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  1. I think we all can agree staff bags do look cooler
  2. I have a skytrak I saw $600 to trade in I think it said using 2nd Swing trade values ? .. will have to see if its worth it to upgrade.
  3. @GetoffmylawnThis is one club I barely never change I only had two putters in the last 15 years so I might not be best at answering this but once in a while I’ll go back to my blade and I usually like it but when I go back to the mallet I see why I like it so maybe just play a round with the new putter and see what happens worse case you can always go back
  4. I have the same thought I am driving the ball really well since I made the switch and I don't really want to mess with it since its going well...
  5. did you change flex too or was it just length .. I am a short length guy i always choke up on my clubs I agree with this I like the lighter flexible shafts whippy feeling ..
  6. I am still using my set up for this and been still driving the ball really well .. my questions has anyone tried to go back to their old set up after having success with this to see the results ? I had a stiff flex driver shaft and always curious if the results would change much
  7. https://www.titleist.com/golf-balls/?&sc_src=email_3388727&sc_lid=347816403&sc_uid=AMA3Qe2Jew&sc_llid=676842&utm_source=Emarsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MKT-DTC-Ball-Loyalty-Rewarded-20230315&sc_customer=3815255 Just got an email from titleist for their Loyalty rewarded offer .. I just bought some Pro-V 1s ...add all four to the cart and they will auto deducted 1 dozen off the price
  8. Happy Bday to everyone I missed over the month(s) to many to catch up
  9. Thanks all ! Appreciate all the bday wishes
  10. @Lacassem this is great good luck man cant wait to follow along
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