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  1. Since I generally only play golf on Sunday, I have a weekly reminder set on my calendar to remind me to charge the device since I don’t have a place I can just leave it charging 24x7
  2. We are all looking for more speed with our clubs. Looks like Superspeed has a new produce for gaining that speed and for only $50. Definitely seems like a cost effective way to try and increase speed. https://superspeedgolf.com/products/superspeed-squeeze I know winter is a great time to work on speed and we have a thread dedicated to holding people accountable to work on speed increases. All the conditions are there, just wish I had an indoor place to regularly work on speed as it gets pretty cold outdoors.
  3. Their customer service has been top notch the times I have contacted them.
  4. True, as the break calculation is simply a math problem. The advantage of an app point system is that it is legal to use during play. The app would be beneficial for practice to make a read and then check what you came up with. But as @cksurfdudesaid, that is why you buy the husky level to get the actual slope percentage over 10” vs the length of the phone. I have a vector putting booklet or you could get the aimpoint charts that tell you the break based on slope and speed;which is what the app does. Or you could follow Geoff Mangum’s work and understand that from about 10 feet and in the slope is generally pretty planar so you could just do the formula: slope * feet / 2 which will give you the aimpoint on the zero break line which doesn’t vary much over differing slopes. Breaking putts are another animal and require a bit more analysis. as for the app, I guess it would be helpful to test scenarios to see if you come up with the right number or to tell you a number. The reviews of the app were pretty good I watched some videos about the app and thought it was pretty cool but felt like aimpoint or Geoff’s approach was probably a better way to go since it require you to do the same work you would have to do during a round. I’d suggest watch the TXG video on the Tour Read app if you want more details.
  5. Driver is a maybe, always trying to find something longer with less dispersion. 3 wood, hybrids, irons, and wedges all,safe. I am in the midst of a putter shootout trying to find the putter I will hopefully commit to using. LAB is definitely out of the bag. Right now it is looking like the Odyssey RSX or the Seemore mFGP2 will take the permanent spot with the Odyssey currently having a slight lead. While it probably doesn’t matter the shaft might be in line for a change as I find upgraded putter shafts intriguing. Also debating on a length change. Basically this is a combination of fixing my stroke and finding the right putter to match.
  6. Still have the g400 Max in my bag from that years testing. Keep wondering if anything will push it out of the bag.
  7. Working on my putting and want to experiment a little bit with the putters playing length so I want to try and find an adjustable length shaft or fitting putter for a reasonable price since it will mostly be an experiment. I know a few Ping models (Scottsdale TR and Sigma 2) have adjustable length but they are in the $150 range used. I found that Apollo made an adjustable one, but can't find a place to purchase. Also wondering if there is a way to DIY something that is stable enough to actually use.
  8. For the Donor badge, you need to DM one of the moderators the transaction ID for your donation as a verification. There is an explanation on the club emoji's here:
  9. Probably will respond like any other battery that is on constant charge...it will degrade the battery life.
  10. Lots of things influence swing weight. As you discussed, length of shaft. Other things that will impact swingweight are grip weight, lie angle, shaft weight, and balance point of the shaft. I think people over obsess with swingweight; if you are testing clubs and find the combination that works then measure the swing weight and match. There is no guarantee that swingweight will need to be the same from club to club.
  11. Best I have is 12. Pretty straight shoot'in to get to 14 fairways. Now we want 18 greens!
  12. Maybe golf should take a page out of the Savannah Bananas book and completely change the game like they did to baseball. Money payouts after each round instead of after the final round. Long drive in the fairway and closest to the pin payouts. Friday and Saturday just get you to the weekend and all scores are reset. Bring out the shot clock; I thought it was great in the European tours that did this.
  13. I'm trying to limit myself to a single putter and have been going through my putters trying to figure out which one to commit to or to ditch them all and try something else. I keep reading about how mallet putters are supposed to be great and the majority of the top putters on tour use a mallet, but I seem to struggle with mallets. My at home testing is indicating that I should be using a blade putter so maybe I will just pick one of my blades and go with that. Part of me wants to get fit and see if/how graphite shafts might help and to lock in on a design. Part of me wants to rebuild my putting approach from scratch. Basically I am a mental mess when it comes to putting right now and it used to be a strength of my game. The time when I considered putting my strength was when I committed to a single putter so I know I need to commit.....but commitment is so hard when I see all the different putters.
  14. Grabbed some balls and did some startline drills to evaluate my putting a little bit. I have developed a right miss. I've noticed this a little on the course; especially after MGS Phillip mentioned it during our round a few weeks ago, and it was my miss during the drills this morning. I'm guessing I have overcompensated for the left miss that used to be my typical miss for many years. Tried making a few tweaks to my setup and couldn't didn't feel like I had a lot of success though it seems like I have crept a little closer to the ball. Going to go back to the basics and work on some of the fundamentals of putting and see what I can figure out.
  15. The question is how well do you want the driver to fit your swing? Club manufacturers select stock shafts that are designed to adequately fit a large percentage of the golfing population. Could you get a better configuration that just picking stock? The answer to that is maybe. When swinging a club, players react to how it feels and that drives performance of that club. There are cases where a person swinging 80MPH is optimally fit in a long XStiff shaft (Of course shaft flexes aren't standard across the industry or even across the same manufacturer) and a person swinging 110 will be in short regular flex. Players that seek higher launch will pick shafts that are labeled as "high launch" and not see that type of performance for reasons like the shafts feel causes the player to deloft the club or there is no actual definition for "high launch". You went down a fitting path and fitters look at performance and not the manufacturers recommendation. What do you consider the definition of "fits reasonably well" to be and how can we make a recommendation without seeing any swing data? If you want general recommendations, I'd say not to get the D9. Reasoning is because it didn't do extremely well in the 2022 MGS most wanted testing which looks at stock configuration in your swing speed range. I could also point you to the OttoFlex thread where players are utilizing shafts with low targeted swing weight, 46" in length, 2 flexes and 2 weight classes below what would be recommended in the data you are taking about. Many are reporting increased distance and increased accuracy.
  16. Judging by their website and the super low prices they are most likely counterfeit. You should not purchase them; period.
  17. I'd guess the physics is gravity and the intent is to minimize wrist flexion and extension to keep the face square to the plane from P6-P8. If you want to feel the effect use an adjustable wrench and position it so that it makes the toe vertical when balanced; there are also some DIY instructions that enable you to build one for about $10.
  18. Here and Reddit are the only places I have seen anyone questioning the drop process and there are no videos posted anywhere showing what she allegedly did wrong. I am hoping that one of the networks posts it in their replay vault but it may take a few weeks.
  19. Been trying, but it isn't shown in any of the highlight videos. Hoping a full replay gets posted somewhere since I doubt the Golf Channel will show it again.
  20. It was mentioned in their discussion, but I really don't think that was the actual point which is why I added that qualification to try and avoid that discussion as we have had it multiple times and it goes nowhere quickly They also referenced their discussion with Lou about backloading the bag and having lower gaps in the more lofted clubs and larger gaps in the longer clubs to be able to hit more distances with full shots. Basically don't worry about maximizing distance with irons and try to improve dispersion.
  21. It has nothing to do with the balls path. LK crossed the hazard line and Maguire did not. When I was watching the replay the thing that I noticed was that Maguire did not appear to drop from knee height (should have backed up and watched again ) Lydia took relief from the red staked area and dropped the ball twice and the ball rolled back down the hill into the hazard. She then attempted to place the ball on the spot it landed a couple of times and the ball started to roll down the hill. She then started moving the ball to attempt to find a place that the ball would not roll down the hill. This ended up being about 6 or so feet up the hill from where she originally attempted to place the ball.
  22. Which would not apply to Ko’s drop as she did not take back on the line of relief.
  23. After it rolled down the slope after two drops, where did she try to place the ball? she moved up the hill because when placed the ball began to roll; therefore she could try alternate locations to find a spot where the ball would come to rest after being placed.
  24. Glad to hear that Titleist gave you an answer, most report back that Titleist won’t release that information. You said you wanted to go with some kind of graphite, what are you looking to install? I’ve wanted to install one, but I need to lock in on a putter that I want to use.
  25. She attempted to place it there multiple times and it rolled down the hill.
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