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  1. A Good Thursday to everyone! Let's see what I can pull up from the archives today.
  2. After 10 days with no golf, I took advantage of a warm day and hit the course. It was an effort to walk 18 holes having the waning stages of the creeping crud, but it was definitely enjoyable to get out and play. This cartoon reminds me of the movie Misery.
  3. Good Friday morning! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. No golf until I get over this creeping crud that has been kicking my butt for 2+ weeks.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Spies! I hope everyone has an enjoyable day with family and friends.
  5. For a curious change, I have played a couple of rounds from the gold or senior tees. My golf course recognizes age 65 for the senior tees. I am currently 64, so next summer I will be eligible to play the old man tees for league and tournaments. I shot 71 and 75 from the forward tees and enjoyed hitting short irons for my approach shots.
  6. Good morning, golfers! Another wet, windy, and chilly day here in MO.
  7. Good Monday morning, golfers! Typical November weather has arrived here in SW MO. Lucky for me, I played 4 out of the last 5 days.
  8. Good morning, Spies! It is 42° and climbing with a high in the upper 60's today. Absolutely great weather for November. I will be heading to the golf course soon!
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