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  1. Played 9 twilight the other day and didn't play good score wise 8 over in 9 holes had 1 par and all boogies... but that was the first time really getting to play with the new swing changes from the lessons I been taking and the biggest problem I had was choosing the right club I am now hitting further since the swing improvements and all my usually club distances are out of wacked.. so I was happy with how I played but score didn't show it ... also I didn't slice the ball at all which is really good but I have been so used to playing the ball to slice as a big miss but the ball was going more draw which is what I want .. just not used to it ..
  2. Happy bday everyone .. and to the others I missed
  3. Agree with this, I switched back and forth with the mizunos JPX 900 HM and the T300s .. I pretty much can feel every miss I was calling them out during my lesson and the coach was like yep dead on... also I hit the T300s so much longer .. great iron.
  4. Someone will file a lawsuit .. not sure how it will go but usually how it ends up … def feels like a pissing match though
  5. been practicing my tilt i have a problem of not tilting and then when I tried to I felt like I was more trying to move my arms more and would be all messed up.... think I fixed the problem and been hitting the ball well in my practice sessions .. need to hit the course though to see if I can keep it there.
  6. since I hooked up the skytrak I been practicing daly... my lesson at golftec I was practicing to hit a draw shot .. had a couple good ones but it needs work
  7. Happy bday everyone !
  8. Finally got the skytrak set up in the garage so was just hitting some balls and getting it lined up and practicing what I learned from my lessons… went well most shots I felt like I missed hit showed up as miss hits on it .. now going to get the rest of the garage cleaned up so I can set up a screen and projector
  9. Bought dozen of Pro-V1x to try out and titleist rope hat
  10. I have this with my iron shafts .. the ones are whippy feeling .. but my others seem stiffer and I like the whippy feeling.
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