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  1. Same thing with my taylormade rescue it just fits the best and I can play different shots with it .. I feel like it is losing distance so I been working in the Ben hogan that I tested for MGS .. but I just keep coming back to the TM..
  2. Senior manager in the Corp accounting department for an investment company. Also have my own consulting company which I do accounting on the side for my friends companies so I can pay for my golf habit haha
  3. Rain all weekend .. might play in it though
  4. This past summer I had 3 eagle putts and missed them .. never had an eagle but starting to come close .. I don’t hit far so it’s tough for me to get a lot of eagle putts so 3 is a lot for me
  5. My buddy was legit looking to become a member at a private club so he called around and was honest that he is looking into others and he just ask is it possible if he could play around like you said 9-10 times they said yes and he either just had to pay green fees and play with a member or do the sales pitch I think one of the higher expensive clubs he called straight out said not a chance ..
  6. Thank you ! This awesome .. thanks everyone ! Love the MGS forum family
  7. Great article and topic to discuss .. I guess they could mandate that each player uses a smaller tee or a tee length restriction to enforce. I hit the ball on the up swing not down so when I miss I am really low on the face and its a chunk so I tend to tee it up higher so I dont look like an idiot on the tee box.
  8. I golf about the same but I did more twilight 9 holes in stead of the 18 on the weekend because a lot of the courses were packed .. good thing a lot of my buddies I grew up playing sports with all started to play due to being laid off and made my golf circle bigger.
  9. The feel is amazing .. I have the JPX900 HM
  10. It takes me a little while to get into a set of clubs or single club to get used to it and all, one I dont have the money to purchase clubs 6 months or every year but also I need to get used to them ...
  11. I came close multiple Times but still aceless
  12. I play the ping g400 sft and it does reduce the slice. When I hit my normal swing with it would go left to right more like a power fade then a slice. I ended up fixing my slice and now I hit draws with.
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