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  1. I have the shot scope tags in my clubs, and I can vouch it'll shave strokes if you truly care about the data. I'm more aware of my misses now, and have my distances really dialed in. I was hovering around +10-12hcp last year, and am now pretty much scratch depending on the day. I shot a +4 on Saturday, but just finished up a round a couple hours ago and came in at +1.
  2. Back to bipolar golf! Been hitting the ball well, especially since getting my new TSR fairway woods, but the flat stick has been ice cold the last week or two. Played the back 9 I normally play, usually hover around even par +/-1, but had three 3 putts today and came in at +4. Pretty frustrating, but that's golf. At least I'm smashing the TSR2 3 wood as far as my driver, and TSR3 5 wood as far as my old RBZ 3wood.
  3. Yep, saw those as well. Thanks for the help sleuthing! I'll leave the post up through the weekend, then scrap it.
  4. In a quest to find another pair of spiked shoes, I stumbled across this brand called FitVille. The styles look good, but the inexpensive price is oddly concerning. We're all used to $100+ for quality shoes, so seeing a pair for sub $80 peaked my curiosity. The only videos I've found are people are brand ambassadors, so obviously their reviews will be somewhat biased. I didn't find any info on here or main MGS reviews. I'm currently leaning towards the FJ Hyperflex Carbon spiked, or another pair of NB spiked. I have one pair of each brand now and like both, but want an either gray or white colorway spiked pair. Any advice, opinions or experience let me know please! Thanks, Scott
  5. TLDR: Finally got professionally fit for new fairway woods with the understanding that I would get whatever fit my swing and preferences no matter the brand, as long as within budget! Tried a bunch, landed on Titleist yippee! I've always been one of those golfers that bought off the shelf and just learned to hit clubs with a couple exceptions. In high school, actually most of junior golf I had a set of clubs made for me, but they were always knock off brands. I was never technically fitted. As an adult, the first club I was sorta fitted for was my PXG driver a couple years back. Since I've really been following the MGS guides, tests, etc I've taken my game more serious and the results show. I'm pretty much scratch handicap now compared to about +10 a year ago. Fast forward, I bought a used M2 5 wood and realized real quick it wasn't for me! Sold it quick, then went to the galaxy to try and hit a couple shots to see what felt right. Narrowed it down to a tsr2 and the QI10 (out of budget). Left there and made a fitting appt at the preferred place in Louisville, Golf Headquarters yesterday. The fitters there are well respected and know their stuff. I was prepared to buy whatever fit the best regardless of brand or model. I hit 5 or 6 different brands and wound up back at Titleist! I wanted to love the Ping woods, but it was way too skinny, the stealth 2 didn't feel right nor did the Paradym. I ended up with a TSR2 3 wood, and TSR3 5 wood and couldn't be happier!!!! Tech has changed, my old RBZ 3 wood was my go to 215-230yd club, heck that's the 5 wood now. I went out and played 9 yesterday evening. I was averaging 245-260 with the 3 wood. Screenshots below are on same hole, I almost friggin drove the green yesterday with the tsr2! Now I'm debating on getting fit for a new driver, and definitely irons in the next year as my AP2 are in great shape but I know I'm behind the 8 ball on distance. Thanks for reading my rant! Pics....
  6. Got out super early this morning and played the public course here in Louisville where the men's metro tourney will be held next month. Played it from the tips as that's where I'll likely play if I enter due to my current hcp. Overall I played ok, shot a +7 which was maddening. I'll still take a 77 from the tips, but I gave away 5 good birdie chances, couple burned the edge! I'm going to try and play there a couple more times and decide on entering. Should be fun really since I haven't played competitive golf in a long time. I need to change my 5 wood though. Just picked up a used M2 a month ago on a whim. I have no idea where the ball is going to go, prolly due to the regular flex shaft. Need to find something good, but inexpensive real quick so I can play it some. Any ideas or advice I'm open ears!
  7. Hey Sundog team, thanks again for the opportunity to test these awesome sunglasses. The main thing I would recommend on shipping is to add bubblewrap, or more kraft paper. For us Testers I didn't see it being a big deal they weren't packed tight. There wasn't any damage noted, but if I were a paying customer I would've expected just a bit more care on the packaging side. The only other request is if the Billy83 polarized are available with the same lems color as the propel trueblue? I love orange, and bluish green lenses, and think it would take the Billy83 up a notch if offered in those other lens coating/colors if possible. Other than that everything else was great! Talk to yall soon, Scott.
  8. Snuck out for 9 while there was a gap on the course, or so I thought. Played the back 9 as usual, started off bogey, birdie, bogey, then par'd out from there for a +1. The Course got really bottlenecked from a couple groups. There was a single playing from the tips, his setup was about as slow as Brian Harmon. Not to mention he would mishit, then tee up another even though there were two groups waiting! That's the stuff that irritates me. Good ole holiday golf. Off work this week, but busy until friday...have an early tee time at the course hosting the Louisville mens metro tourney in June. Gonna play it and see if it's worth entering the comp. I haven't played competitive golf in 20+ years and I miss it. My hcp is hovering at +0.2 right now and I feel good enough about my game to try and compete maybe.
  9. Got out for a quick 9 and had the wife walking along. Played well, shot even with 6/7 FIR's, and 9/9 GIR's! Only downfall is on the first hole I realized I did the ultimate dummy thing Tuesday when I played.....left my shotscope stuck to the dang golf cart!!! I'm so ticked at myself, I always grab it, but was in a hurry and must've forgot. Haven't had the thing for right at a year now. I know they're on sale, but just furious at myself.
  10. I got that rangefinder last year with a similar deal. It was definitely worth it. I use it all the time.
  11. So I went out and did a quick versus on a couple balls I haven't tried yet just to see how they perform. I'm currently fitted into a Tour B RX, and compared to a left dash, new Chrome tour X, and Srixon Z star diamond. I was able to swing 4 very consistent swings. Granted, I only used 1 ball each due to time constraint, but the left dash smoked the other 3 by about 6-8yds!!!! The Bridgestone, Chrome Tour, and Srixon were within a yard circle which was excellent dispersion with the Tour B being further of those 3. I wish the left dash weren't pricey, I'd exclusively play them as they've performed the best, but I can usually get the Tour B on sale locally at a decent enough price. That's it for now.
  12. I miss the old school Precept EV's and Titleist professional from my high school days. The EV's were my favorite, occasionally I'll find one on the course in the woods. I've been a fan of the new Tour B RX, and the Maxfli Tour as those fly and feel real similar but at a better price point.
  13. Got off work early enough to play a full round on my home course. It's probably just mental, but I always play better when I dress nicer. If I'm in a tank top and just winging it I play ok, but put on golf gear and be serious and I shot an Even par 71! Had my 9 yr old girl driving MD around. I missed some very make able birdies, lipped out a couple pars or I would've broke 70 again for the 2nd time this year!!!!!
  14. Just got home from Vahalla. I've been on this spinning rock for 40 years and that's the 1st time I've been able to go see the pros! Even though it was a practice round it was worth every penny! I pretty much followed Keopka, Daly, Knapp around for the back 9. I saw Rory tee off on 15 as soon as I got there. The power these guys have is crazy, and their swings seem so effortless! I'll try to post the videos, but here are some pics.
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