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  1. MGS Best Driver of 2024 - PING G430 MAX 10K

    From MGS's Best of Golf 2024 - "The best driver of 2024 had to make an appearance on this list. Why? It dominated the competition. Rarely do we see a club take over the field like the PING G430 MAX 10k did."

    And from the Low Swing Speed Golfers - You want accuracy: PING G430 MAX 10K is absurdly straight. It's the best driver for accuracy. For 31% of our testing pool, PING G430 MAX 10K was the best driver for straight and playable shot percentage. This is nearly 10% better than the next best driver." 

    But apparently that isn't true for faster swing speeds.  After reading the Best Drivers for Mid Swing Speed Golfers, I'm having buyer's remorse.  The G430 Max 10K wasn't in the top 3 of the 37 drivers tested in accuracy.  As someone who swings their driver at 97 to 99 MPH, I was most interested in the results from this category and the Max 10K wasn't even in the Top Ten MGS ranked drivers overall.  Shocking since it was awarded the Best Driver or 2024!  That is true for the High Swing Speed Golfers too.  It doesn't seem like this driver dominated the competition for most golfers.  Feeling like I should have waited on MGS's full driver reports instead of trusting the Best Driver of 2024 award.  Now wishing I had tested the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond more thoroughly.  It seems like a case could be made that it dominated the testing.  Going forward, should the Best of Golf Awards be decided after the full testing for the year has been completed?


    1. cnosil


      It "dominated" the field when it came to the accuracy measure.  Being accurate across all swing speeds is a unique characteristic.    

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