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  1. https://golf.com/gear/drivers/how-to-fix-your-driver-miss-using-lead-tape/ Just get lead or tungsten tape and place it like in the article I linked. Pretty straightforward concept; you just need to experiment.
  2. What club and what are you trying to accomplish?
  3. Interesting article went up today on plugged in golf that talks about fitting vs lesson for new golfers. Multiple things to think about when making that decision. https://pluggedingolf.com/do-new-golfers-need-fitted-golf-clubs/
  4. Definitely helps. Based on marketing material the project X might be lower launching, but it is impossible to really compare marketing material. One companies low is another’s mid. the Mizuno’s are lower lofted by a couple of degrees and designed for distance. the 699 pros are probably a little closer to a players irons category. This probably makes the pros launch higher and spin a little more resulting in your distance variance. from a fitting perspective both clubs are probably good fits. Your discussion about wanting to launch lower due to course conditions may have prompted the shaft change. So based on your goals, the project X shafts might give you better results. Hard to tell if there would be any actual improvements without trying them since I am guessing you want to reshaft the Sub70 irons
  5. The simple answer is…practice. We know you wouldn’t do that until April and then you would just play instead. The only way to get better with any aspect of your game is devoting time to learning the skill. With your hitting it only a couple of times a round you probably won’t get better.
  6. After reading your post it seems like a lot of unknowns and based on my reading: you were fit to a set but bought something different than recommended. same shaft different head you feel the ball height is too high and you feel like you are losing distance. No numbers or measurements to confirm this. You went to another fitting but didn’t bring the clubs you were using to compare so you still have no measurement. first, going to different fitters will probably result in different configurations. Fitters have their preferences and get to goals differently. The shaft works based on how you respond to it so we really can’t tell you if it will make any difference. It could result on a lower flight or it could be the same or higher. what sits in the back of your head? You have a club that you were fit into and you should know how far you hit each club.
  7. Is that finished classes or actual graduation date? and congrats on the accomplishment; going back to school and working at the same time is a difficult thing to do.
  8. Some people play their wedges with different lie angles than their irons; it is nit a requirement. If you don’t take full swings with your wedges, the shaft won’t deflect downward as much so they play a flatter lie to have the club delivered correctly at impact. Some people stand the shaft up more for short game shots so they play a steeper lie angle. Each person is different in their needs so there is no standard answer to how much flatter you should go or if you even need too. found this with a quick google search: https://golf.com/gear/wedges/james-sieckmann-wedge-lie-angle-fully-equipped/
  9. You definitely seem to be overanalyzing, but if you want to delve into that detail I would suggest you look at Athletic Motion Golf videos on YouTube. They have a gears systems and show/explain that detail. As others have said most of the time you will see that post impact is the result of everything done prior to impact. https://www.youtube.com/c/AthleticMotionGolf
  10. WE all know pictures get leaked; some intentionally some not. They may request an individual to remove it from social media like twitter, facebook, instatgram but probably wouldn't do anything if you didn't. An individual posting pictures on sites like MGS, WRX, THP, etc will probably result in the site owners being notified and requested to remove the pictures with threats of legal action if they don't. Media outlets typically have non disclosure agreements in place.
  11. Maybe I will be in the minority, but I am leaning toward the Vice Pro. Pretty close with the V1, but I think that one driver swing really skews the data. I like the higher launch which I think works better at your swing speed. Wedges were pretty much equal.
  12. I want an effective and repeatable swing that will result in lower scores. That is why I take lessons from an instructor; they help me with the movements to accomplish that. I also worked with a coach to improve my on course strategy to make better decisions to lower my scores. When I say lower my scores that applies to both the floor and ceiling. I work with a professional so I am not trying to implement youtube tips that aren't addressing my specific issues. it seems that you don't think there is a relationship between what a swing looks like and making a swing more effective and repeatable. There are definitely exceptions....ugly swing and scratch and great looking swing but can't score. Most of the people I see on here talking about swing are looking for ways to play better and break scoring milestones and have swing limitations that are preventing them from getting there. I don't know what your golf ability is or what you score, but it appears that you are happy at that level and aren't looking for ways to improve. All I can say is good for you and maybe one day I will get to that point.
  13. Yes, loft is very influential in how far a ball will go, but it is important to recognize that different designs with the same loft will go different distances. Picking clubs strictly based on loft will most likely result in uneven distance gaps throughout the set. The main struggle that people have; just like the OP is saying, they buy new irons and they now have a gap at the top and/or bottom of the bag between the new irons and their existing clubs. The first thing that they do is blame the lofts not the club design. When looking at clubs the strategy I was recommending was to configure clubs based on distance and not simply the lofts. The problem I describe is very prevalent when transitioning from the most lofted set club into specialty wedges. specialty wedges generally spin more than a set wedge at the same loft. that increased spin will typically launch the ball higher and result in less distance. You mentioned that you searched for clubs with the most lofted 9 iron to attempt to avoid the problem I described and to keep the club numbers/type in a set configuration like you prefer. The only reason I advocate not worrying about loft is because distance is what needs to be evaluated since we try to hit the ball a specific distance when we choose and iron or wedge from our bag.
  14. That answer will vary based on the individuals goals and desires. If you are happy then nothing else to learn. I can learn the fundamentals for lots of things but that doesn't mean I am good at any of them.
  15. I'll wait and see how it performs when I do driver testing......hopefully in a couple of weeks based on one of the latest MGS instagram stories.
  16. I think you need to look at other things. Carbon Fiber is lighter so it can be thicker than titanium which should give it more strength. All we can do is wait and see.
  17. Really not bothering me. Maybe I am correctly answering my own questions and looking for something more objective. Probably will never get the exact response I am looking for and would have to do my own comparisons on a launch monitor and on the course. Also, I don't have old irons, don't know if you looked at my signature, but my irons are only a a couple of years old. My ultimate answer might be age I just feel like my game has really dropped off since I switched away from my old Cleveland TA-7 Tours in about 2015. At that time I was hesitant about switching but wanted new irons for no other reason that I wanted new irons. When I played the TA-7s, I was a 4 and my handicap was trending down; since then it has slowly been rising. When I play I don't try to work the ball; one shot shape unless I need to hit something from out of the trees. That is what I mean when I say that I am able to move it both ways when necessary. I try to play a pretty simple game strategically so I am not sure what I am making too complicated. My short game totally collapsed and I was losing significant stroke due to bladed and chunked chips/pitches even when the goal was to just get it on the green. Since I have been focusing on the short game, my full swing took a backseat and I now have a big miss that pops up through the round that causes blow up holes. From your perspective what do you think I am doing that is too complicated?
  18. Here's mine, probably similar usage to Tom's. Didn't take a picture of the face but similar marks from the plastic tees; they are also on the bottom of the club as well.
  19. that is what I want to get into and you don’t seem able to provide an answer other than saying you might be right on your assumption. The individual that originally answered and I quoted is a long time club fitter which is why I am hoping he might be able to provide some detailed insight. For what it’s worth, I have tried various sets over the years within the same club category and don’t see the same benefits you are. When I hit clubs on the course, I am able to move the ball when i need too so there isn’t a lack of workability and I don’t see any better ball flight or straightness. I read articles that claim distance and forgiveness. They show charts that compare 70s/80s clubs vs current and newer ones have slightly higher launch and higher peak and more distance. I’ve also read that you may not see much difference from irons over the past 15 years. Yes improvement but unless worn out you may not see significant benefit. They say weight has been moved more distance more forgiveness, etc. I have also seen that all of this allows for a smaller club head…which people like the looks of. How much forgiveness does this advancement give me? Has my are of forgiveness grown from 1” to 1 1/8” and is that meaningful? back to the original question..when should I get new irons? I guess keep trying them and when you see a difference that is meaningful to you then you know it is time.
  20. I personally think it is more related to feedback. Good players want to know why a ball,reacted the way it did. I find with GI and SGI clubs is that it is more difficult to tell where you strike the ball on the face not that it is more difficult to work. But again, you aren’t addressing my original question. I don’t disagree that by switching categories of clubs that performance is different. Stay in the same category of clubs. Why is a 2021 players iron better than a 2000 players iron? Why is a 2021 GI iron better than a 2000 GI iron? If both clubs were in pristine condition what makes the newer club so much better?
  21. YOu didn’t answer the original question. And I don’t acknowledge your fact; hence my asking for more details. I know overanalyzing, but I don’t see comparable clubs going straighter. Impact conditions determine ball flight. Dynamic loft influences backspin and face angle and path influence left/right curve. Answer this: Given the same launch conditions, why would a GI travel straighter than a players iron? For a center strike there should be no difference other than backspin and vertical launch which means more distance not decreased curve. On an off center strike with same conditions, the players iron will want to twist which reduces ball speed and maybe increases curve. actual performance impact would be getting into how much the person misses the center of the face. The perimeter weighting should influence the clubs rate of rotation. So a GI club should rotate in the swing more slowly which could help a player deliver the face angle more consistently. Maybe that last part is actually the answer to my original question on older GI vs new GI clubs. The hollow body designs and lighter metals, clubs have more perimeter weighting than 10+ years ago which helps control face angle so once a player figures out how to deliver the club close to square it is easier to repeat?
  22. I don’t get the easier to hit straight. Isn’t straight based on path and face orientation? To my knowledge irons don’t have bulge and roll like on drivers. I’ll agree that the designs look like blades of old but really aren’t blades based on weighting and construction. I guess the foam filled/hollow bodies allow more weight to be placed on the extremes to reduce rotation on miss hits and help launch the ball higher. having hit all those clubs you do see distance increases and if performance =distance then these clubs do perform “better”. What creates that distance increase appears to be low spin? What I don’t seem to see is better total dispersion; maybe short long but not left right. Thanks for the response, maybe it’s more swing related or something I need to dig into deeper.
  23. @IONEPUTT I was listening to a podcast that feature a putting expert and he mentioned raising the CG higher and said the benefit is more about how the putter swings and that people can benefit from this design and that it works better than the deep low CG mallet putters. This may be what the pros you had try your putter were experiencing.
  24. It just takes time. I have been working on my pitch/chip shots for over a year and it has only been in the last couple of months that the motion has been more natural.
  25. I have seen The topic of broken balls discussed over multiple forums and the general answer is that it is impact into the net that causes the breakage and not the impact with the club. I don’t think there is really a definitive answer other than it is something that can’t be avoided.
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