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  1. Call me crazy but it would be wild if Phil came out like he did last year. It was all about brooks but Phil was tied for 2nd. My dark horse is Tom Kim. I liked him on full swing and that would love to see the guy compete
  2. That’s awesome, I will probably pull the trigger at some point, just so many options out there. I was golfing out of town and got a rental set that had basic Wilson putter and I was on fire so I question the need some times haha
  3. Ok that’s good to know. Did you do the whole fitting process for the DF2.1 ? If so,what were they measuring? Yeah ping was tossing a bunch of wild looks. I haven’t used another one since but the anser and pld look sharp. I had to google the doc17 but I remember it now. The big ole half moon.
  4. My irons sets PW is a 45 degree so for wedges I have vokey sm9 52 - bent to 51 then a 60 degree, for my 56 I have a Callaway jaws that I bought off a friend.
  5. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to seeing if there is substantial improvement for the everyday golfer.
  6. I have seen a lot of L.A.B. Guys here. I just bought the LAB b2 off marketplace because it was a good price and I wanted to see what the hype was about. As someone who exclusively plays a center shafted putter I’m not rolling it all that great. The feel outside 20 feet I don’t love and it has a 1.5 degree forward shaft lean grip that I’m having a hard time getting used too. I understand I bought it used and not fitted to me which might be my problem. I’m debating switching back to my first love the Ping Ug-le -
  7. I have been mostly wearing pants, joggers, or some sort of stretch fabric khaki or lulu. That’s mainly because of when my balls goes in the trees or the rough I have come out with some terrible contact rashes on my legs or ticks. This is probably my area specific but for that reason alone I will stick with pants. For a shirt if it has a collar I think it’s fair game, funkier the better.
  8. You are not wrong. Like I said it would have made for a nice golf story, the points be damned. However then the same argument can be said for JT. Either way looking forward to some match play.
  9. Haha yeah not a lot reasons to come to middle of the country. Both BC and NS are gorgeous in there own right with some impressive golf. I’ll try and post some SK golf photos on here when I can, you can get the experience that way.
  10. That’s awesome! To me it’s the land of hidden gems. If you look hard enough I think you can still find a sand green course or 2. I hope you get the chance to play here again. My friends and I are planning a Northern Sask golf trip for next year. Play waskesiu, Elk ridge, Cooke, and evergreen in Nipawin. All are top notch
  11. Hello everyone I’m from Saskatoon,Canada I have been playing golf for 20 years but only really got serious about it in the last 4 my current handicap is an 11 and I feel I’m on cusp of cracking into the mid single digits if I could only get my driver to straighten up - anyone else ? i am a long time lurker here, I have been enjoying all the content on mygolfspy especially the reviews of the golf balls and putters.I though it would be time to contribute and hopefully be a tester one day. my home course is Riverside Country Club here in Saskatoon what I love about golf here is that there are so many small town golf courses that are in amazing shape and most of the time are not busy. The worst is that our playing season is only from May to September my username comes from the fact I can’t get a positive attack angle on my driver. So hopefully one day I can change my user name. WITB: Driver: Calloway Epic LS woods: 3-5w cobra radspeeds hybrid: Ping G400 irons: 4-PW 2019 Taylormade P790s wedges: 51,56,60 vokeys putter: LAB b2 or Ping Ug-le
  12. I played halcro last week for the 1st time - my parents have a cabin just north. I really liked the layout.
  13. I am more or less ok with the picks. However, the Spieth and JT pick really felt like it was a boys club pick. I would have loved to see Glover get picked just based on the narrative. Older tour player comes out of nowhere to win back to back at the end of the season. It would have been a real cool Cinderella story.
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