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  1. gregh729


  2. I've actually surprised myself and not bought much during my shutdown. However, I now have 4 sets of wedges Ping Tour 54/58 Titleist 54F/58D (or 58K) Callaway MD4 54S (bent to 53)/ 58W Taylor Made 52/56 It's going to be a few more weeks until I can get out again. Lots of testing to be done!
  3. since i posted this, I've done some wedge buying. Just for kicks and the courses are closed, I picked up a 54/58 Cally MD4. I had 54 bent to 53. Now I can go P, 48, 53, 58 or stay with 48/52/56. The courses here in MD are closed, so I am waiting......
  4. Going to be a while for me, now. All courses are closed due to the virus.
  5. Greg Damascus, MD 8.1 Callaway Steelhead XR T200 - perfect style clubhead and specs for me Thank you!
  6. I will come back with my tail between my legs, but with much more knowledge And, when using these, Golfspy_CG2 got his first hole in one, they need to be forgiving!
  7. I think I out-smarted myself. In my younger days, I loved the "pro series" line of Callaway. For example, X18 Pro Series or X20 Tour. It seemed like I would go from Ping to Cally to Ping to Cally, etc. Anyway, I got a great deal on trade ins for a set of Mavrik Pros. After trade in bonuses, I was out about $15 for brand spanking new irons. They are not for me . I am not 40 anymore. At 60 (in 3 months), I want easy. The Mavrik Pros are great irons, but I will sell them and will come crawling back to Ping asking forgiveness.
  8. Two more rounds using the SkyCaddie. Probably the last for awhile. All the courses are walking only so i relied on it heavily. Very easy and quick. I gave my playing partners (6 feet apart at all times) yardages without even stopping. It is so quick and easy. I am loving this thing. Yesterday was the first day I had an issue. I lost the connection for a hole. The course I was playing is notorious for poor cell phone connection and wifi has been a little compromised with everyone on line staying at home. It reconnected in a hole, and no problems for the rest of the round.
  9. Greg, Maryland 8 Callaway Steelhead XR 160 oh man, these look incredible! Long time Ping fan
  10. Finally got out again this weekend. As some of the others have said, it is very easy to use. I played a course I play alot that has multiple blind shots. My friends who have lasers have a tough time on this course because of the limited line of sight. My buddy used his laser and I used the Sky Caddie. Fun comparisons. Obviously, from the middle of the fairway with a clear view of the flag, both had similar readings. Where it got fun was from the rough (or trees) behind mounds/hills. The Sky Caddie showed good line and target while my buddy had to walk to the top of the hill to get clear line of sight. Hopefully the pics I'm attaching show this. I will try to pair up the SkyCaddie screen with the actual look The stats and scorecard are very easy to use. Very easy to input
  11. I'll write more tonight or tomorrow when I have more time Short response is that I like it!
  12. Took it out for its first run yesterday. Played a local course that I've played hundreds of times. i put in the tray of my push cart for easy access. Simple to use. I kept it simple yesterday. Very quick to get yardages to greens and random spots on the course. I didn't try to do too much with it since I was freezing my butt off. I searched through the course listing and noticed it has driving ranges. I am going to try at the range today. I want to see what it shows verses the sign posts
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