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  1. Sorry, I misunderstood the offer. I thought it meant testing it with either of the two XS shafts mentioned. I have a half dozen or so shafts that would work. Please count me in for the opportunity to test. Thanks for letting me know Tony. My TM Sim driver 12.5 with a Talamonti shaft has found itself permanently shelved due to non performance. It feels like you are hitting a jello ball with a head made of shaving cream. Ball reacts with a limp pop fly to second base with the fans hiding their heads laughing. It’s so time for a change.
  2. What a great offer. Where else do you see where testing has been completed, and turn over to additional people to see if it may work better. That MGS is what sets you apart. Too bad it doesn’t come with a senior shaft as I officially put my TaylorMade SIM into the time out corner following yesterday’s disastrous round. Good luck
  3. The USGA and the Royal and Ancient golf association are set to announce the roll back the distance golf balls can travel as early as this week. The PGA Tour players are knocking at Commissioner Moynahan’s door demanding a meeting to discuss this and other proposed changes due to roll out in a few weeks. To this end, the following are my comments. Golf ball roll back for everyone?? Just when I’ve come to the point where I need to hit a sprinkler head to hit the ball 200 yds they are going to make it go shorter? What do we seniors do with the 1000’s of old marked up balls we have it crates in the garage or the 100’s we carry in our bags? I say no, no, no! Let’s take it to congress or better yet the Supreme Court . They, like us are older than dirt and must be fuming over this as well. We seniors are not going to take this lying down. Will it mean that seniors will all break out their ball retrievers and be fighting over that shiny yellow ball in the pond or spend an extra 10 minutes in the bush looking for that errant shot and six hr rounds become the norm? Help!!! At least that’s how I see it.
  4. Much is being written about golf simulators. What in your estimation would be the biggest bang for your buck in putting together a simulation setup in your home/ or garage without breaking the bank. Prices have come down but are they at the point where you are ready to pull the trigger without being tossed out if your home?
  5. Great article from a classic of yesteryear. The club kept the same look as the MT’s I owned years ago. It appears that the performance matches up to the look. Great job.
  6. Another round of testing. This time only 7 holes due to rain. I should have paid more attention to the rain suit testing as we have had solid rain for three days here in Central Florida. But I digress. The balls do seem firmer than my go to Titleist Tour Soft. For me the balls flew higher than my Tour Soft with the driver. Mid iron flight about the same. Distance 4-5 yds further. I noticed no difference from 80 yds in although coming off the putter face seemed firmer. Crazy but true. I asked the two other guys in my group to try them on a couple of greens. They all felt the ball was much firmer off the face than their existing balls. We also determined the putts rolled approx 5% further than the Tour Soft using a tape measure and calculator. We weren’t holding up anyone as it was pouring rain and no one else on the course. This was my fourth round and I believe it’s time to return to my trusty old Tour Soft.
  7. Having just played 9 holes I can say with no hesitation, “If Titleist Tour Soft and Titleist Tour Speed got married and had babies they would be born as this prototype ball.” Great feel, great trajectory and long. Can’t wait for them to be released. Will use them with Mevo toget more accurate data.
  8. I have used Mevo for the past four years with mixed results. The indoor setting (which I use for hitting into the nets) seems to produce in some cases significant differences to hitting at the range. That said what I have done to compensate is to adjust the altitude settings and get more accurate results. Applying the dots is a bit of a pain but once applied you are good to go. The app works great and overall I would give the Mevo a solid 7.5.
  9. Weather’s fine. Winds have picked up significantly. Looking forward to the test!
  10. As many have stated. Yes it’s true and no, you can’t change it. (The weather) when it gets cool here in Florida (all relative I guess) I rotate balls on every hole keeping the extra ball and a hand warmer in my pocket. I also take one extra club in addition to adjusting for wind a slope. Also add a propane heater to your cart if you have one. The other alternative my better half suggested is “don’t play stupid”, but then again, she’s not a golfer.
  11. Every club in my bag except for my putter. The courses I normally play on are roughed up due to the amount of play. I expect that if the boxes were in great shape I would probably only tee my driver and possibly 3 wood.
  12. Mats can be a confidence booster as you can get away with some fat hits. Placing a small piece of painters tape behind the ball to insure you are hitting the ball first. Unfortunately many ranges do not have grass areas to practice on.
  13. My game off the tee has gone from decent to embarrassing. My current gamer is a 10.5 degree SIM with a Talamonti T 55 gm shaft with @neutral bias. I used to be able to produce a confident draw but as my swing speed slowed down. ( I’m currently almost 73 with significant neck surgery) I have had to revert to a butter cut fade and forget distance. If I try to overcook one I end up with a low snap hook which is dog ugly
  14. About 30 years ago at Pebble. Rains blowing sideways and made the storm on Caddyshack look like a Seattle mist. However having pair a zillion dollars for green fees and leaving the next morning to fly home, a rain check wasn’t going to work. Winds gusting to around 25-30. You get the picture. Good thing was we sailed around as no one else was as stupid as we were. Putting was interesting. I do remember having to hit a strong 5 iron to pin high on #7. One of my best ever. Don’t think I would play under those conditions today.
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