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  1. I was in the lineup for this weeks golf league match; handicap for the course is a 1. Unfortunately it was an I should quit golf kind of evening. 3 FW, 1 GIR, 16 putts, and lots of terrible iron shots resulting in a 15 over 51.
  2. Let’s ask the first question; what percentage of your shots land past the hole? Spin is a combination of lots of things. Big factors are angle of attack and dynamic loft of the club: https://blog.trackmangolf.com/spin-loft/
  3. You might be able to push it down, but it will be tight. You should also add a little bit of epoxy to try and keep it from riding up again. If it is the ferrule, it will probably do it again.
  4. Is the clubhead loose or is the ferrule rising up the shaft? Without seeing the club it isn’t easy for us to diagnose. Don’t try to twist the head because if the epoxy has failed you could damage a graphite shaft.
  5. While you may be right about the emphasis part, I know I wasn’t say ion put more emphasis on any shot. I think You are starting to get into course management a bit with your discussion. You aren’t confident with your driver so you should possibly be more conservative in your strategy. You have confidence in your your longer clubs through your wedges so you feel like you can take a more aggressive strategy and not penalize yourself. I am puzzled by your statements since it seems to have a my tee show isn’t going to be good so I am not going to put the same effort into it as my second shot. My focus is the same over every shot. While I may. It be happy with every shot I try to get out of game mode until I am ready to hit the next shot. Then I get into game mode and make the plan for what I want to do with that shot. When you aren’t hitting driver off the tee and are using one of those clubs you are confident with, does the tee shot feel important then?
  6. People would just go back to grass tees like Laura Davies uses.
  7. My PW is 46; added 51, 54, 58 Hybrids are 19, 21, 24
  8. Thanks for the response. I saw that in one of your earlier posts and switched to a ten finger grip and it was 100% better.
  9. Testing is done prior to the start of the event.
  10. Not being argumentative at all; my being a tester doesn't mean I know everything. Thanks for posting the correction.
  11. Max won’t be tested but the LSTe will be. In fact the last 5 winners will be. I am sure they are working through the logistics on how to get people through the testing. Mallet putters testing has restarted and I would expect the final driver test to start soon.
  12. As far as I know there is no way to improve your odds of being drawn. If you really want to go, you can drive down and buy tickets from people on the side of the road. I have been applying for as long as I can remember and was selected for practice round tickets 1 time.
  13. After our discussion about SW, I really want to take mine in to see what mine actually is. Need to get back to MGS headquarters so I can check. Depending on what it is, I may buy some weights to experiment. While I did reduce shaft length, I also have a lighter shaft and different grip and depending on where the balance point is with the shaft i may not have lost 9 SW points. And To post a video just copy the URL and paste it in the message.
  14. This is something MGS does annually. Here is the 2019 report: https://mygolfspy.com/2019-golf-gps-buyers-guide/ I would expect a 2020 release but they are trying to catchup on club testing since they were shutdown for a while.
  15. I don’t know why he is pulling his name, but if it is time this isn’t the review you want to be part of. Not sure if you have read the previous iterations of this challenge but time is a huge consideration. I believe this review takes more effort than any other review opportunity as there are weekly expectations to be met.
  16. Two weeks in on the stability shaft. Spend evenings working on start line by rolling the ball between gates and down a yardstick. Can I say the shaft has helped me putt better? The quick simple answer is no. The reason I say no: I bought the putter with a stability shaft I have no baseline for how I putted without the shaft. Comparing to the feel to other putters, there doesn’t seem to be a changed in feel, but I don’t have the same grips, putter style, or head weight. I don’t seem to have “more” success rolling the ball down the ruler or through gates. The one area that may be an improvement, but I need to do more detailed evaluation, is distance control. Can’t really do this at home and need to get to a course to do more drills. The area I need the most help would be 25 feet and out since I don’t have a good feel for those distances. I love the Odyssey Ten S so it will be staying in the bag. The stability shaft is a nice add-on but not sure I would pay the full cost for the shaft. While the price I paid is more than used Ten S putters are selling for it was significantly less than buying the putter and shaft.
  17. They will just refund if they aren’t. My local LPGA event was cancelled for this year; the people that signed up as volunteers and bought tickets had several options for how they wanted to be reimbursed for the volunteer fees or ticket purchases.
  18. Someone asked you a question in that thread and I didn’t see pictures. [emoji16]
  19. The Cameron Teryllium putters were some of the best he ever made. I like putter too much to limit myself to just one so it can’t be a favorite. My favorite right now is my G400 max. While I don’t have perfect launch conditions every time, I hit it well and get great results; it just performs.
  20. Sub70 is a good option from a cost perspective. From a flex perspective without knowing your swing we can tell you anything since flex looks at more than swing speed. From a weight perspective, if you feel like you would be getting tired/overheated toward the later part of your round lighter weight sounds like a good option.
  21. I am in the camp of the shot you are about to hit is the most important. You don’t stand on a tee box thinking about you putt or having to get up and down. You focus on that shot and what you need to do to be successful. That happens with each shot up until the ball goes in the hole. Some people may interpret most important as the one that contributes mosts to how well they score. That is fundamentally a different question. Hitting greens is typically a good indicator for my score so approach shots and par 3 tee shots are “important” to helping me score better.
  22. I don’t think that is necessarily the belief. The opinion is that everyone should be fit. that fitting could be to find the best combination within a single manufacturer.
  23. Can you win an odyssey putter if you post in this thread?
  24. Have you posted a WITB with photos? Post a round summary in how did you play. If you practice, post what you practiced in the practice thread Thinking about some new equipment post in the what equipment are you thinking about. Did you buy anything golf related? Tell us in the what did you buy thread. Those topics should get you to 15 likes pretty quickly.
  25. Overall I was pretty happy with yesterday’s round. 40/40:80 11 FW 3 GIR 28 putts. I continue to drive the ball well and missed fairways are narrow misses. Hit my mid irons to linger clubs well. Approaches with Short irons were a bit of a struggle; 2 of my GIRs were with 6 irons. Since I didn’t hit many greens there was a lot of pressure on the short game. Chips and pitches were good; chunked a couple, overall contact was solid. Need to work on carry and rollout distances to have more realistic up and down opportunities.
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