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  1. Norm Fowler (Golf2Much) Key West, FL Brainstorm Happy V1 Putter Impact no. 3
  2. Thanks Fozcycle for the lead. Not a vet. Just too young for Vietnam and too old for everything else. I think I've prioritized my fittings to putter (never had one and just interested to know what I've used is helping or hurting), irons next and then driver. I'll keep PXG in mind, especially if I get up to America any time soon from Key West.
  3. The same hostel crack happened a year or so ago on my Ping G30 driver. Just as most of you have said, it was obvious that the crack was not due to abuse. I took it to my pro shop, explained the situation and asked if they would contact Ping for me. A few days later the pro shop got back to me saying (1) the G30 was out of warrantee, (2) that they were not making them or had them in stock and (3) would I accept a new G400 driver for $125? I had to surrender my G30 which was sent back to Ping for analysis. About a week or so later, my new G400 driver arrived. I was very impressed with Pin
  4. Good morning golfers! I am relatively new here and have appreciated the insight I've gotten from reviews, comments, etc. I am roughly a 10 (+/-1) index golfer who play Ping G30 irons. For various reasons, my game typically relies on driver, fairway wood (short) with good wedge play and putting to score. I've recently gained some yardage off the tee bringing my irons more into play. As a result, I'm contemplating an upgrade to my irons. In reviewing irons options on eBay, I ran across sets of G700 and G400 that were reasonably priced. Is the gain from these later Ping irons worth s
  5. I was in a similar quandary this past Summer. I ended up coupling a trip to Disney World in Orlando (from Key West) with a driver fitting at Golftec. I had a Ping G400 SFT with stock Alta 55 gram senior shaft. The fitter recommended the Mavrik driver with a 40 gram shaft. Unfortunately, I hurt myself on my first ride (I didn't anticipate the first curve on Test Track) before the fitting so I wasn't sure that the results were truly valid. Not willing to go with what might be questionable results, I picked up a demo Alta Distanza 40 gram shaft with the Ping adapter for $80 on eBay after I
  6. I just ordered my Edison wedges today. I took the WedgeFit analysis, found I made an error and ended up working with Bill to get the best fit through a series of emails. They were very responsive. As an example, I emailed a question to Bill on Super Bowl Sunday thinking I'd get a response on Monday. An hour later I had my response. I was so impressed, I found Terry Koehler's email and wrote him 8:00 last night how impressed I was with their interactions. True to form within an hour I got a response thanking me for the feedback. By the end of the week the wedges should be built and
  7. Thank you all for your insight. I told my wife this afternoon that I wanted another shot at a club fitting in South Florida. She wants to combine our trip to America to include furniture shopping. I guess that's a fair tradeoff. This time I have to make sure that I don't hurt myself on amusement park rides before the session! I am glad I found MyGolfSpy to get insight on the latest equipment and advice from this forum. Cheers!
  8. I'm recently retired and looking at potentially updating my clubs. I live in Key West, Florida, so most club fitters are 150 miles away in America! Club fitting is not totally new to me. Over the years I've had several. The latest was last Summer in Orlando. Unfortunately, before the fitting I went on Disney's Test Track ride and hurt my neck. As a result, I don't feel it was totally representative of my "normal" swing. I am in my mid-60's, have several physical limitations but still have been able to maintain a 10.5 index. I tell my golf partners that I've become the golfe
  9. Hi all, I just created an account today and thought I'd respond to the requested questions: How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing golf since the early 1970's. When I was a senior in high school I joined the golf team to get out of classes at the end of the day to practice. My index is 10.5. Roughly 11 years ago I was in a hit and run scooter accident which left me with a broken C5 (neck). Not only did I had have to learn to walk and feed myself, I had to rebuild my golf game which completely changed. While cleaning o
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