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  1. Reading a few of the replies here stating 4+ hours is the norm. I wish it was like that at my local. The expected norm is 3.5 hours and honestly get so annoyed if you take any longer. The problem is people don’t stick to their start time and are so quick to rush off the tee when they can see it’s already backed up and there is literally no where to go. Dont know how many arguments I’ve had about it.
  2. I carry a 50, 54, 58. The 58 pretty much only gets used in bunkers and I’ll chop and change between 50 & 54 around the green depending on roll out.
  3. I had the original Caley irons and loved them. Very forgiving on poor strikes. My friend has just got the new 01T including the driving iron and they feel great. Only minor detail is the shaft on the driving iron feels very light and whippy, you hardly need to swing it. Looking forward to the full reviews!
  4. I play a Scotty Cameron super select 2.5 plus 33” and genuinely love it. It has honestly brought my putting on so much. Don’t know if it’s just feeling more confident with it but I feel it suits me perfectly.
  5. Thanks mate. Took a while of tweaking. Realised I forgot to mention my m2 5 wood ha
  6. Hi mate! Was over in Queensland in November and played a couple rounds. Never mind water hazards or bunkers, the real hazards were the wildlife on the course, snakes and joeys haha
  7. Hey folks, new member here so thought I’d share my witb. I play locally at Langlands GC in East Kilbride Glasgow. It’s a decent wee municipal course. My setup; Driver - Custom Stealth 2 plus 9 degree Irons; P770 4-PW 2021 Stiff shaft Wedges; Vokey SM9 50,54,58 Putter; Scotty Cameron Special select 2.5 plus Thanks
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