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  1. I've never actually seen a set of Pings worn like that before. I didn't know Ping's actually could wear that bad. It's awful, but impressive at the same time.
  2. Honestly, this is nothing new from KZG. Even some of their more well respected dealers will tell you what a pain in the behind they can be. There's also the crap they gave Indacup after they had their flooding issues. I'm all aboard the fitting train, but I really dislike the whole "golfers are idiots who can't do anything themselves". I'm just waiting for someone to add "including swinging the club" to that. I mean golfers are idiots otherwise Ping wouldn't have to make their driver loft 2* higher then standard on average, but I also think there's a big difference between being an idiot due to one's ego vs the loft on their driver and being an idiot as to screw a weight in wrong and damage the head. This release sounds more like the latter.
  3. Current HCP: 11.7 Current Fairway: Nada. Haven't used a fairway in over a year Current Hybrid: Callaway Razr X with Kuro Kage Black 80's My review would of course be Fish-ier! Not to be confused with smell-ier!
  4. Screw line (hole) jumpers. That is all.
  5. Diabolical 86. It was UGLY out there today. Wind, rain, slow playing (which isn't the norm on sucky days. It was quite odd) Pro Combo's don't like soft conditions. Driver and wedges were all stars though.
  6. Wasn't today, but I rolled out a nice 85 yesterday in 40F weather with 5 penalty strokes. Nasty wind and rain on the back 9. Driving game sucked but irons and wedges were on and saved the day. Wqually interesting that I scored 6 strokes better on the back 9 when I played solo and jogged between shots instead of walking.
  7. That sort of thing, but I make things roll on the backend. Imagine 15 guys working on various mine drawings on 3 contitents. Now imagine them without a high powered fancy machine. Instead they're doing their work from a thin client. While some are working on their own stuff, 3 guys are on a video conference call talking about another drawing and all working on it as they talk adding and subtracting GIS guys to the call as needed. I do the integration of technologies that makes all of that work seemlessly.
  8. IT infastructure Architect and bully of CEO's and Boards that don't let me do what I need to make them money. It's certainly an interesting job given the type of clients I help. I'll do everything from migrating companies to new accounting or email packages to all things IT security, routing, video conferencing and high end collaboration to building GIS server farms at a data center. If you want to do something, I can build it.
  9. Being sick is dumb. I want rain golf fishcake it

    1. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      get better brotha

  10. I revise my opinion on the anser irons. Should not have hit them...

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    2. Super Tuna

      Super Tuna

      They're hawt and I want them. Too expensive without selling a lot of other clubs though

    3. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      you area true gear junkie

    4. Matt Saternus

      Matt Saternus

      The new ones or the told ones? I know where you can get the old ones... :)

  11. Set a new record today. 14 shanks in a row across 4 different irons. SIGH

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    2. RoverRick


      I have hit 2 good mid to short irons shots, finally today, in the last 144 holes. However, Driver, fm, and 2 and 4 irons, wedges and putter. However, I have not shot over a 81 during that entire time.

    3. GolfSpy WD

      GolfSpy WD

      I went through that a few weeks ago. Was seriously ready to toss out my clubs. Luckily I fixed the problem before I was done with the range.

    4. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      get off your toes!

  12. Played a lovely round with Mr and Mrs MBP this morning. Wasn't keeping score but had some fairly nice irons shots. Took a break, picked up my fixed Nike's and some different winter balls (TM XD's), went to another course and put in a lovely 89 by my self. Course was dead. Good times!
  13. I don't actively counter balance my clubs, but most of my favorite shafts for driver/fairway are (even if I don't use them all the time). I especially like the feature in lower weight shafts. It gives the impression of more weight under the hands which is often enough to trick those with a faster transition to keep on plane. They think the shaft is heavier then it is, because it feels so under the hands. It also works well for those players that also suddenly want to swing out of their shoes when you give them a light weight shaft. Definately a behind the ears thing but watching a guy try to MURDER the ball with a Tour AD BB in their hands is funny. It's even funnier when you had them a Attas International Series 5 and watch that swing fall right back into the standard tempo and plane for them. I've had great luck with of guys. Both into PX or AWT iron shafts and then things like a Blur TS, Attas or AXIV Red in the driver.
  14. RP: So, when do you add motiviational speaker to the golfing world to your resume? One day, you need to take a trip out west. We'll introduce you to a real live Yeti while picking your brain.
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