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  1. I'll write more tonight or tomorrow when I have more time Short response is that I like it!
  2. Took it out for its first run yesterday. Played a local course that I've played hundreds of times. i put in the tray of my push cart for easy access. Simple to use. I kept it simple yesterday. Very quick to get yardages to greens and random spots on the course. I didn't try to do too much with it since I was freezing my butt off. I searched through the course listing and noticed it has driving ranges. I am going to try at the range today. I want to see what it shows verses the sign posts
  3. I am going to borrow a friends scope and also go to my home course which has gps in it's carts to compare. I am not a big fan of scopes (eyes have problems with them).
  4. Another question - sorry for three posts in a row Did anyone have the lofts adjusted? I was thinking of having them adjusted (if I get a set) to match my Steelheads which I had adjusted to match the Apex19 and Titleist AP1s that I was looking at last summer. It would be a degree to a degree and a half adjustment in the short irons and wedges. Long irons would remain the same.
  5. I should preface all of this by saying that I am looking for the easiest iron to hit with a good look to me. I turn 60 this year and am not looking at any players clubs anymore. I want point and shoot easy to get the most enjoyment out of my game that I can. I put my ego away several years ago. I haven't gotten any better, but I haven't gotten any worse!
  6. I had a chance to hit them at a 2nd Swing last week. The numbers were very similar to what I get with my Steelhead XRs. I really liked how they set up behind the ball. I didn't have my clubs with me to do an in-store comparison, but will try to do that on Monday (holiday and wife works = free day). I hit a few other sets and this is still at or near the top
  7. Can't wait to try it. I don't want a "scope". This seems better for me Sent from my SM-G970U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. I belong to both sites as well. Definitely different cultures. I am not sure if it due to size only. This site has always been more of a social, friendly place. I am part of the a local group on WRX and there is a lot of animosity within that group as well. As Mr. Hicksta called it, the GTFO mentality. IF you don't agree with either the poster or the self proclaimed expert, then they dismiss any of your views. Essentially telling you the GTFO. I get real tired of it, and have backed off a lot because of it.
  9. Greg - Damascus, MD on course markers, sprinkler heads, yardage poles, pacing I am all for anything that makes the game easier and more enjoyable. I like knowing exact yardages versus the estimating that I do now. However, I want something quick. Many of my friends have rangefinders and take forever getting their target.
  10. Great review Rick. 4* change in lie angle is huge. I am not sure I could have overcome that. Great that you kept an open mind about it and worked on it.
  11. I'd rather read an honest opinion than a shill for a company. Everyone has their own requirements for clubs. The hard part is to determine what you want/need. Once you can pinpoint that, then you can go through the club options.
  12. I slide out of work early and went to 2nd Swing on the way home. It was only an hour out of the way Hit the 410s with the stock shaft. I actually loved the heavier shaft. Feel was pretty standard for a cast club. Distances were good, comparable to my Steelhead XRs. I really liked them. I also hit the Apex 19 and AP1. I loved the look of the Apex but not the forgiveness. i was more impressed with the AP1 than I thought I would be. I am an old Ping guy though, so the 410s have my interest
  13. My wife once told me that thinking isn't one of my strong points.
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