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  1. @GolfSpy MPR hopefully you are keeping the score cards would be a great item to hold on too as he plays in more and gets older.
  2. I never really had a problem with marshals .. Usually pretty nice and say hey can you try to pick it up a little bit or the group in front is on the next tee box so your group should be on the green which I understand. The one time which wasn't really a problem the marshal asked us to speed it up because the other group a head of us already teed off the next hole and we should be putting. The problem I explained to the marshall was we were a 4 some and they were a threesome and one of the threesome was the reigning member champ who is at like a 5 .. he agreed and just said make the group behind you isn't waiting, I said yes totally agreed and at that same time myself and marshal looked back at the tee box on the hole I was on and the group behind us was nowhere to be found ... he said thanks and took off to talk to the group behind us...
  3. Ping glide 2.0 58 degree 12 bounce .. I will ope the face a little
  4. Weird round played well but had like 5 OB but still shot 101 .. had fun and some nice shots… most of the ONs off the tee .. I OB one on a par three so retee to hit three and stuck it next to the pin one putt par .. this happen on all the OBs where I would of par or birdied so it wasn’t I was hitting it bad just the like one shot OB on a hole
  5. I like some of there designs for swag , but they sell out so fast and so of the mark ups are crazy on some. Look on eBay and some are like 20-30 more then asking price not too bad and some are like couple $100 which is insane to me …I actually like the Scotty designs a lot as well too.
  6. Whoa good squad right here can’t wait to see the results ! Congrats guys
  7. Playoffs was great really wanted Collin to pull it out … wasn’t C.T. like in last place after the first round or something guy came out of no where I feel like
  8. At 13k now will def be over 15k by cut off ? I like the odds
  9. I would like to join this year
  10. WTF .. sounds like terrible customer service ... good they are shipping it out but I wouldn't go back there again
  11. not at all .. you pay for it to be done correctly... you didn't pay to get the shaft scratched...
  12. Was thinking the same thing .. these just came out lol
  13. This is insane another bomb shell of a test ! In 10 years we will all be like remember 2021 .. best forum testing year ever
  14. congrats to the testers ... this is definitely an interesting test can't wait to see the results
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