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  1. I had posted this in the wrong thread (G410 driver thread) My G410 irons FINALLY came yesterday and I got them on the course this morning. I ordered them on June 16, received August 25. The pandemic has really messed up orders. Stock AWT shafts, stiff. +3/4 in, green dot. I got away with murder on a few swings. No way any of those shots should have been anywhere near the green, but all three were on. Forgiveness is off the charts. A different look than my Steelhead XRs, but I like it. The ball went far and straight. I hit a couple of uglies from bad lies, but I can do that with any club. All in all, these could be a keeper UPDATE 5 rounds with these now. Super easy to hit. Everything wants to go straight. My usual miss is on the toe, and I am getting away with some horrible swings. Nice high, not ballooning, ballflight and great distance. Took a while to get them, but happy they are here. The 5 iron is a easy to hit as the wedge
  2. Greg / Damascus, MD / United States Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select Heppler Anser 2 - I always come back to a blade putter. I've tried all sorts of mallets for help with alignment, but they feel too bulky. The old Odyssey Versa line helped with alignment with the two-tone paint. The copper and black head should provide great contrast, without the stark white, to aid in alignment
  3. dang it, wrong thread. I moved my G410 iron review to the proper thread
  4. Took me a while, but a set of G410s will be arriving next week. I was finally able to hit/test these a little more. I've had a lot of Ping irons, so I know my specs. Verified them the other week by hitting balls, and then ordered. The Mavrik Pros are awesome irons, but I want more help.
  5. Quick update - Still really liking this. I don't use some of the "extra" features much, but really like getting to my ball, looking at the screen, and go. So quick and easy. Love it
  6. gregh729


  7. I've actually surprised myself and not bought much during my shutdown. However, I now have 4 sets of wedges Ping Tour 54/58 Titleist 54F/58D (or 58K) Callaway MD4 54S (bent to 53)/ 58W Taylor Made 52/56 It's going to be a few more weeks until I can get out again. Lots of testing to be done!
  8. since i posted this, I've done some wedge buying. Just for kicks and the courses are closed, I picked up a 54/58 Cally MD4. I had 54 bent to 53. Now I can go P, 48, 53, 58 or stay with 48/52/56. The courses here in MD are closed, so I am waiting......
  9. Going to be a while for me, now. All courses are closed due to the virus.
  10. Greg Damascus, MD 8.1 Callaway Steelhead XR T200 - perfect style clubhead and specs for me Thank you!
  11. I will come back with my tail between my legs, but with much more knowledge And, when using these, Golfspy_CG2 got his first hole in one, they need to be forgiving!
  12. I think I out-smarted myself. In my younger days, I loved the "pro series" line of Callaway. For example, X18 Pro Series or X20 Tour. It seemed like I would go from Ping to Cally to Ping to Cally, etc. Anyway, I got a great deal on trade ins for a set of Mavrik Pros. After trade in bonuses, I was out about $15 for brand spanking new irons. They are not for me . I am not 40 anymore. At 60 (in 3 months), I want easy. The Mavrik Pros are great irons, but I will sell them and will come crawling back to Ping asking forgiveness.
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