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  1. Good morning spies and happy Friday! No major news other than another course done for school as I finished my final missing only 2 questions (yes I am the chosen one! ) and my next course is for Sociology so I will be certified in mind reading very soon as well. I actually already know what you're thinking... It's Friday at the Masters! Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend! Qi10 final reviews mixed in with the Green Jacket, what could be better?
  2. Seems fair, let the market decide which way the Arizona winds blow.
  3. How long would the TS3s take to arrive? If it is inside of that two week window, I would consider it for something to keep your mind busy. If not, I'm not sure. Just my two cents which in California is worth a Ha'Penny
  4. Got an A, so definitely a success! Thanks!
  5. Was in the middle of taking my final for this class while the call was going on. Glad to hear you guys had a good one!
  6. Oooh be ready! Especially with a few days left of the Masters Giveaways.
  7. Good morning spies! It's Masters Thursday!!! Excited to catch some great golf and hoping that my tournament pool is a winner (let's go Rahm!) Woke up and saw the AI Smoke test which is awesome! Can't wait to see which one of the members gets picked for the great opportunity. The MGS staff is crushing it Besides that, I am going to get my final exam finished today and be able to enjoy the weekend freely! Have a great almost Friday everybody!
  8. Happy birthday @Jean D and I appreciate your posts in the Qi10 forum review thread. You also might have convinced me to try a new shaft in the driver as well Enjoy the day
  9. Nice pickup! I was literally just reading your WITB signature about 20 minutes ago and saw the KSig was there, looks like it has been replaced. That Cobra is mighty fine.
  10. I just saw on the MGS Instagram stories that the Qi10 LS was the top rated driver for higher swing speeds, so it seems to hold true.
  11. Good morning spies! Cups of coffee are flowing this morning after 14 hours on the road yesterday. Was supposed to be only 3 hours of driving but between LA traffic, frequent stops, people calling, errands popping up, and more LA traffic, my fiancé and I ended up being out and about with Mr. Pickles from 6am to 8pm. No joke, I am tired. But when I arrived home, there was a surprise waiting for me that changed my mindset I have to complete coursework for my Final on Windows Powershell and would like to have it all finished by tomorrow night so that I can enjoy Friday-Sunday Masters Coverage while I pen my review of the Qi10 Max. It feels appropriate that the two go hand in hand. Besides that, I hope you make it through the Wednesday in good spirits and if you're golfing, may it be beautiful day for it!
  12. Quick break from 12 hours on the road today, 1 more hour to go. .........We were supposed to be gone for 3 hours
  13. All day road trip and Mr. Pickles is a tired boy
  14. Congrats testers! Going to be an interesting follow for sure as I think Terra Forza might be on to something with their study of ground force effects on the swing. But we will see how true (or not) it is!
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