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  1. talk to your instructor; you should get some recommendations since your instructor has seen your swing Maybe you will benefit from d7 o D9. Again impossible to answer; you should swing them to find out. Shafts really aren't based exclusively on swing speed. Shafts are designed to work with how you load and unload the shaft so it is not really possible to give you a realistic recommendation. Talk to your instructor or go to a golf store and try some different clubs and shafts and see what works.
  2. There is a global golf store there as well; good opportunity to try and compare used equipment.
  3. I hit the tybee today; didn't pay attention to the milling pattern but it wasn't a deep mill. The putter (not meridian) I hit prior to it had a very clicky metallic sound so it is hard to give a good answer on sound.
  4. I don't think it is short as closely resembles the Pelz putting tutor with the addition of a putter gate. The intent of the device is to make a putting stroke and have the putter go through the putter gate and the ball go through the ball gate. Even if you tap your putter you still want to make center contact which means the putter still needs to go through the gate. It doesn't seem to be designed to make you lift or push the putter.
  5. I have tried a couple of their models. Overall nice putters nothing spectacular or poor about them. Most reviews are favorable. If I were looking for a new putter, I'd consider one.
  6. You can't really aim small and miss small with course management; part of course management is understanding dispersion circles which is more of a shotgun pattern. If your biggest issues is off the tee and resulting penalties or shots that you cannot advance to the green then you might be better to focus on driver instead of new irons.
  7. Yes, but peacock is a subscription service; which was the complaint. I know the golf channel is as well because it is part of cable, but not another service you have to procure.
  8. Totally agree and is basically what the article I posted says. I could use a MB as a training aid to work on strike; there are other smaller headed irons that are training aids, but as the article states you need to understand the feedback and what changes to make to actually improve. Just hitting a MB iron won't necessarily make you better.
  9. https://pluggedingolf.com/do-blades-make-you-a-better-ball-striker/
  10. I don't think spikeless are out the door. Spiked and Spikeless are designed for different needs. typically a spiked shoe will have a stiffer profile due to the infrastructure needed for the spikes so it will tend to twist less. Spikeless don't have spikes that can be replaced so when the nubs wear out you need to replace the shoe. Pros and cons to each, as a player you just need to find what works for you.
  11. Thusday was on the Golf Channel from 1-5 which I believe is typically what tournament coverage has been in the past for non weekend grounds. The major networks don't cover golf until the weekend.
  12. Golf Technology forum would be where I would go: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/forum/101-golf-technology/ There has also been discussions on having sim competitions but don't know where that stands. There is a forum for the virtual competition tour but that currently works with actual rounds. @GolfSpy_BEN, you seem to be running the VCT area of the forum.
  13. Was the Stealth better than your R11 when you did the fitting and compared them side by side?
  14. Jumpers were something that happened a lot more frequently in the older foam filled clubs. I test a lot of clubs as one of MGS most wanted testers and there are fewer jumpers with the newer models. It is entirely possible you hit players type irons a bit more consistently than GI type clubs. That is why it is recommended to hit the clubs and possibly get a fitting. Helping your game is a completely different question as there is more to golf than hitting the ball. Completely different topic, but I'd suggest you start learning more about course management, expectation management, and dispersion circles. You don't have to work the ball to be a scratch golfer.
  15. You'd have to read Geoff's thoughts on speed/touch; that is another complete discussion. But yes, single speed and single line. The fall line provides a single place to aim no matter where you are around the hole unlike aimpoint where the spot would change as you move around the hole. Aimpoint is fundamentally simpler since you are looking left or right of hole and don't have to "imagine" the fall line which could be pointing in any direction from where you are standing. He also discusses other methods for doing reads that don't require working with the fallline.
  16. Nope, nothing to do with a putter being center shafted. A center shafted putter can be "traditional" or counter balanced just like a plumbers neck can be either. Per the website with the putter you mentioned: Oversized, 104-gram grip moves the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother, more controlled putting stroke There isn't an industry standard on what is considered a normal weight grip nor what is considered counterbalanced. But if you put a lighter grip on the putter you reduce the counterbalance by lowering the balance point. Put a butt weight or a heavier grip you add more counterbalance and move the balance point higher.
  17. Here is another document from Geoff Mangum on slope and break: https://oldduffergolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Slope.pdf
  18. a counterbalanced putter is where you add additional weight to the butt end of the club. It has nothing to do with toe hang/face balance. A putter can be counterbalanced by replacing the grip with heavier grip, using an add on weight like tour lock, or the grip weights in a superstroke grip. Sometimes players will even extend the overall length of the putter by a few inches, but that isn't required to counterbalance a putter. Generalizing, counter balancing will make the head feel lighter and part of the marketing is that it will improve your stroke.
  19. Look up Geoff Mangum; this is his formula. Also note that aiming up the fall line is not the same as left or right of the hole. You can find more detail on the formula in his 10 and in putting document. Link: http://www.dropbox.com/s/iw4nimn4wffboko/Ten-and-In.pdf?dl=0
  20. Never heard of countour balanced; there was a company called contour putters pre 2010. Face balanced is simply a measure of toe hang where the face points to the sky when the putter is balanced on its balance point.
  21. I saw the video below a week or so ago and thought it provided a good overview of the optimotion system. The data nerd in me finds it fascinating and wanting to go to GolfTec and do a swing analysis just to see what it says. The part of me that understands golf knows you really shouldn't chase specific numbers. The question becomes, do you change numbers to make your swing "look" better or does getting to those numbers really help you hit the ball better to ultimately play better golf.
  22. Distance control was definitely where I felt it helped me the most. Like you said, just building those feels helped immensely on the course.
  23. Working on putting since that is all I can really do. Putting at home to work on startline and aim. Putting at MGS as part of most wanted testing so I get to apply the startline and aim and work on putts up to 20 feet. Having a tendency to get the upper body a little too active. when I focus on good mechanics, putts are rolling well.
  24. That would be a reason to get new clubs; not give up the game
  25. its actually German. Google Translate can help you out: https://www-v--kitchen-ch.translate.goog/de/recipes/59054/berner_roesti/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp
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