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  1. I would think saying matchup would be better than correct. There are multiple combinations of line and speed that will work for any putt. I can hit a putt with different line and or speed than I intended and still make a putt. Skill level probably has a lot to do with importance. Someone just learning how to putt I would put line as being most important, Then speed, then Read. As you get more experienced, speed becomes more important because they have a decent stroke and can start the ball on line. Once you can control line and speed daily well you can start to fine tune reading gree
  2. While most agree that fitting is important, this test is designed for the person that doesn’t get fit or does a minimal fitting. The winner is the club that is supposed to work best for the majority of golfers. As you know, just because a golf club works for one person doesn’t mean it is the best option for another even with a fitting. I would agree that all of these clubs are pretty close, but when you look more deeply into the actual numbers for an individual player the separation becomes a bit larger.
  3. That’s was my comment but that is where the powers that be put them. The lines between categories is grey. There are clubs in the GI that would probably fit better in a players category Haven’t tested any sub70 clubs as part of most wanted. Probably not submitted in these categories. ZX5 are in the GI test.
  4. Terrible golf continues; couldn’t hit my irons reliably. Golf is becoming pretty frustrating. Plus pollen season is in full swing so I spent most of the round sneezing and congested; yes I took allergy medicine before the round, so I am going to try and blame it in that.
  5. So here is the million dollar question. What are you doing to improve your game? Do you know where you are losing shots? And congrats on the baby and good luck with your quest.
  6. Nitpicking wording. Not sure aligned toward target is correct. People will try to be parallel to Target line. Aligning toward target would be a closed setup. People may also want to setup open to promote a fade. Not going to get into the target vs where you are aiming. [emoji16]
  7. Lydia and Brooke do it on all their shots; it isn't just for control like most other players. If I remember right, it was because they learned with clubs that were too long and they got used to the choked down feel which is why they don't cut their clubs down to proper length,
  8. I think we are becoming more educated viewers and have a better idea that they really aren't saying anything meaningful. Probably sounds okay to the average golf viewer. If I remember right, when Stewart Cinks son was doing basic math calculations to determine a target the commentator said it was too analytical. Using Decade the analytical part is already done for you; you are looking at how far you are from the hole which gives you a distance from the edge and the player knows how many yards the flag is from the edge of the green so you do basic math to see how far left or right
  9. And then people complain that pros hit it too far......oh well.
  10. I could lock out my left arm and turn the grip sideways and do the same with left hand low and my fingers between the grip and forearm. The armlock minimizes wrist breakdown which will limit rotation, but not prevent rotation; unless you lock out your arm like Bryson does. But like many other methods over time it may be banned simply because people don't like it even though similar methods have been used since the 80s
  11. Correct, but it would still be a missed green; don't count fairways on par 3's even if there is a fairway.
  12. you can figure it out here: https://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/
  13. I would say yes; since It should be fairway height or maybe a bit shorter. if you hit the green on the par 4 I would also count it as a fairway hit. This is how I would list it when scoring for the LPGA. For the record on a par 5 if you hit it in 2 and them putt off the green on your 3rd I would still count it as a green in regulation
  14. Good luck in getting one. Friend of mine had is mower die after 25 years and is on a wait list to get a new one.
  15. I think you should really do this on the course; that is a nice shot grouping.
  16. Sorry to hear about the car. My joke about about this would be that as a Bears fan; there is nothing good in Green Bay. @chisagwould probably agree.
  17. Keep us up to date on what you find out. Interesting in hearing what he is offering and basic price ranges.
  18. Thanks for the review. As a followup, I would be really interested in how the device works for shots 100 and in. While long game practice would be great, I really want to work on those short game shot distances.
  19. Interesting that you struggle at that spot in the bag. Just thinking outside the box, I struggle with clubs longer than 6 which is why I switch to hybrids. But as part of most wanted testing we have to hit 5 irons and to hit them well I need to switch my swing up a little bit and hit a fade. This gives me a little more spin and a little more height. Just wondering if maybe hitting the 9 wood as more of a cut shot might give you that distance. I was listening the the most recent hack it out podcast; which was about club fitting, and from what I recall (could be old age creeping i
  20. Also, in the article Horschel states: "I think when you look at what guys are doing now with the arm lock and moving the grips to the side where it's parallel or matches the face and then when you do that up against your arm, I mean, it's—you know that face is dead square and that face doesn't rotate at all," Horschel continuted. "It's just sort of locked in. Guys are doing it too good." To my knowledge there isn't anything in the rules that states you can't turn your normal putting grip to the side and use the flat part against your lead hand and accomplish the same thing. You cou
  21. They seem to be pulling away from the field.
  22. Just curious, how do you practice now to keep what you learned sharp?
  23. Okay, I'll bite. Everyone has opinions on this and that is fine. You may not like armlock, but it isn't cheating and you may want to make it illegal. The rules are about anchoring the end of the club to a pivot point (belly, chest). In those strokes the putter rotated around that anchor point. In armlock the pivot point is the shoulder. The end of the clubs isn't anchored using the definition of the tour. Since anchor means to secure firmly in position we should just make putting one handed. By using two hands you are anchoring the putter.
  24. I have had the opportunity to putt on them both as they were at MGS headquarters so I tried them out. Putting mats are pretty expensive and the two you have listed are pretty good. I would personally pick the wellputt over the puttout simply due to people reporting that the puttout easily gets a groove. The startline diagrams could be a bit distracting if you wanted to do other drills on the mat. There was a puttout forum test a couple of years ago so you can read some of the feedback the forum had on that mat.
  25. Can you add the capability to go to the first unread post in the testing thread like in the regular forum. There isn't an icon to indicated new posts and clicking the header takes you to the first post and not the latest.
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