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  1. I just turned 74 and I always walk and carry for nine-hole rounds, and about one out of four 18-hole rounds that I play. In addition, I walk 3.6 to 4.5 miles with my wife every morning that I am not playing golf, weather permitting (and we will walk in sub-freezing weather as long as there is no sleet or freezing rain falling). I think that all of that walking has been a big factor in me losing and keeping off more than 25 lbs for almost 4 years (from 198 lbs to 172 lbs that has been as low as 169 lbs in the last six months).
  2. I actually did it twice on my very flat garage floor.
  3. That slow curve is absolutely the case with my M7 Remote, but corrections are only required about every 15-20 yards. Virtually every incident that I have had with it have occurred because of not paying enough attention to this issue.
  4. I don’t think that you are bashing Motocaddy at all; your comments are really spot-on based on my experience with their product.
  5. I have yet to figure out how to do that while keeping pace with the trolley. It seems that the only way to use the trolley without employing the remote is to manually push it, which requires 400% of the effort of pushing a manual trolley.
  6. My fitting cart has clubs that range from -1” to +1.5” in length and since all of my fitting clubs have interchangeable threaded hosel adapters with a screw-type nut on the shafts, I can put the fitting heads on any of the shafts.
  7. I wish that my motorized trolley was easy to use (see above post about this), but it just is not.
  8. The only problem that I have with my Motocaddy power trolley is that the remote is ultra-sensitive, and any kind of change in speed or direction is very abrupt. This has caused the trolley to jump a few curbs and tip over more than once. It has become such a hinderance that I went back to either carrying a lightweight stand bag or using my very old (8-10 years at a minimum) and quite worn-out BagBoy push cart.
  9. https://www.lomariemusic.com/ this is what I am currently listening to, along with the work that she does with this band — https://thefuriousbongos.com
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Although it is 50* (plenty warm enough for me to play golf, even with a wind chill of about 35*), I won't be playing golf today, as my wife has different plans that include me today. I'm playing three times in the next four days, so I'll quickly make up for not playing today, and I have two more leagues that start play next week, so I'll be getting plenty of times on the links.
  11. Nothing at all wrong with taking the bargain selection, particularly in less-than-ideal late winter/early spring conditions! I am probably more than a bit spoiled by some of the fantastic courses that we get to play on the winter golf tour (Rumson CC, Metuchen CC, Shackamaxon CC, the Forsgate Banks Course, etc). You mentioned Concordia in your post; that course is actually among my least favorite courses that we play on the tour.
  12. I’m not a big fan of Cranbury, although I have played that course dozens of times. They joined the NJ Senior Men’s Golf League a couple years ago, but I try not to get selected to play there if I can avoid it.
  13. We have been fairly lucky recently, with morning temperatures in the upper 30s to very low 40s and afternoon highs in the low-mid 50s. However, we’ve had more than a few days where the temperature never reached 45* with strong winds that made it feel like 30*, and also a couple where the daytime highs broke 60*.. Regardless of the temperatures, my winter golf tour plays every Thursday (with a couple of two-day events that add a Wednesday round), rain or shine. We did have sleet and freezing rain for one event that was called after most participants completed 10 or 11 holes. This was at a really high-level private club and the course is giving everyone who played that day a free 18-hole round of golf in April. There’s only three more tour events this year, and I get to defend my 2022 victory at one of the toughest tracks next Thursday. I have already finished top-4 in three events this season (the senior division field varies from about 48 to 56 golfers each week), and I have five top-10s, so I am qualified for the Tour Championship on April 20 (prize money, skins payouts and closest-to-pin prizes are multiplied about 4x for this event). The only reason that I play on this winter tour (and in two indoor winter leagues on golf simulators) is to keep my swing and my body in shape for the three leagues in which I play from early April to late October/early November.
  14. I know that when I work out heavier before a round it doesn’t help my golf game. I like to get in a good stretching and flexibility workout with some light work with my Indian clubs to loosen up the joints, plus a bit of core and glute work before a round, but I skip any medium to heavy weight workouts on a golf day.
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