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  1. Saw that as well which is annoying. Oh well. Getting a set of these for my birthday. High-liter yellow and blue baby!
  2. Curiously, what type of critters are we talking about here?
  3. So far she has three loves in life and that would be #1 by miles, with the cat and sweet potato bringing up the next two spots. Mom and cheerio's probably rounds out the top 5 heh. Hahahaha! Your little one definately looks like the boss of the family from that picture. I bet she's a handful now and will only get more so as she gets bigger.
  4. You take your cat for walks? Crickey!
  5. I think if Sergio really wanted to make it a racist remark, he would have done so. The guy has no filter when he's annoyed. He gave a stupid answer to a stupid question by a stupid reporter.
  6. Kiddo with her first swing experience about a month ago: Dad and kiddo at a recent White Caps game (footie)
  7. You may be Mr Charisma man but I'm pretty. It get's stuff done
  8. They look a lot like the MX200's I use to have, only better for whatever reason. Intriguing.
  9. The irons aren't going to arrive until the Friday before everyone is here. Talk about a trial by fire...
  10. Last release from Tmag says sales are up 19% overall from Q1 this year to Q1 last year.
  11. True. But that also included Adams sales that weren't in there last year. We'll see in Q2 when the restocking orders show up how it's really going. I still suspect they'll be up but maybe not as much.
  12. Shirt. Pants/shorts. Shoes. Belt. Hat. Wookie shoulder strap thingy.
  13. Not as flashy as I typically like for golf clothes but they're quite nice none the less. They would make excellent causal work day shirts as well I would thing.
  14. Low compression doesn't have to feel like the rock though. That's been the standard for years, but IMO while it's great for off the tee if doesn't help new players learn the feel shots in the short game area that have to be developed. I'm not their hugest fan across the entire product line, but I'd really take a look at something like the Wilson Staff Duo or Wilson Staff 50. They're both low compression balls but neither feels like a rock, they're both quite soft actually. Well worth a look.
  15. Hahahahah! That's ace JREcklund03. Well done sir!
  16. So, how's it going for people, especially those who were/are going to swap shafts? I'm still waiting on my swaps to come in. I'm also going to wait until after the MGS Van event. I'd like to see how the guys travelling up do with them in their stock configuration so they can add their results to the thread as well.
  17. Congrats Wookie! Now, as part of your review I demand this: A picture of a wookie in a Fowler outfit. Non negotiable yeah.
  18. Agreed, I suspect the ZLE is in for either a refresh, a rename or disappear with the Amp Cell Pro taking over. I just happen to love the ZLE driver and really like the blue Cobra has, hence the burning desire for one. Also because my homeslice, Blixt, is rocking one. Do you think the Amp is going to get refreshed? I figured the Cell line replaced it entirely and we'd end up with something like the Amp Cell, Cell Pro and then maybe the continuation of the ZL/E as the full out "players" option. I'd suspect that maybe the Amp Cell Pro fairway that Rickie's been rocking might come out at the same time. Meanwhile, what is with the October release? Seems odd to me given most of the north eastern US is packing away the clubs at that point.
  19. Some days, I hate you a little. Mine isn't going nearly as well. At first, I dropped a bunch quickly from the diet changes. That's since stalled and it doesn't look like that's where the rest of the results are going to come from. Thus it's been back to various forms of training I use to do for hockey. Downside is that I tend to gain weight initially as I put on muscle faster then I burn fat. Good side is that the fat will eventually go and it's good stress relief in the mean time. Doc still wants me to change jobs. Says the work stress level is really not helping things.
  20. Cheers for posting that WD! I was watching one of the TV interviews he did last night about how trying to do matt exercises were the hardest thing ever. It was really fascinating to hear him talk about gravity and all the things people never think about it effecting.
  21. Yes! Not as an off the rack choice, but any Cobra partner can custom order it. What we can't get the Blue ZL Encore which would be sweet. Red, white and red Canadian driver eh MBP? That sounds like a fantastic idea. Maybe a Amp Cell with the Kiyoshi White and a red Iomic or a Dance with Dragon to keep the reptile theme? Now that, would be a hawt driver. Probably pushing 7 bills though depending on the cost of the Kiyoshi from Cobra.
  22. Individual's can be had from certain dealers if they're willing to break a set but you're right, that isn't common. Some seem to be, some aren't for the .355's. 370's can be hand singularly from anywhere that sells them.
  23. I'm either not reading things correctly, not the right threads or entirely oblivious. Someone needs to point me to the negativity in the forums so I know what not to do/stop doing.
  24. I'd drop a line to Continetal Golf. I suspect they would want to do the work for you, but they might also be able to point you in the right direction. They do repairs and repaints for a number of OEM's.
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