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  1. A woman walks into the pro shop and starts hollering at the pro behind the counter "What kind of place are you running here I just got stung by a bee between the first and second holes" The old pro calmly looks up at her from the counter and says "sounds like to be you need to narrow your stance a bit"
  2. A used Never Compromise X-ray mallet for 20 at the local used equipment store. 6 decent putter is just a collection right?
  3. Well my wife likes it and it isn't Surviver or biggest loser so I am ok with it being on the tv
  4. My Son is 8 now and is asking for a new set of clubs and he is right his clubs are getting short for him. Currently he has a 5-8year olds set from hireko with a putter 7iron a 5hybrid and a drive. What do you think would be better buying the next set up of Junior Clubs which are a little longer and add a fw to the mix, buying a set of 6-pw a couple of hybrids,a new driver, wedges and maybe a fairway wood from a component site or buying some 3-5+ year old name brand equipment and re-shafting it with junior shafts to make a set? He is in the stage that he enjoys going golfing because it is physical activity and he is with the men but not sure if he will spend the time it takes to get good at golf when he is a little older.
  5. Could you imagine any other sport officiated this way. Just imagine how a football game would go.
  6. To me it really depends on if the equipment was at one time conforming or not. If you are buying equipment to "cheat" like a spin dr wedge or such it would bother me but if it is non conforming due to a rules change to me that is understandable. When I play someone who doesn't follow the guild lines of the rules it does make me feel like ther should be an astrix next to the score but I get over it and enjoy just being out.
  7. Thank so if I am understanding correctly the price drops are from the manufacture who is promising a certain return on their investment if the store hold their line on pricing.
  8. Dumb question but are the big box stores loosing money on last years clubs? I went looking at the local stores this weekend looked at the new sldr and the new calaway whatever at $300 + I know I wont be getting a new driver anytime soon. It seems to me that there is no middle ground on new equipment. It is either extremely cheap off brands or it runs several hundred dollers each club. It doesn't seem that anyone puts out a quality mid- priced line right now. To bad to because to me it seems that there would be a large market in the $100 to 200 dollar range for a drive and the 50 to 70 for a wedge. I am not a marketing genius by any stretch but I can't see how the big two right now could be profitable bringing out 3 or 4 lines a year at the current price point.
  9. Hard day isn't it they grow up so fast
  10. Unfortunately no I am a hospital employee so I don't get to see any of the money
  11. Well I repair medical equipment for a living and thought a little veiw from the other side might be nice I was given this peice Friday it is an othalmic burr grinder. Complant was that it was to low of rpm. So after taking it apart and looking at it I decided to price out a new unit. Looked it up from one of our suppliers and for $650 I could replace it. For a little brushless motor a peice of tubing and a AA battery holder cost oner 600 and people wonder why healthcare cost so much.
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