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  1. agree with above , get fitted and tell them hey right now I dont have the money but I will soon and I will purchase through you guys since you have my specs
  2. The info you provided above was great. I had my OW for less then a year and I use to warm up before the round most of the places I play do not have a driving range so it is good to warm up. Before my round usually on the first tee box I will pull it out and do 5-10 swings to loosen up my back. Works great really like it
  3. Yes that will def happen but I think it will be good to see how well the line holds up each different kind of ball
  4. Thanks ! Any testing ideas you think we should look into during the process ?
  5. I had that didn't work can I contacted cobra connect and they sent it to me for free within a week I believe. I was like where should I send the broke sensor too and they said I didn't have to send it back .. which i thought was kind of odd.
  6. I went with the Bridgestone Tour B RX - with the "GO 2 UR HOME" from the movie happy gilmore .. I will have a round or two that I just cant make the putts and always right on the edge. So out of nowhere when I started to line up my ball for the putt I would just say to myself alright baby time to go home.... (still missed the putt ). For the testing one of my may concerns will be if the align print will hold up with being hit by the other clubs in the bag. I usually put a red line on my ball and sometimes I get to the green and the line is all messed up from wear and tear of the round.
  7. I tried it for a bit it was good .. but I just didn;t have to time to put in to really keep it going.. never stop tinkering !
  8. yeah also we with ball placement I have a idea with my stance that its correct or close to it ...I sometimes still play the ball back on the GW but all in all I really like them ..
  9. cavity back .. handicap is 19.5 .. I play the cobra F8 one length irons... I was interested in them when I read about them through MGS and did some research, with having kids I only golf once a week at the most so figured I would try them .. Also I would get a lot of back pain and it was mostly from me or my form but I felt like one lengths would help my back a little bit and so far it has.
  10. I might pull the trigger on this ..or either the planemate .. this looks like it helps with the elbow which I have trouble with
  11. not sure if I was surprised but it was cool to see different shafts have different results .. My fitter was really surprised I fitted into a KBS TD shaft for my driver then the hzrdus smoke yellow
  12. bought a taylormade M1 when it first came out and I was sold on all the weights being adjusted .. I demoed it and it was okay .. I figured I just need to get used to it .. I hated everything about that driver from the sound to the feel .. I still played it for years before I switch to the G400
  13. Thanks Everyone can't wait to get this thing started !
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