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  1. Genuinely feel they are significantly better than any other fittings I’ve done. When I got fit at True Spec they couldn’t get me out of there fast enough. With my Team Titleist fitter, he wanted me to hit things he knew wouldn’t work for me just so I could give him feedback on feels/preferences he could then use to find the best fit for me. They are the best in the business
  2. Got fit on July 12th for T100s 4-9 and SM9 46F/50F/54D/58D. Wedges arrived last Friday the 21st and irons arrived yesterday the 24th. Incredibly fast turnaround. Can’t wait to go out after work tonight and get ‘em dirty (then get home and meticulously clean them)
  3. Just had my fitting yesterday and ended up in the T100 4-9 with KBS C-Taper X-Stiff. Went Vokey 46F instead of the set wedge as I felt it was a bit easier to flight down. The consistency the T100s deliver, even on mishits, is astonishing. I carry a 7 pretty consistently in the 172-175 range on a stock shot, and even on toe strikes and thins the worse carry I saw was 167. I also hit the MBs for fun, had my best numbers on a pured MB, but I’m just not at the level to game these. They look absolutely incredible though.
  4. Somewhat related, I’m a mid flight low spin golfer typically (6.7 cap) so have tried playing ProV1X and the numbers look great on my GC3, yet on the course I almost always play better with ProV1. Anyone else have this where your on-course play is better with a ball that you shouldn't necessarily be playing?
  5. Anyone been lately and able to recommend a spot that has good conditions? I'm going for a work trip in a couple weeks and have time for a couple rounds. Was thinking maybe Coyote Springs and Primm Valley (since it's dirt cheap on GolfNow), but am open to any suggestions as I've never been.
  6. Brother went to Tech and we'd play the River Course every time I went down to visit him. Awesome course. Was brutal the first time we played it as it was right before they hosted a tournament and the greens were like putting on an ice rink. Tons of fun though and for my brother it was a ridiculous deal as a student.
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