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  1. Happy bday guys hope its a good one
  2. Got a new 3w head cover from Rose and Fire and picked up some All-fit adaptors and collars from Bort Golf @dlow206 so I can swap out my shaft to try on my cobra driver head. And Winn dri Tac grips
  3. Nolan220

    Mr T

    Happy bday Mr T
  4. Yes makes sense prob just doing the bike apparel and not the bag ..
  5. Interesting … didn’t he have like a ridiculous price that had to be met for him to sign a deal ? Or did I make this up ?
  6. I been fitted twice once a full bag and then just for irons I know my specs and read about the shafts before I blind buy I only do this on discounted items never new
  7. Might pull the trigger on a skytrak for the garage .. I just need to get my garage ready
  8. for the last 3 winters I set my garage up to be my golf garage with a net different mats training aids and putting mat, this year I am thinking about buying a skytrak and setting up a project and screen and all but still on the fence if I want to do all that
  9. Happy bday sounds like a good one
  10. I lofted them both up the 3w and 5w .. I think its like closer to a 4w and 6w specs now ..
  11. One of my favorite clubs was a 3w when I gamed a taylormade Burner years ago .. then all of sudden couldn't hit it, so I when with a F9 cobra 5w and I was hitting that off the Tee and the fairway pretty well a lot easier to hit then the 3w. The problem which wasnt a bad one it was mostly an ego problem I couldn't get on in two on par 5s while hitting my second shot with the 5w so I bough the F9 3w and while I would hit that okay from the fairway for a little bit it wasn't as good as a hit as the 5w. But I hit the 3w fairly well off the tee so I keep it in the bag, also its adjustable so I can increase the loft. So to answer your question which I am not really doing but off the fairway 5w would be a better option then a 3w unless you are hitting it off the tee is my good too ..
  12. Nice I’m going to get some type of indoor launch monitor but not sure which one but would love to get theses too if they work on other monitors
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