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  1. That's rather different then the conversation I had with Sherman recently
  2. The chrome thing has been condensed but there's a swath of people who complained about them and had them replaced. At least a dozen sets out of Richmond GT Dan. Lots of posts over on WRX about the same thing. Frankly, I think that it was down to a piss poor job at the factory which also derailed the numbers for the release of the woods/hybrids. I know you guys have seen things be consistent, but there's also a number of reports out there where they aren't from other well respected posters/reviewers. Enough to make me hope they worked on the polymer so no one has cause to complain this time.
  3. Let me put it this way, I'm not excited for them but I'm really interested in trying them out and see if they are indeed a stepup from last years. Last years suffered from 3 things. Chrome finish flaking off, distance inconsistency from the slot and a sound that was shocking at times. Looks like the chrome issue is fixed by not using Chrome and I'm hoping they've tweaked the polymer enough to sort out the latter two. The other thing I'm really keen on is trying out the 3 iron. Yeah, it's 17* but look at it this way: it's a GI driving iron. Rather then pony up the $250 that other OEM's want, just nab one of these for $100 or whatever the going rate is. Presto! A GI driving iron for the tee. Actually, that's a lie. The other thing I'm keen on trying is the set wedges. IMO, other then the Eye2's, the RBZ's had the BEST wedges that pair to an iron set ever. I suspect these are the same as last years with updated looks but I'd still like to give them the run through. Shameless plug: If TM is willing to deal with Canada again, I'd be happy to do a large review on a set all the way from the 3 to LW
  4. Yeah, I think you have that entirely backwards. Paulina has a good 5 times the followers of DJ at least. She's the one that will capture the interest in the first place, then his playing keeps them around then she picks up the baton again and gets the fans to come to the "party" to the next event. Frankly, it's a diabolically excellent business case, aside from being young and in love (which is blinking fantastic for the both of them) and DJ's marketing appeal and power went WAY up. I also find this thread refreshing, as it's not another one about Rory on a similair vein. In short, I'd say DJ is on a slippery slope yeah. One that goes up and leads to a gazillion more dollars. If you mean to being the #1 golfer on the planet? Probably not, and I doubt he cares. As silly as a phrase as I think it is, there's one golf saying that really applys to DJ and that's "playing within himself", not just with his swing but his whole approach to golf and life and it's working for him so fair play.
  5. Thus leaving Stricker to take over the rest of his client base? Maybe.
  6. Nike seems to be snapping up as many talented people as they can. Stockton, the gentleman who's name escapes me that designed the Hibore for Cleveland, etc. I'm suprised they don't have Hoeflich as well yet, but maybe that's not requires with Stites running the show. I'm curious if Nike ever talked to JP before he went to Titleist.
  7. Distance gains are more proportionally signifigant the higher the percentage of distance gained to expected distance is. They're getting more of numbers benefit ergo the gain must be more signifigant. The follow up question as noted above a few times is whether said distance gain is actually relevant to change on course club selection. 5 yards? Maybe not. 8 or 10 yards if we're talking irons? Absolutely.
  8. Have a talk with Ken over at Victory Custom golf. He's a Callaway and Matrix dealer. I'm sure he could set you up with a Matrix anything with a dual cog tip quickly and easily.
  9. A: When I accumulate too much stuff. "Too much" is either defined by a visual cue or a scathing commentary by the Missus B: When I lose faith in the performance of the club. May very well be my fault, but if I have no faith when I pull it out of the bag that something good is going to happen, that sucker is going.
  10. Moe: They didn't ship. The defects I was talking about in the other thread was down to quality control issues from the plant in China not having what they made up to snuff for TM. Thus their inventory took a bit of a hit as they couldn't allocate those units.
  11. Loved the intro. I take it when you did the install, you didn't tip weight them at all to keep the swing weight consistent? You get crazy low spin with your irons be it the DG's or the C Tapers. You're PW is lower then my 6 iron currently
  12. Shaft design. I think there's so many boundaries to be pushed it's not even funny. Though I'd rather do it for someone like Matrix, Fujikura, Quadra or MRC who have access or the ability to get access to equipment and products I'd need.
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