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  1. Thoughts and prayers go out to our SW Florida golfing brethren as Hurricane Ian approaches. Stay safe.
  2. Our weather was beautiful here in SW MO this past weekend and perfect for walking 18 holes. I arrived at the course Saturday morning to discover I had left my putter in the living room where I had been practicing. I shot 79 using a lob wedge or borrowing a putter from someone in my group. Sunday I shot 77 with my putter in the bag. I was 1 over at the turn but got into a bogey run on our Amen Corner, which consists of 3 tough par 4's and a tough par 3.
  3. 1. The first time I attempted to install a Super Stroke putter grip, it became stuck about half way on. I had to take the putter to an experienced club builder who used an air compressor to fix my mistake. 2. I mixed up epoxy under a desk lamp and the heat from the lamp caused the epoxy to harden very quickly. 3. Measure twice and cut once, instead of #$%^, I cut it too short.
  4. For me, the headcover's sole purpose is to protect my clubs. I'm that guy that you would want to buy a used club from, because my clubs will not have bag wear.
  5. When you know WITB for many professional golfers!
  6. Congratulations on your new personal best!
  7. I agree with RickP....absolute BS. I am a believer of no more than 4 to a group.
  8. After riding a good wave of play for several weeks, I took my game on the road. My course was closed for a tournament on Sunday so I made a tee time at a nice course in a neighboring town. Full of optimism, I tripled the first hole and doubled the 2nd. I wound up salvaging an 87 for the round. My handicap at my home course doesn't always transfer to unfamiliar courses.
  9. I was calling on customers with one of our sales reps when a co-worker called to tell us about the Trade Center Tower being hit by a plane. At one of our accounts, we watched the second plane hit. Last night, my wife and I watched 60 Minutes which featured the 9/11 attack. It is so amazing the courage the NYFD displayed on that day. Fireman attempting rescues knowing they would probably not survive. We can't honor these heroes enough.
  10. Over my lifetime, I have played many sports and I am convinced that golf is the hardest game I ever tried to get decent at. It is such a challenge and I am passionate about playing and getting better. I know people who will not play unless they can get a money game going or others who will not play unless their friends are playing. Not me; I play because I love the game and will play as a single or in a group of strangers. There is the constant quest of becoming a better golfer.
  11. The group I play in has a rule that the person who has the HIO is the recipient of free drinks, instead of buying for everyone else. Over several years, this rule has only been placed in effect 2 times and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of free drinks on one of the occasions.
  12. Several years ago playing with my father, I hit my 2nd shot on a short Par 4 over the green and into a water hazard. Out of frustration, I dropped another ball and holed out the next shot from 105 yards. My father looked at me and said "Nice par".
  13. My best ever round was 70 (-2) and that was a few years ago. If I have a golden day, then breaking 70 would be a possibility.
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