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  1. also did this but in the late 90s early 2000s ebay for a purchase over $500 .. after a lot of back and forth phone calls .. the person sent a hand writing letter and said they never got the money but they would give $200 bucks (what?), they send me a handwriting letter claiming their innocents (remember this), I filed with the post office bc I did a USPS certified money which needs to be signed, the post office sends me a copy of the signed money order. I get a call from a federal investigator saying this person did this before so I kept every document including the letter...the idiot signed the letter which match to the signed money order ! .. They were arrested and went to jail for 5 years or something like and I received restitution checks for years until the total was paid back....I still buy from ebay though haha
  2. @xOldBenKenobiX Awesome congrats man well deserved !
  3. this is really cool ..could you put the m1 shaft on to the SIM head ? not sure they are compatible
  4. I use both there isn't much of a difference, yardage wise but I like to use the finder for the pin or if there is a bunker on the fairway or in front of the green
  5. I am also thinking about getting lasik .. I wear contacts not and use eye drops if they are dry/itchy and been workings for the last 10 years but lasik sounds nice
  6. Has anyone replaced their own ferrules on their irons? Seem pretty straight forward, I watched a video and doesn't seem hard but wanted to reach out here for opinions, tips and suggestions. Thanks !
  7. Nolan220

    Titleist Tour Soft

    Completely agree
  8. Nolan220

    Titleist Tour Soft

    I really liked the trufeel they sent me a 3 pack when they first released it’s a good ball but your right it’s not proV 1 but still a good ball to play
  9. this is what I did too, I would try couple of different balls out to see what I liked and then when a new ball came around like the bridgestone tour B RX , I tried them, bridgestone does the vfit I believe where you can upload a slow motion video of your swing and they recommend a ball for you. It seems like there are so many different ball lines for each company that if you want something soft or firm or in between you can find it
  10. their website said they run small did you size up ?
  11. ohh so this is what I am doing for the rest of the work day
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