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  1. I swapped out the 3W for the 5W ... 5w is easier to hit lost little distance but make better contact
  2. I will play with anyone as long as they have a decent pace, it’s golf had some high handicaps play great and low handicaps play bad
  3. Happy bday @goaliewales14
  4. And thanks everyone that posted ! Sucks I’m stuck at work but will try to get some golf in this weekend !
  5. heyyyyy thank you sir ! Big one today .. I turn 40 !
  6. Good questions didn’t even think of video.. when the guy I spoke too didn’t mention anything about the $300 going towards clubs but I’ll ask, from the pictures the clubs are mostly blank to avoid biases .. prob could figure it out though. I’ll ask these questions when I speak to them but could be in a month
  7. @GolfSpy_APH when I get the case to remote fit I’ll do a review on it and post it here, also before I start we can get a list of questions together from the members to really see if this is worth it or not
  8. Yeah not sure about a cheat sheet, I just ask high level questions to them, if I get any more info I’ll pass it along
  9. @GolfSpy_APH the bias part I think is fixed a bit bc they black out all the shafts and you don’t know any of the specs, you are using the numbers they put on the club which looks like 3 club each set and the clubs are numbered 1,2,3. But I do see the by your self part with the data, I am going to use a pga pro I know to help me on a track man to go over the data. Also when you send them the data they set up a call to go over it with you too. But def understand the hesitation.
  10. Also the guy Dan said they are working on the blue color iron like what mizuno put out
  11. Yes they send you a bunch of 7irons that all have different specs with different shafts in multiple flex’s grips weight and you hit them and get your data off of a simulator and send them the clubs and data back and then they will build them to your specs that you choose after going through what one comes out best
  12. Hey guys I just saw this thread I reached out to Chad this morning and they already called me, I live in NJ and talk to Dan at foreward, really nice guy went over the whole process for the remote fitting. They send out a giant heavy duty crate that has the multiple different 7 irons and you go to a a simulator and get all the data and send everything back and then they custom build it for you. The fitting is around $300 which includes shipping and then like above the different color heads cost differently I forget the prices but I believe the copper is the most expensive around $200/club depending on shaft I believe. I’m about 5th in line so I’ll let you guys know when I get my remote demo
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