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  1. not in the EU, UK has great deals on payntr shoes but no wide sizes there.
  2. Actually agree with both sides, crazy high prices, but you don't have to pay them, my question has always been is the quality, performance, improvement worth it, or even necessary ?
  3. Waiting for more info on this one, hope it applies to EU as well.
  4. That's what I'm hoping for.
  5. A few pet peeves, The 220 driver who waits in the fairway for the green to clear, even though he's 270 yards away. The guy who sits in his cart waiting for the green to clear before getting out his range finder to measure the distance, then selecting his club, then taking countless practice swings, divots and all before playing.
  6. love, hate relationship with my 3 wd over the years, It's been my favorite can do anything I want with it, to sitting in the corner with the other unloved clubs, presently in the bag but might not be for to much longer, It is the clubs fault, right?
  7. Heart goes to US, but head goes to EU, 16 1/2 to 11 1/2.
  8. Always been curious about how the RTJ trail investment works out for the state of Alabama, always thought it was an interesting approach.
  9. Easily, using the annual fee vs. book rate, but many years to go to balance out the initiation fee.
  10. Portuguese Golf Federation.
  11. Clube de Golf Santo da Serra,
  12. So how many utube golf cure videos have you clicked to save for later? And how many do you actually ever get around to watching? More importantly, did they help?
  13. It's not the length 5753 meters, from the senior tees, plays longer with all the elevation changes, mountain course, difficult green complexes, designed by RTJ Sr. They did reset the tee boxes in July for the senior tees, length is now 5201 meters with the slope rating of 131.
  14. Never really went down the putter rabbit hole, bought a TaylorMade del monte 7 last year, face balanced to better fit my preferred stroke. Prior to that used a TaylorMade Rossa blade, bought at sports authority for 40 bucks, probably 15 years ago.
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