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  1. cnosil

    POLL: Mobile access to the forum

    100% exclusively use Tapatalk when not using my computer.
  2. Was getting ready to post this myself. I saw all the boxes sitting against the wall and asked Harry when they were going to be shipped.
  3. It has 60 grams of weight running along the underside of the shaft. If can be used to counterbalance a putter, depending on weighting the grip you are replacing. I have tried it and it is a nice grip. It is thin left to right and fairly thick top to Bottom. I will most likely end up with one on my next putter.
  4. I try to play a standard ball flight on normal shots. Depending on the day, that could be a cut or a draw. I only try to intentionally work the ball if I am really out of position and need to go around trees. I can hit a draw much easier than a cut even on days when the ball is tailing to the right.
  5. cnosil

    Dallas Golf

    Haven’t heard anything bad about them.m and have read a few positive reviews. They also sell their stuff via eBay a little cheaper than you can get online. They are a Nice option if you want a particular adapter installed
  6. cnosil

    So many choices...

    Improving your game is definitely what you want to do, but as you said in the rest I want my clubs to look nice. Those desires may be in conflict. Do you want to play competitive golf? Do you want to be able to work the ball. High ball flight, low ball flight? How much are you willing to give up before you decide that you current equipment is fine? Based on you last statement, your fitting desire might best be approached by picking what you want from a head design and then finding the best shaft.
  7. I received a smartline ball marker for Christmas and have tried it a couple of times and personally believe it does have some benefits. Of course there are some caveats to that claim. What is the smartline ball marker? It is a ball marker that will help you line up your ball based on what percent the green slopes. If you look at the picture below, the red line points straight at the hole, the white lines directly to the right and left of the red line are for 1% slope, the second set of white lines for 3%, and the black line between is for 2% slopes. I have self taught myself Aimpoint so I kind of use the slope percentage in my putting approach. The hardest part for me if figuring out were the line on my ball should point when I pick the aim point in the distance. The ball mark solves that by bringing that line closer to my ball. Part of what this marker does is confirm my read and gives me confidence that the line on my ball is lined up correctly. Obviously, it doesn't help with speed, but I find that I am keeping the ball above the hole which improves the chance of making the putts. I think the biggest benefit is on those 3% slope putts since it is hard to convince yourself that the ball really needs to start that far out. If you purchase you receive the marker, printed instructions, carrying bag, and a code that will allow you to access some instructional and practice videos. The biggest negative is that if you don't use a line on your ball or use a spot in front of your ball it would be very difficult to line up your ball properly. Also, while I generally use a larger ball marker this one is bigger that the one I previously used. Cost: $20. Probably a bit expensive even with the free shipping and the videos. For someone not familiar with how Aimpoint works or wants some ideas on how to compensate for multiple breakers the videos aren't bad. The marker itself is high quality and heavy; It is something you will have to carry in a pocket since it isn't magnetic. Overall, it is a simple to use aid that can be used during your round; it is USGA legal. Even if you don't subscribe to the Aimpoint approach but used a line on your ball it it a handy tool to get your ball lined up correctly. While it won't fix technique or help with speed control I think it can provide some benefits on the green. I would rank it as an 8/10 and would recommend it for someone that does use a line on the ball. While the cost is a drawback in my mind, I have spend $20 on golf stuff that was far less useful. This product will stay in my bag since it fits into my approach for putting. Product website: https://smartlineputting.com Can be purchased via Amazon if you would prefer that route: Amazon Link
  8. Good luck on your journey; I think we are all pulling for you. How many fairways are you hitting per round?
  9. cnosil

    I.T Chrome help.......

    Do other browsers work correctly?
  10. cnosil

    Stability putter shafts - hot or not?

    What do you mean you lose your feel for distance? What is your current approach to distance control and how off do you get? The shaft wouldn’t fix being off by feet, the theory would be that the face angle is more consistent so you are making better contact.
  11. cnosil

    I.T Chrome help.......

    This article explains the direction I am going with my advise. https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/security/how-remove-browser-redirect-virus-3499499/
  12. cnosil

    I.T Chrome help.......

    I would look for a hosts file and see if the is something in the file that does a redirect to the schools home page.
  13. Aimpoint makes 100% mathematical sense. The human factor and rub of the green is why it isn’t 100% flawless. Given a green speed, ball speed, and a slope a ball will always roll and break the same amount on a perfect green. I use it some, but watching me you wouldn’t know I do. Just curious, why aren’t you a fan and how you measure a players success with it. Just interested in your perspective. Adam Scott has more issues associated with his putting than picking the line.
  14. cnosil

    I.T Chrome help.......

    Could be multiple things. There is a hosts file on you computer that could have been changed, could be a virus, or proxy settings. I would recommend scanning for malware to see if it finds anything. After that you would probably need to walk through some individual scenarios.
  15. cnosil

    Club fitting question

    Just talk with the fitter when they come up with options. An exotic wood shaft can be $400+ and if you are willing to go that route it can be an option. As for the irons, I would tell them that you are primarily interested in finding an iron shaft that works for you but doesn't break the bank.
  16. cnosil

    Club fitting question

    First piece of advice is go into the fitting knowing what your goals are from the fitting. To get the best experience you should educate yourself as much as possible and ask questions, they are working for you since you are paying for the fitting. 1. Club Champion is fine as long as you understand their model. You can take the specs they fit you too and generally buy the clubs cheaper in the open market. What CC will tell you is that they buy the clubs and shafts separate and reassemble them to ensure that you get each club to perfectly match your specs and also do shaft puring. So when you buy from them you are paying for a complete set of clubs from the manufacturer (including shafts), new shafts, shaft puring, and their labor. The advantage over something like a PGASS is that you will be able to get shafts outside what is normally available from an OEM and what they happen to have in their fitting carts. The most important thing is to be open in what you are looking to achieve and if you have a budget. To give you an example of costs, I was fit for TM P790 which were $1300, KBS Tour shafts at $55 each, Tour Velvet Grips at $9, and $30 per club for puring. I could purchase the clubs in the open market for the $1300 without puring. Some people will say puring helps, others will say it does nothing with newer shaft manufacturing techniques. 2. You should get specs from the fitting as well as the numbers from all the shafts and heads you tried if you use club champion so you will be able to compare performance; you don't need to note anything. If you plan on buying outside of CC, try to avoid the exotic shafts that they may put you into. Ask questions of your fitter. 3. You can try to match shafts to other manufacturers, but I wouldn't buy blind without trying what you substitute. Specs between manufacturers generally don;'t line up 100%. See my response to number 2, see if you can stay away from try exotic shafts. Are you doing full bag or just specific clubs? If you are doing full bag, it will be a long day hitting lots of balls. Take your time and try to use your normal swing. You will be comparing your gamer to the new clubs so you will see head to head comparisons, ignore the fact that they go farther or shorter than you think they go on the course.
  17. cnosil

    Happy thread

    It is simply converting a letter grade to a number to be able to do a better job of assessing where a student really is. adding to the difficulty is there isn't a consistent grading scale across schools. For example, some schools consider an A a score between 90-100%; while others may consider it a score between 95-100.
  18. cnosil

    So many choices...

    Based on your comments I would have to ask what kind of fitting do you want? Do you want to do a fitting where you find out what is best for your game or one where you pick a club/style and find the best shaft to go with the club. What are your goals from the fitting?
  19. Not snowing here; Come on down to SE Va!
  20. cnosil

    MyGolfSpy Tournament

    I think there is some confusion. The first post and what Rob is discussing is an outing. However, the title and your response is abouta a tournament. I think it would be more likely that we could get a weekend type outing coordinated and not a true tournament.
  21. cnosil

    Happy thread

    As was said, it means be proud of your son. GPAs are really confusing now with all the weighting. Kids take DE, AP, honors, and regular classes with each having a different weight, the 1-4 scale of my youth is now a 1-5+ rating now with GPAs being reported as weighted and unweighted numbers. Like you, I am just proud of my daughter
  22. cnosil

    So many choices...

    I think the other thing that people ignore is peak height. While the clubs are jacked, they launch the ball higher. higher launch and greater decent angle will help make up for the drop in spin. I still don't care what the lofts are, I just want to be able to pick a club that I can hit x distance. Who knows, the ideal makeup may be driver, 3 wood, hybrid, 6 - 8 iron, and then a bunch of wedges.
  23. I think it depends on how far away the person is trying to line the ball up to. Lets say for a ten foot putt a person is doing aimpoint, they are picking a spot left or right of the hole. From a time perspective, I probably could get it set right, but it will take some time. If you pick an point to aim at 4 or 5 feet away you may have the same issue. With this marker, you may still have a problem lining the center line up with the hole for the same reasons above, but I can align the line on my ball to the line on the marker much quicker and by looking at it from the top down, feel like I get pretty close. I think a secondary issue with the line on the ball is that due to parallax issues, the line doesn't look like it is point to the correct spot when a player takes their stance......unless their stance takes how they see the line into account.
  24. HMMMM, that sounds like a challenge
  25. cnosil

    2019 Sony Open thread

    Apparently Titleist is pretty popular for the players at the Sony this year: at the Sony Open Titleist won ALL the equipment counts (drivers, fairways woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters and balls). Most impressive was drivers: 45 to 32 for next closest. Over 100 balls; 200 wedges.