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  1. This type of behavior started about a week or so ago for me. I liked the old way and just accepted the new.
  2. Sorry to hear about your job situation. I have been in that position a few times. For me my focus was on getting a job. Fortunately my unemployment never lasted long, but I didn’t want to spend money since I really didn’t have disposable income so no golf or anything like that. Recessions an lay-offs probably took the biggest toll on my golfing group as people were unable to play.
  3. There are pros and cons to lasers vs GPS devices and you need to evaluate how you plan on using the device. There is a thread on this already I am pretty sure you can get lasers well under the $500 mark bust again that might be feature dependent. Typically the complaints about watch based GPS devices is battery life, determining actual distance to the pin, and size/wearing something on your wrist While I don’t have a watch I have a handheld GPS that gives front midddle back measurements and up to 4 hazards. For me it is perfect, fits in my pocket and I can check distances anywhere. I have a friend with a watch and he just carries it in his pocket. For me $299 is more than I would want to spend, I use the bushnell . NEO ghost which is a few years old. the new model is the phantom
  4. It is like the MGS blog posts. I enjoy reading all the comments as much as reading the article.
  5. @revkev. I know it happens and I really didn’t mean I as a negative. Expectations a so high and you want to see a new best but the number flashes up and it is slower than the previous. I creates the drive and goes back to one of my earlier comments about wanting to keep going. I keep wondering if I change my Technique will I get better results or what if I do this when I swing will that be faster. I just can turn that analytical part of my brain off.
  6. I have never been brand loyal. I typically buy most of my clubs used so I end up with whatever is available and works best. As a result my bag has always been mixed. I may favor brands but any brand could end up anywhere. Now that I test clubs pretty regularly I realize that almost every golf brand puts out great equipment. Some may fit me a little better than another but I could potentially game anything. Cost now becomes a prime decision point and I may start venturing down the looks and feel aspect as well. So in the end, I am neither a brand loyalist nor a brand hater.
  7. i hope you guys adapt to this style and roll the ball well. Going to be interested in hearing how it goes for you.
  8. I just want to say that I find it extremely frustrating when your current weeks numbers aren't anywhere near your previous weeks numbers.
  9. Wallet in back left pocket. 2 tees, neo ghost GPS, divot repair tool, and ball marker in front right.
  10. Noren has fallen off the face of the earth. I am not down on Glover, just wondering if he is in a one week slump or if it will continue for a little longer. At this point, I am giving him a break.
  11. This is one of the issues that people encounter when switching from a set wedge to a specialty wedge. The set clubs generally spin less and travel farther; specialty wedges spin more and travel less distance. You may need to change the loft on your wedges to get that comfortable distance.
  12. I hover before I start the backstroke. Helps me start the backstroke on the right line and not take the putter outside the line and pull my putts.
  13. Players before tiger had their caddies shagging golf balls they were hitting. Just because someone was successful doing something a particular way doesn’t mean that is the right was for everyone or that it is better. People rode horses before there were cars People travelled on the ground before planes People wrote letters before there was email. I understand your point but in every occupation things change to provide more efficiency. Ultimately you have to do what it takes to make yourself successful and you have to follow your own path and not someone else’s.
  14. I am assuming a performance doodad is a training aid. Most players skip those on tournament days during warmup, but they pretty much all use some kind of training aid during practice days. Putting greens are full of them and most use at least an alignment stick for full swing. As for the group of people with the player, it also varies between tournament and practice days.
  15. There were quite a few styles beyond the typical anser. Bettinardi also made 8802, mid mallet, and mallet designs for muzuno.
  16. Based on the name it is a BagBoy product. here is the website, I would suggest contacting their customer service: https://bagboycompany.com/products/search-n-rescue.html
  17. I like what you are doing. My only suggestion would be that instead of trying to get X number in a row that you see how many out of 20 you can get in that circle when putting or average leave distance for chipping. That will help to show progress over time.
  18. Big question for me is whether Lucas Glover bounces back after a bad event or if that is his new level of play.
  19. Caught the new episode of Feherty last night and thought it was pretty good. I know Bryson is a controversial player but I thought it provided some good insight into his thought process. Seems to be a very intelligent guy that is pretty level headed and knows he does thinks a little bit different. For those that aren’t his biggest fans it may show him in a different light. He just wants to find a way to play his best golf, no different than anyone else.
  20. Keep a log on how long it takes or the average distance. This will help you monitor progress. Over time.
  21. The thing to keep in mind is that GPS will give you direct line to to point of interest (hole, bunker, water) and cut the corner in all doglegs. The scorecard measure is generally down the middle on the path the hike was intended to be played. You also have to consider that tee boxes are moved up and back so as already stated using the distance to the hole does not always give correct distance for how far you hit a shot off the tee
  22. Had a brain fart last night, it was starting to rain so I was in a little bit of a hurry. Went out and did my protocol and compared my speeds against prior results to see if I had any increase in speeds. All good except is was day 1 of a new week so everything resets. Oh well, will have to capture the numbers starting on day 2 [emoji16]
  23. You guys are funny, I am in but no allegiance to any school in the tournament. I am actually more interested in the NIT
  24. From a putting perspective here are some things you can do indoors to improve direction and contact. 1 - putt down a metal yardstick. Use different length strokes and roll the ball down the yardstick. Doesn't matter how far the ball goes, you are just practicing getting the face angle correct no matter how long the stroke. 2- stand two tees up outside your putter head and make sure that your putter goes between the tees no matter how long of a stroke. This will help ensure center face contact. 3 - draw a line around your ball or partially around and roll it end over end.
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