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  1. what are the chances of ever being picked to test equipment whne only 4 are needed and over a thousand people apply, its just now worth it.
  2. Since I switched to call away rogue irons and practiced using these clubs I lowered my score by 7 strokes but one thing very important = you must practice and lean to use the clubs
  3. I never understood the statement that this game is between your ears. I am starting to realize how true it is. It seems that is a topic all of it's own.
  4. Ok I see what you mean. I played yesterday. Played the senior tees shot 84 without a good club for my short game. I missed the greens twice an had lots of 2 putts. My partner however is a very low handicap, beat me by one stroke. I have all call away clubs 3 yrs old and I seem to hit them will when I bend from the hips and try not to over swing.
  5. It seems like you guys here are pros of some sorts, I am feeling I am out of my league
  6. I had lost my favorite A club which I always use for my short game (from 80 yd to the green) so now I have my sand wedge. I need all the advice I can get. Will be playing tomorrow morning, good luck to me
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