aliments, my game is short off the tee, fairway wood short of the green, chip and putt. So for me, having four wedges and ones that provide consistency and back spin is valuable. When I purchased my set (50, 55, 60 degrees) they had some returns that they tweaked ( loft and lie angle) to meet my specifications. Even with that, they were still a little higher than I was used to paying for a wedge. That being said, my opinion would be to purchase a 55 degree wedge that matches your lie, loft, length and shaft type specifications and get more experience hitting it from various lies and situations before making the Edison purchase. By trying to match your irons as best as you can, it takes more variables out of the equation. Once you get proficient, feel comfortable hitting the range of wedge shots and realize your game could use a lob wedge, then I'd upgrade.
  4. The best golf lesson my wife got when she started to play was to create a par (one or two strokes higher than actual par) for each hole that was consistent with her ability. The pro called it a "Sue-par" (as her name is Sue). That took the pressure off her trying to compete with the scorecard and gave some positive reinforcement when she got one. As she got better they took strokes off her designated "Sue-par" scores so she could feel good about the accomplishment but also raising the bar for her to invest the energy in her game to get better. Golf is a game where you have to practice and play to get better at any level. If you are constantly beating yourself up for not paring each hole (which most of us don't do anyway), why would you want to take the time and effort to get better? By simply changing her reference point for success she enjoyed the game more, wanted to play and practice and kept her focused on getting getting better.
  5. To serve as another example of Ping's excellent customer service, attached are photos of my G30 irons they refurbished. I sent them last Wednesday, they arrived in Phoenix last Friday and were on my doorstep in Key West today. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. They look almost brand new. I did have to pay a little extra for the bad shot exorcism service on each iron, but it was worth it! Thanks StormierCanine3 for your post and help getting this done.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I called this morning and set up refurbishing my G30 irons. Ping couldn't be easier to work with. For $130 the irons will look like new.
  7. Did you start the process with Ping using their Repair Department online repair order form? They look great! My G30's could use a little bit of TLC!
  8. Unfortunately, often overlooked due to the Cantlay/DeChambeau duel (and antics) were all the BMW sub plots in making the top 30 in order to play next week at East Lake. Included van Rooyen's excellent play to jump 18 spots to make the Championship. How about Sergio having to get up and down out of the trap on 18. Alex Noren missing a 6 footer for par on the last hole to fall out of the top 30. Also, the heartbreak of KH Lee playing his heart out, making birdie on 17 to get in only to hit a wayward second shot on 18 dropping him to 31st. The drama was captivating. You could see it in their faces, which is fairly rare for players not battling for the top spot. It will be interesting to see if Patrick Reed recovers from his double pneumonia in order to play this week. If not, KH Lee will get his chance and can forget that shot on 18. Also, some may argue that Caves Valley might have been too easy of a venue for the players to host such an event. The winner was -27 and every single player was under par for the week. I think just the opposite. There was a lot of risk and reward opportunities that put pressure on those on the bubble to play excellent golf to get in to East Lake. Sunday was an excellent day of golf! East Lake and The Solheim Cup next week and the Ryder Cup just around the bend, it's only going to get better.
  9. Golf2Much

    Travel bags

    I've had a Club Glove for almost 30 years and it's held up incredibly well. All the zippers and straps are still intact and look like they could last another 30 years. It lives outside in my shed (living in a small house in Key West, no basements) and the only issue I had about four years ago was the roller wheels elastomer degrading. On Club Glove's site they sell replacements, but seemed rather expensive. I checked the overall diameter and the bearing diameter and found it was a standard inline skate roller. On eBay, I think I got them for only a few dollars apiece. Once they arrived, it was an easy replacement with an Allen wrench. To minimize driver damage on a direct hit to the top, I cut a broom handle about 1/2" longer than my driver and place it in the bag. About three years ago I purchased a Bag Boy Back Bone which was light and sturdy to serve the same function. Together, they help protect my babies when traveling.
  10. I never carried a 60 degree wedge until I ordered a set of 50, 55 and 60 degree Edison wedges several months ago. Since I'm short off the tee and typically with the follow up fairway wood on a par 4, in order for me to score I need to have a solid wedge game and putt pretty well. Here in Key West the Rees Jones course is classic design with small greens with false fronts. When pins are cut close to the front, I find the 60 degree lob wedge essential for getting it close. The challenge for me is with these relatively short distance shots is not not trusting the wedge, not swinging hard enough and coming up short. It's still a work in process, but the 60 degree is staying in the bag!
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I just downloaded the GHIN app upgrade and it looks interesting. When I opened it, clicked "play with GPS" the GHIN app offered the first round as a free trial of the upgrade package. I can't wait to give it a try at the course.
  12. I'm in the "Keep It Simple" camp. I have three relatively new Edison wedges (50/55/60) which I love. Their Koehler sole has a low bounce on rear portion of the sole and high bounce leading edge so I can get the best of both worlds. I basically know my full shot distances and will use a simple half and three quarter swings to get intermediate distances with the same club. I change wedge loft depending on how much green I have to the pin (as a half swing with my 50 works about the same as a three quarters 55). I also will move the ball in my stance forward and back to get height or make the ball run and check depending on pitch or chip. On second thought, that doesn't sound too much like "Keep it Simple!" Unfortunately, because I'm consistently short approaching the green I get plenty of practice with my system.
  13. I had my first putter fitting at Club Champion in Rochester, New York in June. Overall, I thought it was a very good experience. I was playing with a Brainstorm Happy Putter mallet which allows easy changes to face angle, offset, lie, weight and even right or left handed. My expectation was to see why I always have been attracted to certain putters and if they really were right for my swing. My thought was it's probably better to find something that can complement my putting stroke than rebuilding a putter stroke to the putter. I was somewhat surprised that my putting stroke had a significant rotation to it. I had always thought I was more of a straight back and through. As a result, the mallet design was better suited to my stroke. That validated why I tended to always migrate to mallet-type designs. My flatter lie proved to be right on, but the loft appeared to be way off. The combination of the putter's standard loft and my swing yielded over way too much overall predicted loft. Given everything, my overall consistency was an inconsistent 67%. At this point I was hoping to pull out my wrench and make adjustments to my existing putter. Unfortunately that didn't happen. My fitter dove into new putters until it appeared that the Evnroll ER10 the best fit. Back on the SAM puttlab, a tweak to the putter they had in stock (deloft it a few degrees) and I got my measurements. My putter face was now 0 degrees open at impact, my predicted launch angle was down to the desired area, my swing dynamic curved for back and forward swing were on top of one another and overall consistency rose to over 88%. I ended up getting the Evnroll putter and it arrived about 2-3 weeks later. To Club Champion's credit when I feed back to them that I didn't get a chance to optimize my existing Brainstorm putter, they offered me a complementary session to do so. Unfortunately, living in Key West, it's 160 miles to the closest facility. When I got my new putter, I would say it was about a two plus weeks of not my best putting performance while I got used to a heavier putter with basically 0 degrees of loft. After that short engagement period and visiting friends with faster greens, I was able to putt much better. So, the Evnroll putter is staying in the bag. So my putter fitting overall was a very good experience. The time (about 1 hour) and expense was well worth it. I answered some of my questions about why I liked certain putters and what was actually going on in my stroke. Going into a putter fitting, I'd have some goals you want to accomplish and make sure those are communicated to the fitter upfront so both of you don't waste too much time. Given roughly 30-40% of your strokes are putts, gaining insight into your stroke and equipment is well worth it.
  14. We finished our three days of Bird Golf Academy school at The Club at Boca Pointe in Boca Raton, Florida. As mentioned above, our instructor was Mary Mills. She is a three time Majors winner (US Open and Two PGA Championships). The facilities were outstanding. The Club at Boca Pointe is a private Jack Nicholas designed course. It had a huge driving range which had mats and grass at one end and grass hitting back at the other. Their practice green was representative of those we played on. They had a secluded chipping area which with four traps and areas to chip. The course itself was great. Luckily, we caught the best weather we could. It was hot (hey it's South Florida) with heat indexes over 100. But we didn't get the typical afternoon showers and it only rained after we were about to leave. Mary Mills was great. She was very observant and picked up on a few things we both needed right away. Since it was just the two of us, each got a lot of her attention. She started our experience sitting down and reviewing what we both wanted to accomplish. This helped set expectation for each of us. We were handed a notebook where we took notes on what drills we would do and other bits of golf information Mary shared with us. Then it was off to the range. At first she was working me on a few drills. It was interesting that she said it was unusual that both of her students would come in with a similar swing issue. We would work on several drills, stay hydrated and do some more drills. After lunch, we would go out and play nine holes with her so she could give us pointers plus see us "in action." Our time with Mary each day was about six hours. After nine she would leave and we would finish the other nine. Though out the day, Mary would take video of our swings on her iPad from the side and back. On the screen she would annotate with various lines and swing planes and compare them with other golfers of similar builds. This helped point out what we did right and where we needed to make some adjustments. She continued the videos on the course. Every night she would email those videos to us so we had a record of the swings and her comments. The second day was like the first. More drills at the range. We had to hit hundreds of balls each of the first two days. Luckily the hotel we were staying at had a hot tub! Both of us then had different drills. My golf partner's was to pronate more and mine to try to gain more club head speed. An interesting bit of information was that when hitting the driver, she advised taking a minute or so extra time between shots to let your body rest more. After about four hours of drills and instruction we had lunch and headed out to the course to play. Again, we had instruction along the way. The third day we started earlier so we could finish earlier and get on the road for our 4 1/2 hour drive home. We started the day at the practice green with chipping, pitching and sand shots. After about an hour of instruction we headed the first tee. This time we had Mary for the entire 18 holes. She would ask us what we were going to hit and why. Then she would suggest alternatives or validate we were right. After the round we showered, had lunch and we were on our way home. As we talked about our experience on our drive home, we concluded that the experience was excellent and more importantly the start of our improvement, not the end. We had to commit to practicing and reinforcing the skills we learned with the drills and notes we were given. Unfortunately, in our Key West course does not have the outstanding practice area The Club at Boca Pointe had. So we committed to take off from our Thursday men's league for the month of August, walk the back nine in the morning and work together to reinforce the things we learned. After that, we'll see what happens. Is golf school for everyone? Probably not. For us the lack of a dedicated practice facility, the somewhat minor tweaks we needed in our swings and the emersion into dedicated golf experience made it worthwhile for both of us. We came out out of the experience physically sore but anxious to apply the new things we learned. Given my physical limitations, I've had to adopt some swing mechanics to compensate. I had to develop a solid short game to score as I'm typically short and my GIR is in the teens. My golf buddy said to Mary during our initial interview that I had a pretty good short game and I'm not sure that she believed him. As we got on the course all three days Mary was surprised how well I could get up and down. On several occasions my approach shots resulted in Mary applauding! At the end, we both decided to have Mary sign our Bird Golf Academy hats. Here's mine attached. Having a three time Major winner write that was pretty special!
  15. Sorry for the delay in responding to the above questions. Given Summer and South Florida, we found that some of the golf schools were not available which limited our options. After our first cut, our choices were down to IMG in the Tampa area and Bird Golf Academy at their Boca Raton location. We ended up selecting Bird Golf Academy for the following reasons: Student to instructor ratio is 2:1. My golf buddy and I are the only two golfers with a three time major winner (see below) Boca Raton is several hours closer to Key West Our instructor's impressive resume and reputation: Director of Instruction for the East Coast, three time LPGA major winner (Mary Mills) Instruction and course access at The Club at Boca Pointe, private course (therefore likely limited play during the Summer months) Six hours of instruction each day plus 30 minute lunch with instructor; access to practice facilities and course after instruction included Detailed player profile to assess your current game and detailed sections on what you wish to accomplish in your three days Unlimited remote follow up with your instructor after your golf school As in other schools, we'll be provided a visual record of our "before" and "after" swings to help judge our improvement. Our contacts with the Bird Golf Academy were very professional, informative and they responded quickly to questions. Neither of us have had such an experience and we're looking forward to it! We are scheduled for next Monday through Wednesday (July 26-28). I'd be happy to share my experience after if people are interested.
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