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  1. shot back to back 81 's today. I played Babe Zahairias in Tampa

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    2. daves81


      awesome,good job

    3. ransrx2


      Did you beat Her? LMAO !!!

    4. ransrx2


      Did you beat Her? LMAO !!!

  2. WW is having some great rates this month

  3. I traded in my Callaway X-24 Hots for the used MP-53's with project X 4.5 graphite shafts + $100...first weekend I made almost $200, then within 5 weeks made a total of $600...that's what I call a good ROI....I hit them shorter due to the weaker lofts (7 iron is 33* versus 31* on X-24's) but the flight is much straighter. My Hcap has dropped from 20 to 15.

    Go for...

  4. Want to play, but that thing called work is stopping me....

  5. Can't play tomorrow......as I have a ticket to the NCAA Round 3 in Tampa where my UKWildcats play the WV Mountaineers & FL Gators take on UCLA.....guess I'll have to get out on Sunday.

  6. shot an 87 Sunday at Links at Lake Bernadette....I haven't played this course in 2years!

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