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  1. I have found that the C721 driver seems to work much better for a vast majority of the golfers that I have fit for this driver with either the PX HZRDUS Smoke RDX shafts (particularly the Smoke Blue RDX) than with the “made-for” Ventus Red 4T Core (NOT Velocore) shaft that is most commonly offered in this driver. I tried the C721 driver, first with the Ventus Red 6S and then with the HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue 5.5 and 6.0 shafts. It worked better for me with the 6.0 version of this shaft, but when I installed a “real deal” Fujikura Ventus Blue 6S with Velocore in the C721 head, it really came to life! I also adjusted the loft from the stock 9.5* setting to the +1 setting and this combination has been absolutely golden for me …. more distance, and a much tighter dispersion, with about 66% to 70% fairways hit since making this change a few weeks ago. It may not be the clubhead that you are having issues with, but the shaft in it. For you, the HZRDUS Smoke shafts would probably be a disaster, but maybe a Ventus Red 5A shaft would do the trick.
  2. Bryson's problem is that he ignores his "handlers" far too often ... like every time he thinks he know better than they do, which is almost always.
  3. This fitter does exactly that! This year alone, I have fit players into 450-460cc drivers at every length from 44" to 45.5", with the vast majority falling between 44.5" - 44.75".
  4. When my driver isn't behaving (which is becoming pretty rare now that I have it dialed-in with a Ventus Blue Velocore 6S shaft at minus 1/2" length), I go with my TS2 4-wood or a hybrid off the tee.
  5. After my tournament round yesterday, I demo'd the new TM 300 Mini Drivers (both lofts, regular and stiff shafts). This is DEFINITELY NOT a club made for me and my swing. I hit my Titleist TS2 4-wood much better and farther with lower spin, and hit my strong-lofted TE Exotics 5-iron just about as far as the mini driver, plus straighter and with similar backspin. There is no way that I would put the 300 Mini in my bag!
  6. I know David Glod, CEO and Chief Club Designer at Tour Edge Golf quite well ( I have been a Tour Edge Fitter/Dealer for more than a decade). Glod is a nice guy, but he would put up with Bryson and his nonsense for about ten minutes before telling him to take a hike. Bob Parsons of PXG with Bryson could be a really interesting pairing ... at least until the inner Marine in Parsons came out. Bryson has a history of alienating his sponsors and supporters/team members. My cousin was Dechambeau's fitness trainer and advisor until he told Bryson that he was doing his body more harm than good with the super high-protein, high-calorie diet. Bryson thought that he knew better than my cousin Greg, who not only has a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and Exercise Physiology, but also worked with (and continues to work with) Peyton Manning, Karl Malone, Donna DeVaronna, and scores of other very successful professional athletes. Bryson went from giving Greg a huge shout-out in his post U.S. Open press conference to acting as if Greg and his company didn't exist after he was given advice that he rejected. BTW, you'll notice that Bryson has more recently cut down on the high-calorie diet and dropped about 20 lbs.
  7. The PGI graphite iron shafts have higher torque, an overall softer profile, and provide higher launch and higher spin than the TGI shafts. I play the TGI 80 shafts in my irons (TGI 90 or 95 in my gap wedge and TGI 100 in my more lofted wedges). The torque rating for my TGI 80 shafts is 2.0 degrees, while torque numbers for the stiffer and heavier PGI shafts are at 3.5 degrees.
  8. By the way, I FINALLY shot a somewhat respectable score (82 on a par-70 track of about 6,000 - 6,100 yards) last Thursday, with a 38 on the back nine (one double-bogey where I lost my ball off the tee, even though I hit a 5 iron because there is a swampy "native area" about 200-215 yards from my tees and unless I hit a slight fade (my normal miss is a hook or pull-hook), I risk hitting it in the junk that continues up the left side from the native area to the green. My playing partner and I both saw that tee ball land in the fairway short of the swamp, but we couldn't find it and assumed that it hit something hard and went in the junk. That, plus a couple of bad bounces kept me from shooting par or better on the back nine, and breaking 80. Considering the fact that I was so sick that I spent a month in the hospital and three months on heavy doses of IV antibiotics earlier in 2021, and just finished three months of physical therapy in mid-June, I'm not complaining about that 82, but a score in the 70s would look really nice after a bunch of scores between 87-92 since my return to golf the second week of May.
  9. Based on your comments, my first thought was "why do you ever play from the blue tees?" The idea is to play golf from the set of tees which will allow you to enjoy yourself and allow you to reach the green in regulation (at least a majority of the time) when you hit well-struck shots. At age 72, I have moved up to the White tees, or a mix of white and gold tees when available and when the course plays at 6,250 yards or more from all white tees. I did this a couple of years ago when my average driver distance dropped below 240 yards and my average 7-iron distance dropped to about 140 yards.
  10. I am a dealer/fitter for Tour Edge Golf, specializing in their Exotics line, plus a Fujikura Charter Dealer, and I have experienced delays of up to 2-1/2 months on at least a portion of every order that I have placed with both of these companies, beginning about 3.5 months ago. Even prior to mid-late March of this year, I was seeing delays averaging 4 weeks on some items from both of these companies. I also work with Sub 70 Golf and New Level Golf and have had, and continue to have, some delays in getting clubheads and/or assembled clubs from both of these companies. However, the biggest delays and out-of-stock issues (not to mention the extreme pricing increases) that I have been seeing are with the more popular grips from Golf Pride, Lamkin, and Pure Grips. The most popular Golf Pride grip models (Multi-Compound, MCC+4, Tour Velvet), as well as Lamkin Crossline models, are on backorder until at least this fall …. some models until November! I will say that Tour Edge and Fujikura have been excellent in addressing their supply chain issues, and both companies have resorted to using the much more expensive air freight method to receive their products and/or components from Asia (Japan, in the case of Fujikura; China and Taiwan for Tour Edge), which eliminates the long travel times and port backups for those who continue to use the slow ocean freight method of shipment. Doug Mael Doug’s Custom Clubs / Tour Quality Golf www.dougscustomgolfclubs.com
  11. I have played all 36 (both Gold and Green courses) in a single day a few times, but never in 90*+ heat, although a few days were close to 90* F. I concur that, with the high humidity that the area usually suffers from, it can be rather taxing on the body and staying hydrated is difficult at times. I'm glad to hear that the Gold Course is in great shape following the renovations/restoration. My wife and I have been talking about going down and playing there this summer.
  12. Both are excellent golf courses. My wife and I go to Williamsburg at least every couple of years and we play both the Gold and Green courses (and usually a few other courses in the area). I believe that they just renovated the Gold course in the last 2 years, and that one was always my favorite, but I haven't played it since the renovations due to COVID restrictions.
  13. I have always liked Streets of Fire .... watched it several times.
  14. I just wear the UV-protection sleeves that are made for golf and other outdoor activity (you’ll see a lot more LPGA players wearing these things than the men do, but I see some being worn on the PGA and Champions Tours). However, if you want a good UV-protection moisture-wicking long sleeve golf shirt that is not too heavy to wear in the summer (I suggest that the limit is about 80* to 85* F for wearing these), UnderArmour makes some nice ones.
  15. The answer to Q #1 is that, at 48” long, that shaft will almost certainly play softer than it would play at 45” long. Because of the additional length, the club will have a swingweight that is approaching (or at) E0 or higher, unless you are using a super-lightweight driver head and/or you have an extremely counter-balanced shaft. Even if the shaft is massively counter-balanced, you are still likely to see a swingweight well above D5 at 48” playing length. These factors will make the shaft flex more and play softer than it would play at a more “conventional” length.
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